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4 Things I Learned After Getting Paid for Influencer Services in Malaysia

Since I started Ringgit Oh Ringgit, I’ve been lucky enough to be approached by brands that want to work with me. I’ve done sponsored content for at least 10 companies now, including some pretty big names in the financial space.

Like I mentioned in my What It’s Like to be a Personal Finance Blogger in Malaysia article, I didn’t set out wanting to be a ‘KOL’ (key opinion leader), or an influencer of any kind. In fact, hearing people calling me a KOL/influencer is still weird. It only sunk in after a friend sat me down and berated the shit out of me. Thanks friend for the tough love approach, I appreciate it, even if you did call me some unprintable words.

So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to write about my experience so far, and a little bit about influencers in Malaysia. Here are some things I learned.

#1 – Influencers sell attention, a high-value commodity

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10 Malaysia-Based Personal Finance Twitter Accounts to Follow

If you love personal finance as a topic but have not explored Malaysian Twitter yet, do I have a treat for you today.

Following my popular personal finance Instagrammers in Malaysia article, I thought I’d compile the Twitter version pulak. Here are some Malaysia-based personal finance Twitter accounts you definitely should follow. Note that I have intentionally excluded other personal finance thought leaders in Malaysia who don’t use Twitter as their main engagement channel (bloggers, Instagrammers etc). I also exclude Twitter accounts maintained by finance-related companies and media.

This names in this list links directly to their Twitter accounts and appear in no particular order. If I missed out anyone, do let me know (or leave a comment with a link to the profile!)

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The Exact Steps I Use to Build & Launch in 7 Days

Excited to share with you my latest website project,!

I built and launched this deal-finding platform in seven days, but had the idea since 2009-2010, when I was still studying in the UK. At the time, I was a big fan of, ‘UK’s biggest deal-finding community’.

That’s not an exaggeration. HotUKDeals has over 3.5 million fans on Facebook. People really do love user-submitted deals that can be sorted by votes.

To be honest, I’m surprised there weren’t any existing equivalent of in Malaysia. I’ve looked and searched for years, until finally decided to make it myself.

This article outlines the exact steps I use to build and launch

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[SPONSORED CONTEST] Tell Me Your Best Money-Saving Tip and Win An Apple Watch!

EDIT: Contest update

  • The winning entry. Congrats, you won the Apple Watch Series 3!
  • For those who (1) didn’t win or (2) missed this dateline, don’t fret – re-submit your entries for a chance to win RM5000 pulak!
  • How: (1) Play the quiz, (2) post your money personality and money-saving tip on your Facebook profile page, and (3) tag the Treat Your Money Right Facebook page. Make sure to use the hashtags #treatyourmoneyright #VISA #AKPK and set it to public. Submit your entries BEFORE OR BY 19 November 2018!


In conjunction with World Savings Day, VISA and AKPK are doing a financial literacy initiative called Treat Your Money Right.

treat your money right

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14 Malaysia-Based Personal Finance Instagrammers You Should Follow

Nowadays, I notice there are more personal finance websites and blogs around. My grand scheme to get more Malaysian talk openly about money is working muahahahah!

(okay I cannot take all the credit but some la okay some)

(I’m not perasan they told me one)

You know where else money discussions are spilling over, aside from websites and blogs? Instagram. Yes, Instagram, the platform you log on to get jealous over other people’s perfect-looking lives (I’m not wrong).

So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was by the emergence this new trend, of Malaysians sharing about personal finance in their Instagram accounts (instead of the usual food, fashion, beauty, travel, etc). I love following them, and find them therapeutic – as I scroll down my feed, my bouts of envy is naturalised by money quotes and reminders to not spend money!

Here are 14 personal finance Instagram accounts that Malaysians should follow. This list is in no particular order.

EDIT: If you are a personal finance Instagrammer, and you’re not listed in this article, please drop a comment with a link to your profile 🙂

#1 – debtfreemy

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

#2 – debtfreemalaysia

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:


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My October’s Target. Where I want myself to achieve at the end of this month. #DebtFree #DebtFreeCommunity #DebtFreeMalaysia #BebasHutang

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#3 –

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

#4 –

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:


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October’s Groceries (wet food only)

A post shared by Debt Free NNR ( on

#5 – savvysaz

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

#6 – dearduit

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

#7 – mimirello

personal finance instagram malaysia

(yep, the same blogger behind website!)

What to expect in the feed:

#8 – dividendmagic

personal finance instagram malaysia

(yep, the same blogger behind DividendMagic website!)

What to expect in the feed:

#9 – blackbeltmillionaire

personal finance instagram malaysia

(yep, the same blogger behind Blackbelt Millionaire website!)

