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[INCOME OPPORTUNITY] Sell Money Stories Book Series and Earn RM1.78-RM17 per order

So. I want to sell more books. You want to earn extra money. Both of us can get what we want, I’m giving this affiliate system a shot. Help me sell any of the Money Stories from Malaysia book series and earn up to RM17 per successful order.

I mean, if some of you are already promoting it for free, why not make money from it, right? 🙂

(Oh in case you’re new here. I’m Suraya, the personal finance blogger behind, and I write about how I apply personal finance advice. I share exactly what I do to earn/save/invest money, not just the theory stuff. Sometimes it gets crazy meta, like this one over here.)

Follow these steps to register. 

Step #1 – Register as an Affiliate

Go to and register a new affiliate account. Once you fill up all information, click on ‘Register’.

Note: Website URL section is optional. If you don’t have one, simply write ‘N/A’


Step #2 – Generate your unique referral link

How will I track your sales, you ask? Simple – any buyer who comes to and completes an order through your link will be counted towards your sale.

As of writing time, I have 9 books/ebooks products and combos in my shop. You can either insert the URL of any of the individual products, OR put the link of the product category page, (example below)

Protip: You can use a URL shortener to shorten your Referral URL

Step #3 – Start promoting and selling

If you liked and enjoyed the Money Stories from Malaysians book series, and I’ve gotten feedback that some of you do, you can tell your friends and family about it and send them your referral link so they can make a purchase. You will earn 20% commission on each successful book order.

My cheapest and most expensive products are RM8.90 and RM85 respectively, therefore your commission is from RM1.78 to RM17 per book order. Payouts will be made at the end of each month (no minimum). You can track your Statistics in the Affiliate Area.

Selling and promoting tips

The easiest, lowest-cost way to start is by reviewing the books and/or Ringgit Oh Ringgit website on social media, mention the books are on sale for a limited time (until 8 May only), then include your referral link.

(and if you have expertise/access/familiarity with the Malay market, even better. Edutaining personal finance content in Malay language is scarce. If you know how to market Cerita Duit Orang Malaysia: Jilid 1 well, your target audience is HUGE)

You can find information and reviews of the books to help you with the sales at:

Alright that should be it. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer and update this FAQ as we go along. If all looks good, go on ahead and register as an affiliate at and start earning 🙂


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