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Budget Update: October 2016

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October Budget Update Summary

In October 2016, I earned about RM6.5k but spent RM10k. Well, gave away, more like. My family needed help with money and as above, 64% of my October expenses went towards them. My bank account is bare now.

‘Mak/Abah, takpe, ini Aya bayar’ is such an emotional sentence. I experience positive emotions (pride, joy, fulfillment) but at the same time, can’t dismiss the negative emotions as well. There is a slight bitterness even if I did manage to overcome the stinginess. But I’m glad to end up with no regrets whatsoever. Amin.

October was hectic, because I’ve decided to move back to Klang Valley. November will be my last month in Ipoh. Moving is stressful and chaotic, but I enjoy the new experiences that the new place can offer. In the last 10 years, I’ve lived at at least 6 locations – most within Klang Valley itself.

Oh gosh, my budget will balloon after this move. Klang Valley is expensive to live in. What have I done.


Yay of the Month:

  • One of my articles, about discrimination of Malay graduates (originally published here) were picked up by a couple of online media (VulcanPost, World of Buzz) and created a mini, and sometimes heated discussion about discrimination. It was interesting to read through them, and the messages and pledges I received about making the situation better (without pointing fingers) gives me hope for a better Malaysia.
  • Aside from Donations, my other expenses were relatively low. Thank goodness, because I need money for this moving process.
  • I think I have the best virtual assistant ever. She’s so helpful. Thank you Jocelyn <3
  • I’m going to be an aunt 🙂 🙂
  • I saw Dr Strange at the movies. It was late night showing and I was sleepy and grumpy but it was so good omfg. Why is it so good. Why do I like this movie so much. Dammit Marvel, you beautiful corporate angel, you.
  • Saw a really good ballet performance by the Royal Durian Academy (no link because the FB page is broken?). It made me laugh out loud, which was not what I expected out of ballet. They have ballet classes for non-dancers.
  • Fixed my first flat tire. Knowing how to fix flat tires makes me feel more empowered. Awesome.
  • Bitcoin price went up again yay.

Nay of the Month:

  • Mi Tarik Warisan Asli opened a branch in Ipoh. I’ve visited and broke my diet twice. It’s so delicious omg.
  • Wasted like RM80 in cigarettes. Quitting again.
  • The moving process required me to view some places in KL. So my travel expenses for the month were pretty high.
  • I had to turn down a few writing jobs because I got too busy. I hate saying no to clients 🙁

Things to Look Forward to:

  • I have quite a few big writing projects lined up, which will secure my finances for the rest of the year (if it goes through, touch wood).
  • I’ve decided to pick a semi-furnished place. It does not come with furniture or important electrical appliances. Browsing for furniture and making checklists for things I need to make this place livable has been fun and a new experience.
  • Need to live way below my means for some time, to replenish my bank account. And of course, work like crazy to get the amount back up.
  • Oh, while you’re still here. I’m selling the below (email me at if interested; first pay first serve!):

Moto G original casing (white) + earphones + box – RM35 inc delivery


AntVR Virtual Reality headset for Lenovo (K4 Vibe) – RM50 inc delivery

The Other Boleyn book x 2. Both for RM35 inc delivery.

(Received 2 books from seller and told to keep it. I read one, but the other is practically new. Gift it or whatever and keep one for yourself. Christmas is coming)

Various small cloth casings. RM40 inc delivery.

Here are a bunch of things you can give as Secret Santa presents this year.


Here’s to a hectic November.

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  1. Hi Suraya, really enjoying your write ups. I would like to ask what app do you use to track all your expenses?

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