Here’s why I say that Kim K is pretty smart

Kim Kardashian. No introduction needed, but hey here’s a picture anyway.

Kim K? Smart? I’m aware that this is probably not popular opinion.

Judging from all the hate she gets, I’m inclined to deduce that most people don’t like her. Or her clan (or is that Klan?) The general, accepted norm is to use Kim K in derogatory connotations. If media outlets are to be believed, it seems that almost everyone agree that Kim K as the person you love to hate. Why not? She’s rich, young, and not ashamed to show the world that she knows she’s beautiful.

The usual comments I hear/read about Kim K usually goes along these lines:

  • She’s only famous because of her sex tape
  • She’s not talented in anything
  • She’s narcissistic
  • She’s shameless
  • She’s not modest

Basically people just don’t think that she deserves all her wealth. Especially not for an ‘improper’ woman like her.

I’m here to counter-argue that yes, of course she does.

I think she’s smart. Maybe not book-smart, but smart nonetheless.

Because only smart people will know how to maintain, preserve and increase their wealth.

Dumb people will likely spend all their wealth (if they even get wealth in the first place).

According to this listicle, Kim K is worth USD85 million (No 2 money maker from the whole Kardashian/Jenner family)

(No 1 is Caitlyn Jenner at USD100 million)

It’s a fascinating case study, all this. Yes, she got her initial fame from a sex tape. But she capitalised on that. I don’t know about you, but if my sex tape got released, I would probably hide in my apartment until everything blows over. I might even do plastic surgery on my face. Heck, I’ll probably move to some jungle if I have to.

Not her. Leaked sex tape? Boom reality tv series in the same year.

She played the game of supply and demand beautifully, to her favor. The media and public was hungry for more news and updates, and she charged accordingly. She diversified her income like crazy (pretty damn smart, this). Product endorsements by Kim K costs up to USD1 million. She has her own books, fragrance line, game, app, and now emoji. Not to mention the still-running Keeping up with the Kardashians show and its many spinoffs.

If she was truly dumb, people would have taken opportunities and swindled money from her. She would have negotiated deals badly or gave herself really low endorsement rates. Even if she can’t do those things, she must have a really good team of lawyers who look after her interests (smart).

But even if someone sued her for all her money, I’m very sure her existing support systems can generate back her income easily. This is why I kept calling her wealthy instead of rich in this article.

Being wealthy is less about being rich and more about a mindset. We know this from reports of lottery winners who won millions but end up being broke again in a few short years. ‘Rich’ is temporary. ‘Wealthy’ is not a number, but rather the comfort in knowing that you have abundance, if you need it.

Someone who earns 10 million a year but needs 15 million is not wealthy.

Someone who earns 40,000 a year but needs 20,000 is wealthy.

I want to be smart, like Kim K, wouldn’t you? I want to have a ‘wealthy’ mindset.

If you have counter-arguments to this hey let’s hear it in the comments.

P/s – Happy long weekend, Malaysians!


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  1. I was reading an extensive article that credits Kris Jenner as the mastermind behind KUWTK’s success and in launching the children’s diverse income platform (or at least the opportunity to do so). I’m pretty sure Kim and her sisters inherited those smarts.

    Same goes for Paris Hilton, capitalizing on being a wealthy dumb blonde.

    1. YES YES YES. She’s so brilliant in her execution, ugh such SKILLS. I didn’t know about the part with helping (formerly) Bruce’s career. Amazing.

      p/s- I love that the article used correct gender pronouns <3

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