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How to Earn Money in Malaysia: 3 Ways with Social Media Skills

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How does one know how to earn money in Malaysia, preferably with minimal/no capital, and using an existing skillset? What’s that? No skill? But you know how to use social media, do you not? That’s a skill.

I’m not kidding. Social media is a HIGH DEMAND skill. If you maintain an active online presence, YOU already have it. Companies with no/minimal online presence don’t know anything about social media culture and algorithm and are looking for people like you!

Just a little heads up before you get too excited – just because social media marketing sounds fun af (and it is), doesn’t mean it’s not work. Everyone can do one-off posting. Doing it consistently with a strategy in mind is the work part.

How to earn money in Malaysia with social media skills – 3 Main Ways

There are three main ways you should know in regards to how to earn money in Malaysia with your social media skills.


  • if you have excellent time management, you can actually do all three at the same time. That’s how you can earn more money in Malaysia with the same skill!
  • this is also an excellent way to earn money as a student!

Note: You don’t have to be expert in ALL social media. You can choose to specialise your social media marketing services based on the social media you’re familiar with the most – which should be your favourite social media platforms.

Right now, you probably know what makes a good post on your favourite social media platform. It’s almost intuitive. Your job now is to dissect the best practices and incorporate them in your execution, so you have higher chance of doing successful social media campaigns.

I’ll assume that you already have good social media skills. If not, buy a course or something – information is everywhere. Now let’s talk about monetising this skill.

#1 – Get yourself hired as a social media manager

You can speak meme, but how do you speak business? Before you get yourself hired as a social media manager, let me just share about its responsibilities:

Responsibilities of a social media manager*

*Other work titles that may have the same responsibilities: Digital marketer; Copywriter, Online Content Writer, Content Lead, Editor, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistants, Blogger (hi), Inbound Marketer.  If it’s not assigned to you, call yourself anything you want (ie Ninja Copywriter or Professional Storyteller, titles that some people do use)

The responsibilities include:

  • Managing social media calendar (familiarity with scheduling tools like Hootsuite will help)
  • Knows how to optimise results using social media analytics
  • Be ready to provide campaign idea consultation
  • Able to work with people who have the skillsets you need but personally lack – influencers (for reach), copywriters (for text), graphic designers (for images) and other talents as and when needed
  • Online community engagement and management

To start earning this way, simply look through social media jobs in portals like JobStreet.

#2 – You can manage your own platform and sell promotional services it to inquiring customers

Old name: influencer. New name: content creator.

This is considered the slow approach but if done well, the outcome will be more than worth it. You can manage your own platform – a personal page, a hobby page, doesn’t matter. Do your best to ‘create content’ regularly and build a following.

You do know if you ‘made it’? Simple – you have companies reaching out to you for potential collaborations or want to hire you. If your engagement with followers is good, you’re an even more valuable prospect to clients looking to access your specific target audience.

I can personally attest to this. I am a one-person marketing team for Ringgit Oh Ringgit and have clients reaching out to me, wanting to work with me.


#3 – You can make money online in Malaysia by selling products or skills

If you don’t have your own platform and not planning to make one, other ideas to earn money fast in Malaysia with social media skills include:

  • Do dropshipping. This is a great course for Malaysians: 21 Days to Ecommerce Dropshipping course 
  • Do affiliate/referral Help someone sell their products and services and a commission on sales (exp: RM10 per sale generated)
  • Sell your social media skills. Kind of like #1 (get hired as social media manager), but on a freelance basis. More on this below:

How do you sell your social media services? Offer a package. You can package your social media skills like so:

What social media skills companies are looking for

According to my observation, companies like the idea of buying social media packages that offer the widest coverage and reach. If possible, they want you to do marketing across ALL their social media platforms.

But you and I know that being good at ALL social media platforms is not realistic for one person (or even a small team). Here, it’s your job to explain to them that it’s better to have great results in ONE or TWO social media platforms than get mediocre results on FIVE different platforms.

In my experience, this is quite a fast way to make money. How to earn money fast in Malaysia? All you have to do is package up your services, set your rates and find clients who are willing to pay. (Obviously, here we assume you can do a good job and know how to figure out how to solve problems as they come).

How to package your social media skills

Instead of telling you how, I’d like to share examples of packages offered by social media marketing service providers. 

Example #1 –

how to earn money in malaysia

Example #2 –

how to earn money in malaysia

That should give you an idea of how social media marketing packages look like. For your own offering, mix and match as you please, using the above as examples. For more examples, Google ‘social media packages’ and their variations.


Would you try to earn money in Malaysia this way?

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re serious about monetising your excellent social media skills, but perhaps feel a bit of anxiety. Especially if you haven’t ‘proven’ your abilities, or never tried learning how to earn money in Malaysia.

I say – feel the fear and do it anyway. You don’t have to be great when you start, but you do have to start to be great.

Anyone reading this currently doing social media management work? Add in your two cents to make this article even better 🙂 What other questions do you have about the topic? Let me know in the comments section!

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