[VIDEO] My 8 Sources of Income As a Malaysian Blogger

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to do a video reveal of all my 8 current sources of income as a Malaysian blogger, and additional income ideas I might consider to do in the future. Combined, I’m not rolling in cash or whatever, but enough la to get by. Most importantly I’m enjoying the process.

How many sources of incomes do you have? Are you planning to explore additional sources of incomes? If yes, which ones? Tell me in the comments section!

One of my sources of income is product creation, specifically producing the Money Stories from Malaysia and Cerita Duit Orang Malaysia series! Speaking of which, have you gotten them yet? The sales price ONLY applies during Pre-Order period!

You wouldn’t want to skip this book. But don’t take my word for it, here are two early reviews! Click here to purchase.





  1. Hi, been following your blog for about 2 years now. Really awesome posum to see how it has grown till now. Really like your pieces on personal finance investing. Have started a personal finance blog not long ago too as a creative and sharing outlets. Thanks for inspiring me! 🙂

    1. Hi moneyninja,

      Oh hey! Thanks for the kind words, that’s sweet of you! Nice page you have there, looking forward to personal pieces!

  2. Hi Suraya,

    Great video. Thank you very much!
    I do have one suggestion. Are you able to include your own subtitles to your future videos? I can understand that it is a lot of work but that will make it life so much easier for the hearing impaired.
    There’s an option on youtube to auto-generate subtitles, however, that may be difficult especially in this context where it is the norm for us to mix languages and or use different intonations in our speech.


    1. Hi Sspiend,

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind for future videos. For now I just want to perfect the basics – visual and audio quality can be better!

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