What to expect in the feed:

#10 – financial_friday

personal finance instagram malaysia

*not technically Malaysian, but used to study/work in Malaysia, so close enough (she’s from the Mauritius)

What to expect in the feed:


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I was an international student in Malaysia and I was constantly on the move: from campus accommodation to cheaper and cheaper rented rooms. . . I wanted to get the most out of my small allowance and soon, I was not only moving to smaller rooms, but I was letting go of a lot of stuff. And yet, the more I stayed in this new country, the happier I was. . . Now that I’m back home, in Mauritius, I realised I didn’t need a lot of things. And I realised that a fancy high-maintenance lifestyle will not make me happy. . . That’s why I wanna share this list, which follows my journey in #intentionalspending and #intentionalliving . . And you? What are the material things you realised you could live without, even despite what others would say? Comment below! . . If you want to read more about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ and back stories of all the items I chose, read it on my blog via the link in my personal account —-> @dkwaye . . . #FinancialFriday #personalfinance #minimalism #minimalist #lessismore #bemorewithless #minimalistlife #spendinghabits #spendless #debtfreeliving #howtosavemoney #savemoney #savingmoney #financialfreedom #moneytips #simpleliving #financialplanning #financialindependence #financialadvice #moneysavingtips #moneyadvice #simplelife

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Happy Monday guys! Yesterday, I was going through my old #budget notebooks. I used to get those cute #pocketnotebooks which come with blank no-line pages and would list down: . • all my expenses of day every evening before going to bed, • the exact amount I had in my bank accounts at the end of each month and how much I had in cash at the time of writing, • my #savingsgoals – basically how much I planned to put aside for #savings for the month, • my income of course! . It was a tedious handwritten process, but it was so satisfying, seeing my small savings grow and I got to have 100% control my spending 😊 . . Notebooks from @mosseryco . . . #financialfriday #budgeting #budgetingtips #personalfinance #financetips #savemoney #savingmoney #savingsplan #financialplanning #adulting101 #cutestationery #financialgoals #finances #debtfreeliving #financialliteracy #financialadvice #moneysavingtips #disciplineequalsfreedom #budgetplanner #budgetlife #budgetfriendly

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#12 – debtfreesabah

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

#13 – surayaror

Mine 😀

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:

Special mentions!

Aside from the above, I also want to feature some people in the zero waste movement who are leading by example. They prioritise DIY culture, consuming less and buying local & natural. We can learn a lot from them, and save a bunch of money in the process, too!

#13 – zerowastemy

personal finance instagram malaysia

What to expect in the feed:


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Current read: Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, Kate Raworth. This should be essential reading for every economist, student, human. . . An excerpt: “Economic theory has long portrayed a “clean” environment as a luxury good affordable only for the well-off. … growth will (eventually) clean [the pollution] up. But there is no such law: ecological degradation is simply the result of degenerative industrial design. This century needs economic thinking that unleashes regenerative design in order to create a circular – not linear – economy, and to restore humans as full participants in Earth’s cyclical process of life.” . . We can no longer ignore the fact that economic “growth” led by our consumption and need (greed) for endless stuff (fashion trends, latest gadgets, dollar store knick knacks) has had a very negative impact on our planet. Scientists now warn of potential irreversible environmental damage affecting us, all of us, by 2030. Impacts include more severe droughts, heavier rains, coastal flooding, wildfires and heat waves. Will you take action to reject this insane model of a linear economy in favour of a more circular one? We can all do something small to ensure we still have a liveable planet in 2030, 2040, 2050. Take public transport instead of driving; shop local produce; refuse that straw, plastic bag, coffee cup and free gift; forget that sale – shop your best friend’s closet; eat less meat; start a compost. What will you do to reduce CO2?

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#14 – iquitwaste

What to expect in the feed:


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I made a new simple face scrub: locally grown brown sugar, local raw honey from stingless bees, juice of keffir lime and ground ginger (both I got from the market). Use it once a day before going to bed. I don’t know if it removes make up cuz I don’t use make up 😊 My small way of reducing my impact: we all have limited emissions credits, by making my own product from a few natural locally sourced ingredients I have a sustainable alternative to a plastic-packaged, centrally manufactured with many dubious chemicals shipped in from different places, heavily packaged and shipped out finished product; which gives off waste in the form of toxic suds wastewater and plastic microbeads down the drain, and a plastic tube or bottle that probably will never get recycled and end up in the ocean. And let’s look at emissions: a commercial manufacturing facility consumes huge amounts of energy (industry is in the top 5 of largest emissions sources), and then logistics of shipping out finished products (transport is also in the top 5). Take back our individual emissions credits. By making and consuming things as close as possible to their natural state and locally sourced, we are giving the finger to big industries and putting ourselves and our planet over their profits 💚

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It still bothers me when I see many urban Malaysians insisting on buying and consuming imported food, fruit and vegetables; especially in affluent cities. We are so uber-blessed to live in a land of abundance, fresh fruit and vegetables growing all year round: greens, gourds, tubers, roots, herbs, flowers, fruits, everything that is needed to nourish us. Imported fresh fruits and vegetables have to be air freighted and wrapped in layers of plastics to maintain their freshness when they reach their destination. All that plastic waste and emissions are contributing to Mama earth’s deterioration. The transport sector is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases and what are they transporting: people, goods and food! It’s especially ridiculous because here in Malaysia we maintain our culture of regular farmer’s markets that happen in every city and every town. Kuala Lumpur has accessible morning and night markets in different suburbs. In East Malaysia, they are called tamu and are held regularly. On our road trip this past weekend, we stopped in many small towns and headed straight to the tamu to buy local goods, including food. We don’t need fancy “exotic” trendy superfood fruit and veg grown 15000km away. It’s not healthy for our bodies if it’s killing our planet. Photo by @dean1sm

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Do you know of any other personal finance accounts in Malaysia we should follow?

