[Nepotism] My Sisters’ Baju Raya 2018 Collection (Regular & Plus Size)

baju raya 2018

Now that elections is over, Ramadan mood is coming back in full force!

Let’s get straight to the point – both my sisters are boutique owners and OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART I’m dedicating this post to promo their baju raya slash baju kurung 2018 collection. Both of you better be nice to me after this rofl.

Note: If you’re trying to save money, please skip this post. If you were looking for Raya clothes anyway, or sengaja nak cuci mata, scroll on 🙂

I’m going to show you the Raya collections that Marquise.my and Malaysia Plus Size offer. The first one is for regular size (Shop 1), the second is plus size (Shop 2). If berkenan, please contact them directly to make purchases, the stock’s not with me 🙂 Snap a screenshot of the sets you like, click on the Instagram links, then contact them through Whatsapp.

Shop #1 – Marquise.my (Regular size Baju Raya 2018)

>>Marquise.my Instagram page<<

Melati Floral Set – RM150 (available in colours White, Black, Blue and Grey)

So ayu <3 Dalam beg tu kosong sebenarnya.

 Seroja Pleated Kurung set – RM120 (available in colours Navy Blue, Nude, Ash Grey and Ruby Red)

Minimal and feminine. Swish swish type. Can wear to various functions after Raya!

Teratai Kurung set – RM160 (available in colours Cream and Dusty Pink)

This one is for those who lookin’ for a bit more oomph during Raya. Maybe keep away from cats, later they play the feathers.

Cempaka Lace Kurung set – RM170 (available in colours Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Baby Pink, Dusty Blue and Cream)

Lace is never out of style. Gem colours too. Look damn atas.

Anggerik Drape Kurung set – RM150 (available in colours Khaki, Brown, Dusty Pink and Black)

Super easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe! Get another top/skirt = boom baju raya Day 2

Kemboja Kurung set – RM150 (available in colours Dusty Pink and Black)

Double sleeves you

For measurements, inquiries and orders, please go to >>Marquise.my Instagram page<<

Or go to her shop at Seksyen 11, Shah Alam (by appointment only).

Shop #2 – Malaysia Plus Size (Plus Size Baju Raya 2018)

>>Malaysia Plus Size Instagram page<<

Wulan Sari Lace Kurung set – RM190 (Navy Blue, Black, Nude, Green, Peach, White)


Side story: each baju kurung went through intense quality control. I helped out – sat for hours snipping away loose threads until my back pain tau.

Wulan Sari Lace Modern Kurung 2XL & 3XL – RM190 FREE POST TO SM Free size – RM175 FREE POST TO SM (+RM5 for SS) . Material; Lace with full lining . Available in 6 colours Black Navy Blue Green Nude Peach White . Available in 3 sizes Free size (Fits M – small XL) 2XL 3XL . Measurement Free size (Fits M – small XL) . Top Bust – 45″ Shoulder – 17″ Top length – 27″ Sleeve length – 22″ Armhole – 20″ Hip – 51″ . Skirt Waist – 30″-40″ Hips – 40″ Length – 42″ . Measurement (Size 2XL) . Top Bust – 50″ Shoulder – 18″ Top length – 29″ Sleeve length – 24″ Armhole – 22″ Hip – 56″ . Skirt Waist – 33″-46″ Hips – 48″ Length – 42″ . Measurement (Size 3XL) . Top Bust – 54″ Shoulder – 19″ Top length – 31″ Sleeve length – 24″ Armhole – 24″ Hip – 61″ . Skirt Waist – 36″-50″ Hips – 54″ Length – 43″ . Whatsapp 017-714 7414 to purchase 😘 . Also, check out @malaysiaplussize_catalogue for all available items in our store ❤ . #sayajualplussize #sayajualplussizemurah #malaysiaplussize #plussizemalaysia

A post shared by Plus Size Ent SA0436508-D (@malaysiaplussize) on

Sizes until 3XL. Limited quantities available for each colour.

Malaysia Plus Size only have one plus size baju raya design, but you can also get these blouses and pair with a nice batik skirt or something? After raya you can also pair it with jeans and slacks. #savemoney

For measurements, inquiries and orders, please go to >>Malaysia Plus Size Instagram page<<

Or go to her shop at Plaza Azalea, Shah Alam (by appointment only).

Sorry hor for the post encouraging shopping, but what to do, I love my sisters and want to support them (tapi kalau korang nak hulur komisyen, ok je).

If you see something you like and want to get, please read the description ya. Jangan la tanya harga/measurement kalau dah TERANG TERANG tulis kat situ okaaaay

Ok done. Back to personal finance topics from next post onward lol. Also,

baju raya 2018



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