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3 Places to Rent Out Your Car in Malaysia

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So you have a car that you’re barely using.

Maybe you’re working from home. Maybe you prefer taking public transportation to work (hello RM30 Unlimited RapidKL travel pass). Maybe your lifestyle changed and you’re just not using your car as much anymore, but you don’t really want to sell it because you still need it sometimes.

Make some money out of this situation. Rent it out. Here are a few places to rent out your car in Malaysia.

#1 – Trevo

Renting out your car at Trevo is straightforward: download the app, fill in your details and start earning.

 I want to rent out my car in malaysia trevo


Additional bonus: Use my referral code [PHT8EA] and get ADDITIONAL RM50 in your account. The code applies for people who want to host their car AND hire a car.

>>Download Trevo app<<.

#2 – Kwikcar

Kwikcar is another car-sharing option in Malaysia. Here’s how it works:

kwikcar rent out car

You can also check how much you can potentially earn by renting out your car in Malaysia via Kwikcar platform here. For example, a 2018 Perodua Myvi car has the potential to net you RM1070 monthly!

(Of course it depends on your location and number of days rented out. But every little bit helps!)

kwikcar malaysia rent out car

>> Download Kwikcar on GooglePlay and AppStore <<

#3 – Moovby

Similar to Trevo and Kwikcar, Moovby is another platform to rent out your car in Malaysia. They say they are the largest peer-to-peer car sharing platform.


rent out my car in malaysia moovby

>> Download Moovby on GooglePlay and AppStore <<

Which car-sharing platform should you pick?

As far as I know, there’s nothing stopping you from renting out your car from all three platforms 🙂 I don’t know which platform has the most users, and different locations may have different demographics, so test all of them.

(And for people who *don’t* have cars – these app-based car rental options are super convenient and cheaper than usual car rental cost. If I’m a car rental service, I’d be worried – car hire cost via these platforms are very affordable and there are lots of discount vouchers offered too.)

Before you ask: yes, it’s safe. All of these car-sharing platforms insure your car against damage and injuries, and lets you set its availability so you can still use your car whenever you want.

Have any of you tried renting out your car via Trevo, Kwikcar and/or Moovby? How’s your experience, and how much side income are you making from this money-making method? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Hi Suraya, thanks for this write up! Question: can the travel financial aid of RM200 for Trevo be stacked with your referral code of RM50?

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