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Budget Update: April 2016

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April Budget Update Summary

April was balancing work and life. A friend helped me to correctly identify what I was feeling – burnt out. I feel like I work too much but simultaneously not enough. There’s always more to do, more to create, more people to network with, more to accomplish.

Interestingly, once I identified the feeling, a sense of calm and acceptance washed over me. Like, hey, girl, now you know your problem, let’s fix this.

Budget wise, eh, I did alright. I’d say that’s about average. There was another unexpected bill this month. Seems like I’ve had unexpected RM200-300 expenses every month this year. In January it was summons. In February it was insurance. March it was zakat (I mean this was kinda expected, but still). April it was overdue loans. I hope to spend less than RM2000 a month soon!



Yay of the Month:

  • New writing jobs. Looks like I will increase my monthly earning by roughly 30% in May.
  • Re-discovered skincare routine, or specifically Asian skincare beauty routine. I used to look for a product that can ‘do it all’ but that view completely changed after I read these lines in a tutorial: ‘Focus on the active ingredient(s) – each product should have an active ingredient that solves one specific thing, either acne, dryness, redness, etc. That’s why many Korean women, famed for their clear, beautiful skin have 9-step beauty routines’. I recently got a product with hyaluronic acid in it and oh my god, my skin is so much more moisturised. I only follow 3 steps in the morning (cleanse, lotion, sunscreen) but itching to add more.
  • Found a cheap haircut place with a lady who completely dismissed the hair inspiration I showed on my phone, and told me point-blank that it won’t work with my face and another style will look better. I love people who are direct. She’s right. It looks better. My hair is gorgeous now.
  • Watched quite a few good movies: The Jungle King (cinema), World War Z, Grand Budapest Hotel, Deadpool, Ex Machina, The Danish Girl and Steve Jobs. Loved them all.
  • Joined the Night Cycle during Ipoh Cycle Fest. They did a great job – only RM30 to rent a really good bicycle (not the creaky ones you tend to get), complete with helmets and lights. Cycled from Tambun to Ipoh City Centre and back in 90 minutes – a good 20-25km – and that included lots of group photos. I gotta say, for a city surrounded by the freaking mountain range, Ipoh is surprisingly flat.
  • Found a great massage place – possibly the best massage place in Ipoh. Comfort Spa & Therapy. The branch I went to was in AEON Klebang, but they have a lot of branches in KL, too. Their masseuses went through massage courses – I know this because they proudly display their certificates on the walls. It was very professional and oh my god so relaxing. The last time I had a massage this good was in Bangkok.

Nay of the Month:

  • Spent a lot on groceries, higher on electric bill (increased air-conditioning due to the heat).
  • Maybank slapped me with an overdue bill of RM305.92 because apparently 15 months ago my loan rates increased but I didn’t know about it. And the stupid thing did not auto-increase on its own and to make a long story short I’m still sorting it out. Maybank loan department sucks.
  • Burnt out, a bit. As a result, my cooking mood decreased and I ate out a lot. They were delicious, though. That’s how I discovered the halal Ipoh salt baked chicken. Really need to get back to cooking great food.

Things to Look Forward to:

  • Learning how to perfect the art of copywriting. That’s where the money is.
  • Working out more. I like working out, enjoy it, even. I just don’t like starting the process of dragging my ass out of the chair.

Bring it on, May. Birthday month woo!

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