Crowdfunding in ASEAN…?

I woke up today with the news that CrowdPlus.Asia was launched. It’s an equity crowdfunding platform, for ASEAN.

Sink that in for a bit. This is probably the first time that I felt ASEAN Economic Community (I’m too lazy to type in the whole thing so I’ll call it by its acronym AEC from now on) is doing something that kinda, sorta, benefit the people instead of the governments…? Am I slowly getting optimistic over ASEAN?

Maybe its too early in the game to tell, and there’s no investments yet listed in the page to have a sense of what kinds of projects would be deemed ‘appropriate’ for individual investors in ASEAN. I’m making the (very legit) assumption that there would be a body to gatekeep the types of project – they wouldn’t want projects that could potentially pit one ASEAN country against another… although, I can see rich countries like Singapore and (a more distant second) Malaysia getting more leeway, because they have more economic influence. The website is in English, but I really hope they will accept applications in other ASEAN languages.

Otherwise, I’m excited to see what kinds of projects that ASEAN individuals will support through their crowdfunding. I’m excited to see ASEAN-specific ideas and solutions. This will make an interesting case study, I can’t wait to see the statistics, and it will increase ASEAN solidarity for sure (or show potential active boycotting – we might not be keen on investing in Myanmar if the Rohingya persecution continue, right?). It’s probably going to be development-focused, ASEAN lacks the infrastructure, it’s not going to be like equity crowdfunding in the West (sample). But hey, its a good alternative to stocks, which our generation is not keen on.

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