10 Stupid Purchases I Made in the First Six Months of 2017

I’m a personal finance blogger. I am NOT a personal finance advisor. Have to make this clear, because the former is (too-err-is-to) human while the latter is a collective of best practices taught in an educational setting.

In this post, I thought of a way to show you guys that I make stupid decisions when it comes to finances too: I’ll show you my own. Hopefully you’ll show me yours in the comment, make me feel a bit less stupid.

Here are some stupid purchases I’ve made between January to June 2017.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Save Money on Groceries in Malaysia

comprehensive guide to save money on groceries in malaysia

Some people love grocery shopping. Some people don’t.

I happen to belong to the first camp. I LOVE grocery shopping. It’s fun to go to the hypermarket and pick between yellow and red onions haha.

When I first started to budget, my initial research was all about how to save money on groceries before I ‘graduated’ to other topics.

There are lots of ways to save money on groceries in Malaysia. In this guide, I will share what I know. I hope you’ll find it useful for your next shopping trip. I divided this article into helpful shopping tools to have and things to do before, during and after the trip.

Related: Grocery shopping tips not relevant to you? See other money saving tips in this 50 Ways I Save Money in Malaysia article instead.

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13 Cheap Things to Do in Ipoh For Your Next Visit

things to do in ipoh

Ipoh. Pretty Ipoh. Foodie Ipoh. One of the top 10 Places to Visit in Asia, according to Lonely Planet. Just 2, 3 hours from KL. It would be a shame to skip this city.  Plus, 2017 is Visit Perak year 🙂

As a Klang Valley girl, I’m surprised by how much I like Ipoh. I lived here for a year, and here are 13 places, activities and food places that I can genuinely recommend for you to try out. These places are cheap to experience, if you don’t go overboard with the shopping and eating.

I assume you guys have Google Map in your phones. Under each recommendation, I added Google Map Search keywords that you can type in to find these places.

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[SPONSORED] A Sweet Place to Live… at KL Sentral!

In a previous post, I talked about expenses when moving and living in KL. One of the expenses is transportation. Oh gosh, transportation in KL. One of the biggest pains of living in the city is the constant traffic congestion.

But imagine living close to the country’s hub of transportation that connects you to everywhere. If you get a place near KL Sentral, you’re connected to all the major suburbs of Malaysia intercity, interstate – and even internationally! Life will not get any more convenient than this, transit-wise.

Sentral Suites KL Sentral
Located in the heart of the city within the KL Sentral area is a sweet spot – this place is situated between a monorail and LRT station within a 10-minute walk. You can be connected to the most comprehensive transit hub in the country, especially with the upcoming High Speed Rail (HSR) where you can even get to Singapore in under two hours. This is the newest offering to Kuala Lumpur Sentral, a residential condo called Sentral Suites that is set to realise the convenience of city living.

There are eight major rail systems in the Kuala Lumpur Sentral hub, not to mention all the city buses that stop at the station and dedicated buses and cabs to Genting Highlands from KL Sentral. There is the KLIA Express Rail Link, Putra LRT, KTM Intercity, KTM Commuter, KL Monorail, KLIA Transit, Star LRT and upcoming MRT extensions – all of them within a single building.

Additionally, those who prefer to drive around the city from KL Sentral will have access to all the major trunk roads such as Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Jalan Istana, Jalan Bangsar, Jalan Syed Putra and Jalan Damansara. There are also the highways New Pantai Expressway (NPE), Lebuhraya Mahameru and Federal Highway.

International travellers will be able to enjoy the thrill of living the KL city life while still being only half an hour away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with the KLIA Express Rail Link. You can even check-in for their flights from the station itself, because of the Global Destination Code of XKL given by the International Air Travel Association (IATA) to KL Sentral hub.

Sentral Suites is the last piece of residential development inside KL Sentral. Besides having close proximity with the vast choices of transportation offered in KL Sentral, Sentral Suites offers modern design with greenery from the street level up to the podium and all the way to the Sky Gardens. With that, Sentral Suites makes a good contender for both savvy investors and city home owners.

Sentral Suits
Sentral Suites KL Central – now open for registration [click image]
Adding fun to the transit hub is the Nu Sentral Mall almost next door, a transit lifestyle mall that touts the best of boutique brands and culinary delights. Comprising of 7 storeys and 1.2 million sq ft with integrated greenery, this is the place where commuters can cool their heels and experience the Malaysian lifestyle.

Sentral Suites

The KL Sentral transit hub was built to be a world class transportation hub. The station currently serves approximately a million passengers per day. It is expected to serve 1.5 million passengers daily by mid-2017. Compare this to the USD$4 billion World Trade Centre transit hub in New York, opened in March 2016 which is projected to serve 250,000 commuters daily and millions of visitors annually.

Living in a convenient spot can save money and time. Both things that I like 🙂

Click here to find out more about the details and facilities of Sentral Suites KL.

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My 5 Rules to Make Beauty Products Affordable

beauty products malaysia

I talk about money and currency all the time – things that are valuable; that has value. Beauty has value as well, and this post is all about that.

Makeup and skincare are something I took up seriously early on, but never really mastered. I’m still navigating this world. Some women are really good at it, and I salute them. If you don’t, it’s worth trying – wearing makeup (or at least good at grooming) may help you to earn more money, according to this research. There is financial benefit in being more attractive, so why not? Worth noting: the effect is similar to men, albeit a smaller boost.

I have 5 general rules when it comes to beauty. It may help you, it may not, but this is what helps to make beauty affordable to me.

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Haul from Mr Musashi, a thrift shop in Malaysia

thrift shop in malaysia

Thrift shops in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. They are also called ‘vintage’ shops (higher price point) or ‘bundle’ shops (lower price point). I wasn’t the biggest fan of thrift shops in Malaysia because I think they can’t compare with overseas ones. But I found Mr Musashi (FYI this is not a paid review) and I think I’m coming around a bit. I’ve seen it around while driving around Ipoh/Perak (update: locations with address at the end of the post), and checked it out a couple of times.

They specialise in ‘Japan and USA vintage clothing’, according to their Facebook page. I thought it would be fun to show off what I bought, all 6 of it. I have no shame in thrift-shopping 😀

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