RM10,000 in: 6 reasons why I invest in Bitcoins

Today, I reached a milestone! RM10,000 in Bitcoins. This is the second investment I made after ASB (aka genetic lottery due to being technically Malay) that I hold more than RM10k in one investment vehicle.

Update March 2016: I’m now RM15k in.

In a previous post, I wrote about the 4 things I learned about buying Bitcoins in Malaysia.

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Today I’m going to talk about why I personally invest in it.


Generic disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion and cannot be taken as a financial advice. This post is only one perspective out of many.

Reason #1: I wanted to change most of my RM into another currency anyway

I believe that RM will continue to depreciate.

I tried to be optimistic last year, but that proved me wrong. Ringgit went from RM3.50 (around April/May 2015) to the dollar to about RM4.40 currently (Jan 2016).

Malaysia’s revenue is highly dependent on oil prices. And our best friend, Saudi (sarcasm) refuse to cut down their oil production because they plan to kill off their competitors. It’s mainly their fault that the oil price is so shit right now. But don’t take my word on it – Vox does a better job in explaining why the prices keep going down.

They say it’s going to go down to USD1x per barrel. This means Malaysia will have less money. Which means people will have less to spend. Which means consumer spending will go way down. Which means economy will suffer. Which means less growth prediction. Which means investors are not confident. Which means less company will want to invest in Malaysia. Which means lower currency value.

So just to prevent my RM from having less worth, it is in my best interest to convert it into another currency, preferably one with potential to grow.

Bitcoin has lots of potential to grow 🙂

Reason #2: I am open to being an economic migrant

In other words, I am seriously contemplating to migrate to another country.

With that possibility in my future, I want the least hassle to bring my money with me when I migrate. I wanted money that is liquid and easy to transfer without crazy bank fees. Guess what? Sending money via Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) is cheap and instant.

No bank is taking % out of my hard-earned money, thank you very much.

Reason #3: I have many reasons to believe that the Bitcoin price will continue its bullish trend for medium term

Among my reasons to believe the Bitcoin price will continue its upwards trend: (1) more businesses are accepting it, (2) the halving is due around July 2016 (simple demand > supply situation), and (3) opening of India market via Zebpay (only the second largest population in the world… which uses a lot of remittance services).

To have a more comprehensive view, I suggest you read Laura Shin’s ‘should you invest in Bitcoin’ pieces – 10 arguments in favour and 10 arguments against Bitcoin.

Reason #4: I like the Bitcoin community

I find the Bitcoin community to be incredibly loyal, to the point of cult-ish (I’m slowly becoming the same). They are also welcoming and helpful to newbies.

I also like the fact that many Bitcoin enthusiasts are young – they make me feel like I belong. This is in stark contrast to my effort in gold investment last time. Whenever I asked for advice, I get talked down by (who I assume are) old men. When I asked questions, I got a lot of ‘go and read up on it’, which was incredibly demotivating.

The Bitcoin community in Malaysia is also very welcoming. I like them a lot. Although for full disclosure I did talk to a dude who was like, ‘oh its easier to talk about investing to a man rather than a woman’.

Whatever. More women than men go to college. Percentage-wise, you’re eliminating your option to converse with a lot of college-educated people if you continue that view *smile*.

Reason #5: I find the Bitcoin technical analysis to be highly fascinating

Technical analysis (which I covered in my Forex guide here) is kinda sorta applied math for supply/demand prediction. As someone interested in consumer buying/spending patterns, I love reading about Bitcoin price predictions.

Remember, Bitcoin has no value in itself. Like gold, it only has value because people assign value to it. Technical analysis offers a sorta-explaination on why the price goes up or down.

My favourite technical analysis is probably Sarah Jenn.

Don’t take technical analysis too seriously. No one really knows for sure why prices go up or down, because Bitcoin is decentralised. People can only make educated guesses to explain price movements. Something might be going on in China, or Venezuela, or US, who knows. But it’s fun to keep up with the news.

(Decentralised means that no one country/bank have power over it)

Reason #6: I like being a woman in FinTech

Confession: Being a woman in the male-dominated world of financial tech feels pretty fucking awesome.

FinTech = financial technology. Women makes the minority in both the financial world AND the technology world, so we make a relatively small number in financial technology. This phenomenon is not unnoticed – people have commented about the lack of women in this niche. There is already a movement to bring in more women and girls into FinTech.

So yup hollaaaaa Asian woman here reporting for duty! Are you also into FinTech? I’m hungry for discussions!


Those are the reasons I invest in Bitcoins. Questions? Ask me anything 🙂



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    1. Gosh, darn it, it ‘failed’ again 🙂

      The beautiful thing about bitcoin is that it’s not up to one person to declare anything. I’m keeping for the long term.

  1. Hi. How do I start investing in bitcoins and how much minimum RM can I start with? I am very interested to learn.

  2. Good point about BTC transcending national borders. I’m in the process of building my base and in case things go south – and they appear to be likely as the years go by – in lovely Malaysia, I’d have quick access to cash.

    Gotta start converting my MYR-denominated investments to something else!

    Enjoyed the past hour trawling loafing in here

  3. Hi Suraya, I really love your reason #6. 🙂 and am enjoying reading your articles. An eye opener for me in future too!

  4. Hi suraya

    I have followed your bitcoin journey and it really interest me. Tell you honestly i am still kind of blurr though have read all about bitcoin. Anyway my mission is make money and make money works for me. Recently someone approached me saying that there is a daily payout of 1% for amonut of btc invested. How far is this true? If i were to do my math, for 40btc i would receive 12btc in a month!


    1. That’s a HYIP (high yield investment program) and most probably a scam. Check out my bitcoin for newbies guide too, I talk a bit about bitcoin as investment

  5. Hi suraya. I heard about bitcoin long time ago and no one ever deeply talk about it. And of course at that time there’s lot of scam and I’m one of the victim. But after a while i found your article and keep reading it. It is really interesting since i dont have much time to googl everything and i will start invest in the bitcoin sooner. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Roy. Sorry you were scammed 🙁 Hate it when that happens, but just treat it as an expensive lesson ok? All the best in your bitcoin journey and thanks for visiting here 🙂

  6. Hi Suraya

    What method of payment do you frequently use to buy bitcoin and where do you usually buy it? And would you recommend me to buy bitcoin through Luno?

    Thanks in advance!! 🙂

    1. Hey Waiting for SPM result (good luck, you)

      I rarely buy, mostly sell. Cos I also earn in bitcoin 🙂 But use any of the exchanges listed in this article, they should work. All the best!

  7. Voraciously reading all your articles regarding cryptocurrency and investment options. Though I have to say too much input all at once (my fault reading them at one go, lol). Might need to revisit some articles. Hopefully I can start buying some BTC soon.

  8. I’m kinda disappointed at myself now for not discovering your blog sooner..
    I’ve just started my career and love to learn how to manage my finance better. The first two things I did was to go with Unit Trust and Insurance (never had insurance before started working, so). I wanted to get ASB but have always thought I’d lose my spending money after deducting all the wajib things. Sorry for mixing different topics here but I just came from your passive income post hehe

    And a few months ago, one of my colleagues bought EU1,000 worth of bitcoin and sold it for EU5,000. I knew I had to learn bitcoin one way or another and that’s when I stumbled across your blog! This is going to be my go-to blog from now on. Love your articlessss! Keep writing. And maybe more about bitcoin also please 😛

    1. Hi Wina,
      Thanks for stopping by! I do have a bitcoin guide – see it here:

      All the best with your money journey!

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