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Link Love: December 2015


Starting something new: link love – where I curate the best articles about personal finance! I also like to add the ‘personal’ part of finance in, so they are not aaallll about money. Here are the best from the web in December 2015!


This one woman regretted her RM200k wedding. I am an older sister to a younger sister who is about to get married, and I am worried that she will start her married life with loans, or seriously deplete my parents’ retirement savings just to ‘keep face’ 🙁


Which is more important – time, money or love? This incredibly personal post by Mr Stingy made me think of life. There’s no point in having money if you don’t have time or love.


I followed SpeedRent’s development with interest. Did you know that property agents gave him death threats? All because they found a way to do their jobs better. The update now is that their in-built rental agreements are legally binding. Very cool!


Techies rejoice – in this list, programmers, developers, analysts, and designers bagged 10 out of 25 best jobs for work/life balance. In Malaysia, I’m looking up to these programmers – they are behind some of the apps we use.


We know that we can use EPF money to purchase a house. Now that the Malaysian property bubble is bursting (or at least stagnating), those of you who are looking to buy property can start looking for bargains. To make it easier, you can apply to withdraw your money via i-Akaun. Online. Without visiting the EPF office. Woah.


And if you want to buy your first home, here are some available options for you.


Want to get into stocks but don’t know how to start? Check out Dividend Magic’s handy dandy guide – all you need to know about investing in stocks in Malaysia. Super informative.


Did I miss anything? Want to add to this list? Tell me via comments!

Beginner in Stocks? Check out this guy’s personal blog about stocks-buying in Malaysia!

Are you a stocks beginner in Malaysia?

I found a really cool blog yesterday. Dividend Magic is the pseudonym for a passionate Malaysian stock investor, who I found out is just 26 years old. He posts about the performances of the companies he bought stocks from, which is fascinating. There’s details about dividends received, goody bags from some companies, and annual reports.

Bonus: he covers his personal information with small bottles of liquor, and toys (Iron Man figure and a small Vespa), which cracks me up. I guess he was taking pictures, and went like, “hmm, better cover my name/address” and just looked around and took whatever’s closest to him hahahah

Look. Omg so cute I kenot.

picture credit to Dividend Magic

Because stocks always feel so intimidating, it’s nice to find somewhere to get that human touch, that human explanation, without unnecessary bombastic words and jargon. This definitely made my day 🙂

Go check it out his blog!

(Should I share my experience with stocks too? Very limited, but might be useful. Hmmmmm nak feedback)