[SPONSORED] 5 Common Questions About Gold Investment, Answered

gold investment

Since my early 20s, I keep a little gold as part of my investment portfolio. The process was more or less:

In this article, and in collaboration with HelloGold – an app-based platform to buy and keep gold investment – I’d like to share some common questions about gold investment.

#1 – How much gold should I keep?

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#Bajet2018LepakSession is happening!

Super excited to share my first Facebook livestream session! It’ll be during the Bajet 2018 announcement this Friday!

Will be co-hosting with Julian Ng from The Very Long Run and Aaron Tang from Mr Stingy. Some of the things we plan to talk about:

  • So actually how does these budget announcements go la?
  • Eh why that one got budget cut? People are not going to be happy about that…
  • Oh, bigger budget allocation in that category. What is the PM’s plan hmm
  • What people wish for vs what they get
  • And more, see lah how lol

Event link

Please help us share the event to your contacts! Thanks so much for your support you guys!

Edit: Done the session! Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

3 Ways to Get Cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia

Cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia

This short and sweet article will give you three ways to get cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia.  It comes with the following disclaimer.

Pre-article disclaimer: I am not accountable to whatever happens to your Spotify accounts should you use any of these tips, including but not limited to suspended accounts and extra charges. That said, the chances of that happening is very small.

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