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Budget Update: December 2015

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December Summary

Happy New Year!! This is my last budget update from the year 2015 #bringiton2016

December was bliss. I  dedicated much of my time building up this website from scratch. I spent a lot of time writing. I spent a lot of time thinking of what to write. Interestingly, my brain’s most active period is right before I  fall asleep, late at night. That’s when I get a lot of interesting ideas about personal finance. Now I’ve developed a habit for writing down my thoughts before they float away. It’s great because I recall stuff better, but not great because you’re not supposed to look at bright screens so late at night.

I spent more than RM3k (gulp). I’m not particularly happy by the high amount I spent in December, but a third of that was pure donation to my sister, so I guess I’ll have to let it go. Actually, I didn’t really indulge in personal spending – the majority spent was for legit, sensible stuff. I pay for the usual – rent, groceries, loan repayment, medical card, mobile, petrol – but it was the additional, unavoidable stuff that killed my budget. Like website hosting costs, bank fees (categorised under Misc Need) and gym.


Yay of the month:

  • My blogging/writing/reaching out efforts are paying off 🙂 My website traffic is slowly but surely increasing. I get some emails and comments from readers. My Facebook page is nearing 100 likes, which I didn’t expect. I have 3 guest articles coming out in various websites. It’s nice when other people value what you do, especially if you do what you love.
  • I started investing in Bitcoin!
  • I’m getting… toner… from all these exercises. Results are slowly showing. I’m glad that I didn’t wait until the new year to start. Also, I stopped crossfit (RM120 per month) in favor for gym (pay as you go – RM5 per entry x ~15 entries a month) to save money.
  • I spent practically nothing on myself. Usually I spend a bit more on what I ‘want’, but in December it was just RM1.30 thing.

Nay of the month:

  • ASB profits dipped below 8%? What what whatttt. Yes I’m still grateful, but damn, I didn’t think it would go that low.
  • I got into a minor accident, but I’m completely fine, no worries.
  • Yoshi the kitten is a destroyer. Read the bonus bit below.

Things to look forward to:

  • I really have to get my baju kurung tailored already. My sister’s wedding is coming up soon.
  • Monitoring Bitcoin’s prices and getting to know the community.
  • More writing 🙂

Hope you guys had a great 2015. I had a memorable one, with your help. Hugs.

Bonus: 5 Things Yoshi Destroyed So Far

So this is Yoshi. He’s getting heavier. I can now emphatise with mothers who overfed their children. Yoshi destroyed 5 things so far…. and he’s only been with me for 6 weeks. Look at what he destroyed.


Item #1 – This pink monkey


Item #2 – This picture frame of my parents, which I kept since high school


Item #3 – This toilet paper. 2 toilet papers, actually. He completely destroyed the other one


Item #4 – The purple vase that used to house these flowers (momento from best friend’s wedding)




Bad Yoshi >:(


I can’t help it. Still gonna keep him. He’s like a cute devil. Ugh look at that stupid face.


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