july 2017
Suraya's Monthly Budget Update

Budget Update: July 2017

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july 2017


Budget Update: July 2017

I spent more than half of my monthly expenses, or precisely RM5133.23 on medical-related expenses in July 2017. The bulk of it went towards braces deposit (RM3k), teeth extraction (4 teeth x RM100 each) and other teeth-related costs. Medically speaking, I’ve always been lucky – no broken bones, no major illnesses – so while I hate shelling out this amount I know it’s the right thing to do.

Aside from cosmetic reasons, I needed braces to cure my bite problem (ie how I chew food). Long story short, my teeth alignment is wonky and I’ve practically ground my molars. Give it a few years and it’d reach the nerves, and I’d sure like to avoid that hell-on-earth experience.

My diet now consists of much soup, very liquid. I’m so tired of mushroom soup you guys ;_;

When doing online research, I was blown away by the supportive braces community. Everyone’s like, ‘don’t worry of what other people think, this is for your self-improvement, people won’t even notice it, just own the #bracelife!’. Yet the first thing my close family and friends said was ‘ya Suraya you look nerdy af’. My Dad said ‘you look like Dracula’. Yea thanks Dad for the moral support, I’m only your firstborn daughter -_-

Other than this expense and extra food expense, everything else was okay. I spent RM4.6k inclusive of rent, life necessities, travel and even gym (RM1.3k ish). Earned well in July 2017 so I’m okay, money-wise.

july 2017

Yay of the month:

  • After 7 months of procrastination, finally enrolled myself in a gym and got 10 sessions with personal trainer. This is the fittest I’ve ever been, yay. The gym costs RM127.20 per month if minimum 3 months, if not RM159 with no contract. If I took 24 months contract, it’s RM85 or something per month so I might continue with that if I go consistently enough in these 3 months. The personal training costs RM1060 for 10 sessions, free 1 trial session. Not likely to continue after 10 sessions, I got it to get a professional to check my workout form. Apparently my usual form was shit so this is money well spent.
  • Went to Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching, Sarawak. Had tons of fun, had tons of awesome food. I think I’ll do a post specifically on this because the event plus the side-event Rainforest Fringe Festival is definitely worth a writeup.
  • Since my 1-year student exchange programme to Japan when I was 17, I have been loyal to AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia. It’s always fun and emotionally fulfilling to be involved in AFS activities, and I had the privilege to do so in July. Shoutout to my AFS family and friends, who shaped me into the person I am today, helped me find similarities instead of differences in people. See if you are eligible to study abroad here (scholarships available but limited, paid programmes recommended to those who can afford it) or host an international student here.
  • I have a speaking role in a blockchain event at MaGIC, Cyberjaya on 16 August 2017 (!!!! pinch me). RSVP here if interested, seats are limited :p
  • Happy birthday little sis Aleeza! Nah free shoutout to your awesome boutique Marquise.my. Short story: we have since got over the whole ‘let’s guess what birthday present you actually want’ thing. On my birthday, she asked me what I wanted, and I said I’m out of dishwashing liquid so she got me Sunlight rofl. For her birthday, I asked what she wanted and she said her floor mats needs replacing so I got her that hahahah. It’s awesome to get presents you need, no? Highly recommend it 😛
  • Bought my favourite shampoo in the 1-liter bottle for RM212 instead of the usual 250ml bottle for RM85, saved on cost per ml. Before: RM0.34 per ml. Now: RM0.212 per ml. If you think that’s expensive, this is part of my ‘buy less buy buy quality’ routine, so shush.
  • Took me a while, but I finished reading ‘The Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science‘. Why people believe the things they do. I read it expecting to laugh at Creationists, homeopathy believers and Holocaust deniers, but by the end of the book I got a sobering lesson: Your brain likes to make you the hero of your story, this makes it hard (actually, impossible) for us to view things objectively, even if we *think* we’re rational. Basically you (yes, YOU) will always hold bias opinion in one way or another, no exceptions. It could be religion, it could be cultural or traditions, it could be anything. The more we attack people on their beliefs, the harder they’ll hold on to it, so it’s best to just accept that people have differences and leave it at that. Good to know.

Nay of the month:

  • Spent much of the month in physical pain 🙁 Dentist extracted 2 teeth, then extracted another 2 teeth a week later, then fixed in the braces 2 weeks later. My heart also pain because I reality just sunk in that I’m stuck in this braces thing for at least 18 months.
  • The almond milk I usually buy from Lazada more than doubled in price. It was RM28 for 3-pack, now it’s RM59 for the same. Ugh.
  • Asked Twitter the question: which telco is the fastest. Most people recommended Maxis, so I made the switch from Umobile. My monthly mobile commitment is now RM135~ from just RM75~ previously. It’s faster for sure, but I still want to shop around for better value for money plans. Which should I try next, Celcom or Digi? Which one faster for Subang area? 
  • Speaking on switching telco, I have a story. I actually really like Umobile, their customer service is awesome. Every time I tweet to them, I always get a reply. Since getting Maxis, my tweet to them was not even answered. So anyway. Umobile called me a few hours before my simcard switch, and offered to send technicians to check out my area and find out why the internet is so slow here. They also offered RM5 monthly discount if I stay on their plan. I would have, but my advance deposit with Maxis is not refundable and I don’t want to be out RM128 for nothing so I didn’t take it, but props to Umobile for trying. Please improve your data speed so I can get back on your plan!

Things to Look Forward to:

  • Bridesmaid-ing for a childhood friend’s wedding 🙂
  • Not expecting anymore big-ticket expenses in August. My average expenses is now RM7.8k, or more than double than when I was in living in Ipoh (RM3.4k). It was one after the other this year – Paid zakat lah, paid tax lah, Raya expenses lah, braces lah. So if I can keep it under RM5k in August, I’m happy.

Okay, lots of things to do this month. Packed schedule. Now back to work work work work work,


To read about my past monthly budget update, click here. Graphs are taken from my expense-tracking app Money Lover (review).

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  1. HAHAHA ur dad kejam, “dracula” hahahaha
    can’t be thaaat bad! They probably aren’t use to seeing your teeth with “blings”

    Anyway, you could eat yogurt or mash potato.
    or make Poutine and sog up the fries.
    smoothies, porridge, kuah singgang (with cut chillies <3), oats.
    chowder soup if you must.
    but the best is JELLY ICE CREAM

    Good luck with the new braces, you'll get use to your new routine til the next 18 months.
    Also, i'd like to hear more about the gym; did you compare gyms due to its price and whatnot?

    1. Hey Sha!

      Ya I know right. So kejam -_- Thanks for recommendations for food. So far so good, eating too much carbs not enough fibre only. I bought jello, cant wait to eat that :p

      On gym, I picked mostly on location. Plus the price not bad, so I didnt do that much comparison. Okla so far so good.

  2. Maxis user here! Have you considered Webe? Unlimited mobile data for rm98/month. You can get it cheaper at rm89ish if you have unifi. My friend lives close to sunway pyramid and he said the line is good there. Plus Webe is part of Telekom Malaysia. I’m considering switching but have to wait until my contract with maxis end this November ?

    1. I considered Webe, unlimited data seems awesome but they charge extra (a lot!) for tethering! I need the data to work on laptop so it’s not the best for me, so sayang cannot try out.

      Speedy November to you Michelle! Try resist contracts this time around hehe

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