MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

15 Reasons to Attend MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016 #MA2016

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

So MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016 is happening on the 21-24 September 2016. Here are 15 reasons to attend:

1.Because of MaGIC’s reputation as a badass agency. Everyone complains about the government, but no one I know complains about MaGIC.

2. Because look see look see startups available in Malaysia and in this region is kinda fun. #supportMalaysianstartups #supportlocal #supportASEAN

3. Because got Startup Career fair with more than 100 booths. If you want jobs in the startup scene, you can start from there.

4. Because this lady will be talking about The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy and I really think you should listen to her. Marketing was something I looked down on, labeled as ‘pesky’. I admit I’m wrong. Marketing skills are something robots can’t do, which means it will always be needed in the future. I’ve only been catching up with marketing for about a year now to sell myself and my services and the difference (job offers received) is like night and day.

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

5.  !!! Because Adriana Gascoigne, founder of Girls in Tech will be there!!! And she’ll give the keynote speech!

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

6. I looked at all the people who will be speaking under Social Enterprise track, and this is my favorite: Gawad Kalinga. They are a Philippines-based NGO to reduce poverty through sustainable development. Look, this uncle Mr Tony look kind kan?

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

7. And this is my second favourite: Kad Afrika. From their website, I believe they encourage young girls to be economically empowered by employing them in passion fruit farms.

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

8. There are some Mat Salleh speakers in the Social Enterprise tracks . One of them sells sleepwear (proceeds go to charity). I want to ask him why the hell did he name his sleepwear ‘One Night Stand’ and has images of women on beds and in other sexy poses and named his session ‘Sleeping Your Way to the Top’. Can you NOT sell using sex, please, thank you very much? Seriously, so tacky. MaGIC Academy Symposium 20169. One other Mat Salleh sells water bottles (good ones, I’m sure, but still). I’m underwhelmed by these white people but I’ll reserve my final judgement for later.

10. Check this highlights page for info on who’s giving what speech and when. For example, Gary Liu’s (Founder of Digg) talk on ‘Digital Media: Changing Consumption Behavior & How It Affects The Publishing World’ is something I’m interested in.

11. Because Investor Speed Dating??? That’s a chill idea, awesome!

12. Because the tickets are affordable for the value you get. It ranges from RM60 to RM300.

MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016

13. Because I can get you 15% discount summore. Type in ‘MA2016CATJIRA’ to get the discount when you buy from here.

14. Because I’ll be there. No way I’m missing this.

15. Because you’ll probably learn something useful for yourself and for your future. Being in the company of smart people makes you smart. It’s like their pores give out smart DNA or something. Go, absorb, and be better than yesterday.

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This post is a collaboration between RinggitOhRinggit, CatJira and MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016 . 

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