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Applying creativity in saving money in Malaysia: get the same thing for less!

I Figured Out The Perfect System to Stop Food Waste

What use is buying ingredients to cook at home if you, the average Malaysian household, throw away 0.5-0.8kg of uneaten food per day? I thought you wanted to save money, and eat healthier at the same time?

I’m going to spare you the lecture, because honestly I’m not your mom, even if the food waste problem in Malaysia does piss me off a bit. Do you even know how many people are starving as we speak-

And we dare to say we are a food nation

Food waste is such a stupid problem. I thought we have advanced enough as a society to solve this but the fact that we HAVEN’T, UGH

The System I Use to Stop Food Waste in My House

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17 Saving Money Tips I Tried (but Ultimately Couldn’t Stick To)

*Generally* speaking, I’m pretty good with applying saving money tips in my life. I enjoy experimenting with different ways to save money, while being mindful in being frugal instead of cheap.

As a result of that constant experimentation, I’ve kind of figured out over the years:

  • things I’m not willing to skimp on,
  • things that are not worth my time, and
  • things I don’t enjoy doing just for the sake of saving a few cents or ringgit

That last part is somewhat important. Unless you’re still, you know, saving up your first RM1000 or something, or urgently trying to pay off your high-interest credit card or personal loan debt, then I don’t think it’s worth being… I dunno… miserable in being too obsessed in saving money. You were not born just to pay bills and die.

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13 Money-Saving Products You Can Buy

If you already have 12 months’ or more in living expenses saved up, AND you currently contribute to your retirement savings on a regular basis, then I urge you to not hoard your wealth and spend some money, to help the economy.

Because I know my audience (y’all are money-obsessed people; it’s okay, me too), I’ve curated a list of money-saving products you can buy – all of which will reduce your expenses in the long run.

If any of the links didn’t work (item delisted by merchant, sold out etc), or the items you’re looking for is not included here, please go to Lazada via this link or Shopee via this link.

Happy shopping 🙂

Category: Beverages

#1 – SodaXpress PINNACLE Value Pack 3

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SOCAR Review: 7 Tips to Get Cheap Car Rental in KL, Penang and Johor

So that happened. You sent your car to the workshop and will be carless for a few days. You have to go somewhere far and the Grab fare will be too high. You need to pick up a person (or an item) in person.

Either way, You. Need. A. Temporary. Car.

I get into one of these situations sometimes, and it’s really mafan. Usually I just bite the bullet and resign to paying high Grab fares but this time around I decided to give the car-sharing platform SOCAR a try.

And let me tell you. It solved my problem so well, and saved me so much money, that I decided to do not just a SOCAR review but also include tips to make the cost even CHEAPER for you. What can I say – I am a personal finance blogger 😀

socar review

Here are my 7 tips you can use to get the most value for money out of your SOCAR car rental:

#1 – Pick the cheaper car model

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The Comprehensive Guide to Cost of Birth Control in Malaysia

Hello women and men who live alongside women. Today, let’s learn about the options and costs of birth control in Malaysia.

This guide is divided into the following sections: 

  • Section one: preventative (how to avoid getting pregnant), 
  • Section two: access to emergency contraception (where to get morning-after pill), and
  • Section three: how and where to get an abortion in Malaysia (I don’t want you to get to this stage but I’d rather you not die with DIY methods, so)
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5 Things I Did To Reduce My Damn High Groceries Bill

Cook at home, they say. Then you’ll save money, they say.

Then why is the groceries bill still too damn high?

I personally got myself into this predicament – in April 2019 I found myself spending RM767.95 for groceries?!? For one person?!

Because it *was* abnormally high, I told myself to get my shit together. It kind of worked – in May 2019, the amount went down to RM480.20. Guestimating 100 homemade meals a month, that’s RM4.80 per meal.

And – not to brag or anything – I eat well. My meals tend to be healthy, I try my best not to sacrifice nutrition. I think I’m doing well, because I haven’t been sick in years actually.

Here are some changes I made to lower my high groceries bill. As the numbers show you, they worked!

#1 – Eat everything I bought challenge

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Affordable Housing in Malaysia: 6 Alternatives to Consider

This article is dedicated to everyone who ever uttered the phrase: ‘I can’t afford housing in Malaysia, it’s so expensive!

Which, if I’m honest, is the majority of you, at one point or another. It’s one of your favourite complaints. The default, almost.

(You are right though. It is expensive, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. According to Khazanah Research Institute, property prices in Malaysia is ‘severely unaffordable’ at 4.4 times the median annual household income in 2014. A more acceptable range is 3x.)

(Having said that, Malaysia’s housing market is nowhere near as bad as the Top 10 most unaffordable locations globally. Hong Kong is 20.9 times (!!!) the median annual household income as of 2018)

But still, ok, just because we’re not the worst doesn’t mean the situation is good for us. What can you do if you can’t afford the housing in Malaysia? What are your options when it comes to living situation?

Here are some alternatives.

#1 – Pick one: A Just-OK place in the city OR A Great place far from the city

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How Zero Waste Malaysia Helps Me Save Money (& the Environment, A Little Bit)

Confession: I entered the zero waste world a few years ago for its money-saving potential.

It’s been great. The communities are helpful, warm, encouraging. I had fun testing and trying out new lifestyle changes inspired from members of the zero waste community, sustainable living community, low impact community and so on. Among others, they encouraged me to:

  • include more plants and grains in my diet,
  • use a menstrual cup,
  • carry my reusable water bottle when going out,
  • stay car-free,
  • keep used coffee grounds to use as fertiliser,
  • significantly reduce my fast-fashion shopping,
  • and even helped me stay smoke-free (no more cigarette butts waste!)
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9 Money Challenges to Try

Money challenges! Have you done one before?

Here are 9 money challenges you can try out. Some of them are for earning money, some are for saving money. Pick one money challenge you want to do for yourself – I’m going to share which one(s) I’m planning to do myself 😀

#1 – Kumpul Hijau Challenge

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HappyFresh Review: 10 Tips to Save Money and Time!

I’m a frequent HappyFresh user. As of time of writing, I’ve made double-digit orders from them.

happyfresh review

How it works is pretty simple:

  • Go to their website or download their app (iOS and Android)
  • Pick a supermarket (selection depends on what’s near you)
  • Add groceries to your cart
  • Select delivery time
  • Make payment
  • Wait for delivery

Being a power user, here’s my HappyFresh review and some money-saving tips I can pass on 🙂

#1 – Browse the Best Deals section

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Malaysians Share How They Save Money on Coffee

Every week, I do a little mini-forum in the Ringgit Oh Ringgit FB page. Recently, I asked what people do to save money on coffee.

The answers blew me away – you people really love your coffee huh? Some of the answers were so creative and informative, I had to compile them here! Here’s what Malaysians do to save money on that cup of joe, divided into two sections, free and reduced-cost. 

Free Coffee

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