23 Things That I Can Do At Home, Instead Of Spending Money

things to do at home

‘Stay at home if you don’t want to spend money,’ they say. ‘Look a new flash sale’, notified my Lazada app.

Do you ever have moments when you’re bored at home, and the next thing you know you’re on Lazada just mindlessly looking at stuff?

Hello, we same same, we friend.

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Guide: What To Do When You’re Tight With Money

tight with money

While I have never been truly broke, I’ve had moments when money was tight. It became necessary to save money. It became necessary to allocate where each ringgit should go.

Therefore this guide. Here I’ve compiled all the strategies you can use to get through moments when you’re tight with money. To make things clear and actionable, I have divided the strategies into categories.

Remember that:

  • Cut down expenses = Awesome (this post focuses on this)
  • Earn money = Awesome
  • Investing money = Awesome
  • Cut down expenses + Earn money + Investing at the same time = HOLY GRAIL TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE YEAH
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Critique My Business Idea – Fundraising Platform for NGOs

Fundraising platform for NGOs

As a Malaysian, I love this country. I love it so, so much.

But there are also many things we can improve on. We could have been better than Singapore. It’s the slow, sometimes even backwards progress that makes us angry, annoyed, bitter. We feel helpless about many issues. We have the preconceived notion that even if we do something about it, nothing much will change. So what do we do? We complain.

I’m sick of complaining and hearing complaints. I want to do something to improve our country, and I need your help. This is my idea and I’d love to get your feedback on it.

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