Strictly curated by people, not brands or companies 😉 And must talk about personal finance in the majority of their posts.

If you know of any other Malaysians maintaining personal finance instagram accounts, share with us in the comments section!

[SPONSORED] What Does PIDM Do and Why Should YOU Care?

When Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia – PIDM for short – contacted me about doing a paid collaboration, I was confused. Unlike other sponsored post inquiries I get, PIDM has no products or services to sell. If anything, their services are (1) free and (2) automatic.

Then they told me their reasons. They’re to:

  • Promote awareness on PIDM’s protection services so that people are assured that their deposits, takaful and insurance benefits are safe;
  • Inform which financial products are protected to prevent scams by unscrupulous parties, and;
  • Let people know what they should do IN CASE their banks, takaful and insurance companies go bankrupt (stay calm, see #3).

So apparently – and I didn’t know about this before – there are people out there who scam your family and friends because they don’t know about PIDM?? That is horrible! And this is why PIDM wants to tell the public who they are and what they do!

So I said yes, and together we created this plain-English article about what PIDM does.

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22 of Your Best Discussions from RoR Mini-Forum, Compiled

Every week, I host a mini-forum over at the Ringgit Oh Ringgit Facebook page. This has been a regular occurrence for over a year now.

I’ve always enjoyed the discussions and comments, but always thought, oh sayangnya these comments will be lost in time in Facebook.

Then I’m like, what am I talking about. I have a website. I can compile the good threads in one place for easy reference! I’m compiling only the best of the best here, only the discussion threads with lots of quality comments.

Here there are, sorted by topic. Click to read whichever piques your interest, and go ahead and add YOUR comments in as well!

(p/s – blame FB for not able to easily show/read the comments section here. I tried.)

Topic: Investing

Topic: Property

Topic: General

Topic: Travel

Topic: Phone

Topic: Clothes

Topic: Food

Topic: Technology

Topic: Shopping

Topic: Frugal lifestyle

Bonus question: What mini-forum ideas do you have?  Comment here (at the website’s comments section) – I can post them at the Ringgit Oh Ringgit Facebook page so more people can answer 🙂

[Sponsored] Fintech ‘Unconference’ at Langkawi Beach Resort, Because Why Not

Let me start with a TL;DR – is organising Fintech Barcamp at Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi on 9-10th August 2018. Tickets cost USD 145 each (about RM580) and include the cost of participating in the event only.

According to’s write-up, this event was organised to encourage a vibrant fintech community; they do not intend to profit from it. You have to arrange your own accommodation and transportation. You can purchase the tickets from Eventbrite.

If you want to make the event but concerned about total cost, you can:

  • Choose a cheaper accommodation (RM100-ish-per-night accommodation is possible)
  • Buy your flights now (last I checked, RM200+ return tickets from AirAsia are still available!)

Langkawi’s cool. If you want to extend your trip, check out my 4D3N budget Langkawi weekend trip article. I spent RM1239.47, all-in, including flights, accommodation, car rental, food, entertainment and souvenirs.

End TL;DR.

fintech barcamp langkawi

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WANTED: Your Personal Finance Fiction/Non-Fiction Stories! (PAID CONTEST)

If there’s one thing I learned during this whole blog-writing journey, is that Malaysians are HUNGRY for fun personal finance content. Wow, you really like to hear stories, not advice! There are too many advice – no wonder people keep calling it a ‘dry’ and ‘boring’ topic.

So let’s change that. Let’s make personal finance fun to read and consume. GIVE ME YOUR SHORT STORIES SO I CAN COMPILE THEM INTO AN EBOOK. I’m offering cash out of my own pocket to all accepted submissions!

Image credit: Isometric people pattern design | designed by Vexels

Personal Finance Writing Competition: The Details

  • Length: 1500 up to 5000 words
  • Theme: Personal finance
  • Type: Fiction and non-fiction short stories
  • Language: UK English or Bahasa
  • Format: Submit as GDoc link
  • Submission date: by 15 August 2018. Send it earlier if you want feedback and stuff
  • Submit to: submissions.ror at gmail dot com
  • Prize: RM100 flat OR a % of book sales within 1 (one) year. I’ll promo the heck out of you too.
  • No of winners: Unlimited (aiming for 50k words total)
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[SPONSORED] What You Should Know About Gold Prices In 2008-2018

As someone who keeps gold and regularly checks the price, I thought I’d cover the gold price movement in the last decade. Here’s what happened to gold prices between 2008 until mid-2018. Think of this article as an explanation of the 10-year historical gold price chart below.

gold prices
The price of gold from 2008-2018, per kilo (for some reason can’t change setting to grams)

For the benefit of this article, I’ll use price of gold per gram, not per kilo. Most people track the price that way anyway (unless they’re from the US, in which case they use ounces).

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