Everything I earned and spent on RoR so far (blog monetisation in Malaysia)

blog monetisation in malaysia


I’ve spent some money for RoR, and managed to earn some money from it as well. Blog monetisation in Malaysia is not a topic I see a lot, so I figure I’d share how it’s working for me with RoR. Here are the list of things I spent on for this website, as well sources of income that came with it.

What I spent so far on RoR

If you’ve read any ‘how to make money online’ articles, ‘make a blog’ always tend to come up. But of course there will be costs involved!

Website hosting. RM409.94 for 2 years. I went with Bluehost (note: referral link), since it was recommended for WordPress platform. It’s a bit more expensive compared to others, but I have experience using a cheapo webhosting service (GoDaddy; ~RM120 for 2 years) and lost all the data from that website 🙁

Theme. RM171.99. Wunderful theme, customised to my liking. Bought from WordPress shop.

Logo Design. RM24.87. Via Fiverr. In progress. To replace my current ugly-ass DIY logo.

Company registration. RM130.60 for 2 years. I go under Suraya Zainudin Communications 🙂

Virtual Assistant. RM80. Thank you Sonia <3


To be fair, the expenses here kind of overlap with my freelance writing business. Being a freelance writer is something I talked about previously – you can read more about it in this post. I share the incomes, expenses, and how I became one as well.

What I earned so far with RoR

These are all the profit I got from this website.

Collaborative posts. Earned about RM1000. Three companies so far approached me for this, and all of them fit the overall theme that I’m trying to promote (save money; be smart with money) so we entered mutually beneficial deals. When people offer you money and if it serves the bigger purpose, it’s smart to take it. Because I’m a brainwashed Muslim AND been in the NGO line for ~10 years, I will do my best to create good, useful content for my readers. I want to be as ethical as possible here – I mean, if I’m going to hell, it’ll be for the other things I do, not for this. Like breaking my promise to Mom about quitting smoking – this will get me a few years there, probably.

Google AdSense. Earned USD10.49, last I checked. This is the automatic google banners and stuff.

Infolinks. Earned USD1.19, last I checked. This is in-text links. They don’t do well in RoR rofl. Or I’m just really crap at it.

Affiliate/referral links. RM50-100. A few, ranging from bitcoin service providers to webhosting services. It trickles in, here and there. I need a better way to track this for tax purposes.

Donations. RM0. ;_;

TOTAL: RM1100~

Basically, I turned a profit in under a year, which is awesome! I’m quite happy 🙂

Blog monetisation in Malaysia – does it work?

Yes, and I can say this for sure because it works in RoR’s case. Rough profit of about RM300, more or less.

That being said, it’s really not that much, after deducting expenses. I can’t make a living from it yet – if you count all the hours I’ve put in RoR and the profit so far, I earn probably like a few cents per day at the most!

Blog monetisation in Malaysia can also work with other ways. There’s Nuffnang – I created an account with them recently, so let’s see if that can generate some money as well. I also listed myself in Blogger Babes Directory.

Some bloggers sell ebooks or digital products as well. In my case, I sell my writing services. If you’re a Malaysian blogger who’s reading this, please comment below and add in how you monetise your blog. But as a base, I think everyone does Google Adsense and consider sponsorship opportunities.

This website listed 33 ways to monetise a blog, if you’re interested.

On thoughts about making money of blogs

You know how you just go with the flow and suddenly have that startling realisation – ‘hey I’m doing x…  how’d that happened?’

Ringgit Oh Ringgit is kind of the same. I did small actions after small actions and before you know it, it is what it is now – a personal finance website by a Malaysian Millennial to share with other Malaysian Millennials. In July 2016, after operating for 7 months, I hit more than 10k monthly views. It’s a milestone I didn’t know I could cross – ever. It’s freaking me out. I don’t have 10,000 friends. That must mean some of you are strangers. And that freaks me out a bit, in a good way. I mean, personal money management is kind of personal.

I didn’t intend for this blog to make money. I just wanted to write shit. I read a lot of stuff in order to write better shit – and they all say the same thing: if you don’t have good content, even the best blog monetisation strategies won’t work.

So I guess, making money from Ringgit Oh Ringgit is a testament, somewhat, to my writing skills. The more I earn from it, the more I know that hey, my content is valuable. My skills are valuable. It’s a pretty good feeling. Plus it helps people to learn about money, which is incredibly satisfying. My aim is to make every reader a little bit more financially savvy – in saving money, earning extra income, investing, whatever – by the end of the article.

So yeah. Thanks for reading. Share anything you find helpful to family and friends. Mention RoR to them whenever they complain about money, ok? Follow me on Twitter too @surayaror and say hi 🙂




  1. Great sharing, earn $$ via blog is kinda hard in Malaysia. Everyone is going on FB Ads d.
    Weird, they marked my comment as spam.

    1. Because got $$ sign kot. Haha, yes I’m still new in this and having fun navigating the money side of it. So far so good 🙂

  2. As a Malaysian who has been working with blogs for years, I can tell you with certainty that you can make money blogging. Of course, you can’t just write and expect money to fall on your lap. You need a monetization strategy which unfortunately many bloggers don’t have. Slapping ads onto a site is not a “strategy” 😀

    Ads work best when your blog is about a specific topic that has significant interest AND commercial activity. For example, a blog about pens will easily make money with ads about… pens and related stationery. “Lifestyle blogs” about nothing have less commercial activity so ads are less effective, but if you are enough of a minor celebrity you can make money from sponsored posts. So, monetization strategy.

    If you want to learn more about blog monetization and strategies to improve your blog, signup for and take their Start a Blog That Matters course. Use my referral link to get 5 weeks free:

    Happy blogging!

    1. You can sign up for CatJira, too! Its a network for influencers to connect with marketers and companies.

      It’s a good time for anyone to have a blog/website imo. I’ve learned so many skills. Useful skills. I’m a lot more employable than before, too.

  3. Interesting.
    Just started a blog/news site.
    Found this article by link-jumping from MAGiC article.
    Will surely come back for the monetary insights and sassy wit.

  4. Hey Suraya, interesting to find out that you are assisted by a virtual assistant. I’m thinking of hiring one to help me out too! Any advice on how to hire one (any platform? In malaysia?) or how much to pay them? I don’t want to be paying too little or too much for hiring one, if that’s possible 🙂 thanks!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I mostly advertised on social media, Facebook groups and a few free jobsites. Sorry, can’t remember which ones 🙁

      Re: Pay – I set mine at RM10/hour x no of expected hours per week and go with that, but I think depending on the tasks that you want, you can also try freelancing websites to get help from overseas.

      Hope this helps!

      1. A virtual assistant at RM 10/hour? Wow, I’m paying RM 20/hour for a VA at the moment. Not complaining though, she does good work.

        And Jenny, I did the same with Suraya. Advertised on social media and asked around friends.

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