Cat costs in Malaysia

I’ve wanted a cat for the longest time, but couldn’t – my previous condominium forbade pets although some people obviously kept pets double standards booo.

Now free to do so in Ipoh, I’ve researched SPCA with the full intention of adopting a cat, but I haven’t exactly done it. Kept putting it off. Standard excuse – life.

I guess the universe really wants me to have that cat because she came into my life last night.

Update: …he

Yesterday I came back home to my flat and heard loud meows near the postboxes. Loud. Really loud. I couldn’t find the source of the noise at first, then I noticed a box.

Turns out that someone left abandoned a kitten in the box. No water, no food, just a cat and a rag in a box. She (after a quick check) was black and perhaps a couple of months old.

Papito (the name I gave to the friendly stray dog that lives around the flat area) was SUPER INTERESTED in the kitten. As I brought her (the kitten) up, he followed, all the way to the third floor. He looked major concerned, his big brown eyes kindly and even..maternal? So cute, but it could be 50-50 between mommy eyes and hungry eyes, how would I know, I’m not a dog whisperer. I thought of showing Papito a peek of the kitten but what if he NGAP the fella? Cannot.

In the safety of my kitchen, I gave her some water (which she lapped up immediately) and mixed some tuna with rice (ditto). She was understandably scared, and hid under the fridge for the longest time until I bribed her with more tuna. I notice that its pretty easy to bribe her, but then again cats are helpless against tuna anyway.

It seems that she was someone’s house cat, not some random street cat – she’s used to humans and purred when she was pet. She looks healthy – her fur and butthole is clean. For a small cat, she was very loud. Oh my god so loud, meowing from one room to another -_-

This morning, I bought supplies from Tesco and a local pet shop – litter box (RM18, including scoop), kitty litter (RM12 for 10lbs), kitten food RM17.70 for 1.4kg), and kitty shampoo (RM8.90 for a small bottle). So that’s about RM53 to start with.

My google search so far:

  • Can kittens drink cow milk? (they can’t)
  • DIY kitten food (they need a special diet containing raw chicken hearts/livers, so this is when I went, nope, store-bought food for you missy)
  • Things kittens need
  • What to do new kitten
  • Why is my kitten so noisy

Because I’m super curious to find out how much pet-keeping will cost me, I’ve added a new category in my expense-tracking app. ‘Pets’. You’ll see it in my next monthly budget review. I foresee restocking food and litter, but that’s pretty much it.

It’s been less than 24 hours, but this little bundle of joy makes me so happy. Say hello to Sunday* (*name undecided yet), everyone!



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