More Cat Costs in Malaysia

First of all, its him, not her. Whoops. He was renamed Yoshi. As is in Mario tu du tu tududuuu… boing.

In addition to previous post, where I listed some necessary items for cat ownership, some FB friends added on the following to the kitty starter cost:

  • Vaccination* – around RM60 (there’s two)
  • Spaying* – around RM200, or around RM90 with SPCA

*Apparently its possible to go to government veterinary department for cheaper vaccination and spaying. My friend said that spaying costed her RM50 only.

Some things that I bought:

  • Another kitty food because fella keep diarrhea-ing with the Smart Heart brand one. RM24 for a kilo.
  • RM8 for deworming tablet.
  • A fancy ass Italian/German/Swiss/some European country wet cat food – RM3.50 for a small can (For comparison, the usual brand one is like RM1.50 okay)

This adds up to RM88 spent so far.

Some other things I’m buying/thinking of buying:

  • Pet carrier (takkan bawak pergi vet pakai kotak kot) – RM??
  • Scratching post (some reddit guy DIY-ed his own out of cardboard, I might do that) – RM??
  • Collar – RM??
  • Cat bed No need, he really likes sleeping in my lap and on the sofa. Cute bugger.

cat costs in malaysia

Worth mentioning – other costs:

  • Tissues, sanitary wipes, cleaning products to clean up said diarrhea.
  • Uneaten fancy ass wet cat food. He lick lick lick then completely refused to eat it any more -_-

Yoshi’s personality is very pleasant. He likes to be around people. He likes touches and cuddles and rubs. He learns fast – toilet training was a breeze and he doesn’t use claws+teeth anymore when playing with me (I’ve only had him for 5 days). Although his meowing is annoying (its like me-aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all the time), he’s so sweet and very, very easy to love. Even now as I’m writing this, Yoshi is sleeping in my lap.

My back is cramping. I don’t have the heart to move and disturb his sleep. Halp.


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