Just bought: New smartphone!


Do you remember how happy you were when you got your first smartphone? That’s what I’m feeling now 🙂

I bought myself a new smartphone from Lazada. It arrived the next day.  After I received the package, I did a short, stupid-looking dance for a good minute and a half. Because guys, I’m so happy. It’s silly because it’s not even an expensive phone, or a fancy one, but it’s perfect for my usage and I love it already. I don’t buy toys that often,  so please allow me to gloat for a bit, here 🙂

I got myself the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note,  based on the recommendation of SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1000 article.

Image credit: in.techradar.com

This is only my second smartphone, ever.  My first one was Moto G and it now belongs to my dad. I jumped into the touchscreen bandwagon pretty late, opting to cling on to the then-still-cool Blackberry phone until even Blackberry gave up on itself wtf. 

My delayed gratification game when it comes to major purchases is actually on point. I hate impulse purchases and usually force myself to wait for months,  even years before I buy something I like (that is, if I still remember them.  Usually I don’t). Sometimes to the point of ridiculous, even, like that time I actually ran out of pants. Pants. 

Ever since that Soyacincau article came out, I’ve researched the top 3 phones before deciding on this one (VR compatibility! VR COMPATIBILITY YOU GUYS.)

Image credit: YT channel C4ETech

Then I researched prices, both in stores and online. If you want them crazy cheap, Aliexpress sells them at a ridiculous price of RM750 or something like that. I bought mine from Lazada for RM830 with free VR headset, free 2-year aftercare service and free delivery. Having tracked the price for a few weeks, I knew the price was reduced from RM899 to RM830 fairly recently, so of course I pounced like a hungry hyena,  drooling and all. The old phone was laggy and will probably commit suicide soon, so timing is pretty good.

Because I like hacks to get things for even cheaper,  I bought it via Shopback (note: referral link)  for the 2% cashback,  with my CIMB credit card for a further 5% cashback. 

All in all, I’m super happy with the device,  with the price,  and the 5.5″ screen. Now I can work do research play games better!


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