44 thoughts I’ve had grocery shopping in Malaysia

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grocery shopping in Malaysia

Have anyone else had these thoughts?

  1. Okay, this should be a quick trip
  2. Why are all the shopping carts so dirty one. Wait. Do they even get sanitised? Ewww….
  3. I read somewhere that the bigger your shopping cart, the more you’re inclined to fill it up, therefore the more you spend…. holy crap this place even have shopping carts for kids! So sneaky…
  4. Wait I vaguely remember that toddlers used to have their own seat in the shopping cart. Where did it go? When did the trend go away??
  5. Uncle why you leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. Eh don’t la give evil eye, I’m just pushing it aside to go through!
  6. There must be a kakak with a sparkly /dangly under-chin tudung pin. Yep, there she is. Every time.
  7. I wonder if its cheaper to buy toothpaste here or Guardian/Watson’s. How about shampoo?
  8. Who actually buys clothes from grocery stores?
  9. I would so play at the toy section if its more socially accepted. Those balls look so BOUNCY.
  10. They say you have to avoid items placed on eye-level. But whose eye level exactly? If I’m taller than average, that means that I can ignore this rule, right?
  11. Ooooh I want you, but you’re overpriced. I’m adding you to my mental note – ‘things to buy when it goes on sale’, and ‘things to check out at Mr DIY in case there’s a cheaper version’.
  12. This item is RMxx for xxxml. That one is RMxx but with bigger volume. Can I math this in my head or should I take out the calculator.
  13. You advertise yourself as ‘big value pack’ but you’re actually the same price, weight to weight, with the smaller packs. THIS PISSES ME OFF.
  14. Oh come onnn why some of you use weight and some of you use volume! This makes comparison harder! (these are things like laundry detergent, kitty litter, etc)
  15. Oh look at me, such a responsible adult, zooming past the processed food section. You no longer have power over meeeee
  16. Organic section! Let’s look at organic section!
  17. … And we’re out from the organic section. That was like a one-sided love story.
  18. Chinese aunties swarming around a produce section! That must be a good bargain! I must go there!
  19. The water drops on the parsley… must shake discreetly… save myself a few cents…
  20. Am I in the mood for red or  yellow onions… Oh well red one is 50 cents cheaper, red onions it is.
  21. The line for the produce weighing station is so long! Hmm, can I live without these onions…
  22. What’s the difference between old ginger and new ginger again?
  23. Here, watermelons, pineapples and papayas are cheap. In the west, those are super expensive ‘exotic’ fruits. I wonder if there’s any Mat Salleh fawning over the cheap prices right now.
  24. I mean, I was practically buying all the apples, blueberries and strawberries when I was overseas because it was SO MUCH cheaper there. If the reverse is true, they must stockpile like me also right?
  25. Like seriously do you not find it disgusting that a small pack of blueberries is like RM25 here??
  26. Clearance stock gods, please be nice to me today.
  27. Yaaaaasss 90% off cereals, tinned tomatoes, and fancy ass dips <3
  28. Nooooooo gross wilted salads, off-color chicken, and opened food items.
  29. Why do all grocery stores carry potato bread. It doesn’t even contain potatoes!
  30. Don’t look too impressed, miss. I’m only pretending to know how to choose fresh fish. I’m only buying it from here so the workers can gut it for me.
  31. That guy at the 10-and-below-items-only checkout lane clearly doesn’t know how to count.
  32. Yaaaaasss the cashier just told him off!
  33. Resist. Checkout. Lane. Impulse. Buys. RESIST.
  34. Oooohh new Mentos flavor!
  35. RESIST.
  36. Thirsty… that 100 Plus looks super refreshing.
  37. RESIST.
  38. I’m going to pretend to be a detective and find about your life based on what’s in your shopping cart. You, miss, need to eat less junk food. You, sir, are probably a food seller, judging from the 5 full bags of onions.
  39. Now where is my loyalty card. I wonder how many points I’ve accumulated.
  40. Let’s play: spot if there’s a price discrepancy!
  41. They have data of my spending pattern in this store right? Is it possible to ask them if I can take a peek? Super curious.
  42. Arrrgggghh I forgot its the weekends! 20 cents per plastic bag? Okay what to do..
  43. Oh look my total is rounded up again. Why is it always rounded up and not rounded down.
  44. Wait hold on what’s the time again? I spent an hour an a half? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess 🙂 Can’t wait to go grocery shopping again!

… And that is my random list of 44 thoughts I’ve had while grocery shopping in Malaysia…

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  1. No 12 had me laughing out loud!! Had to RESIST taking out the calculator every time in case somebody is watching. End up standing still at the place for god knows how long to do the math in my head.

    1. LOOOOL

      Own your inner nerd, Idayu! Just take it out. You just look like you’re using your phone what. No shame in wanting the best value possible!

  2. Another one from me – why are Malaysians so obsessed with imported goods, especially perishable foods like luxurious strawberries from Korea?

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