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Link Roundup #17: 10 Things to Know This Week

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Accelerate your personal finance knowledge with this regular feature on Ringgit Oh Ringgit – the Link Roundup! I promise you’ll find these 10 links informational 🙂

1. The e-wallet infinity war in Malaysia – Everything you need to know about e-wallet starts here… – ecInsider

First of all, the article’s accompanying image though hahahahhahahah:

The image kinda describes the e-wallet scene in Malaysia right now – there are so many players that you can’t help to wonder who will ‘disappear’ and who will make it in the end. The author’s predictions, backed with pretty solid arguments – is #5 as listed in its table of contents.

  1. The dawn of the e-wallet infinity war
  2. Does e-wallet provider need a license in Malaysia?
  3. What is BNM’s policy on e-wallet?
  4. Who are the e-wallet providers in Malaysia?
  5. Which e-wallet providers will stay in the long run?
  6. Will Malaysians use e-wallet?
  7. Understanding e-wallet 1-2-3
  8. Why should retailers & etailers care?
  9. How to differentiate Static vs Dynamic QR payment?
  10. Who will win: network-based or card-based e-wallet?

There’s a link in the article, right near the end, which points you to the e-wallets in Malaysia Facebook community. I’ve personally learned a few e-wallet-related money hacks from the group, can recommend *thumbs up*

E-wallet deals also appear a lot in

2. The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018  Popular Science

Holy cow this is an amazing list of innovations in aerospace, gadgets, auto, home, security, entertainment, recreation, health, software and engineeringThese products are the results from billions, if not trillions of dollars in R&D.

There’s a flying suit in there.

3. How To Save Time And Money With A Capsule Wardrobe – ChooseFI

Doesn’t “I am curating a capsule wardrobe” sounds so much hipper than “I’m frugal with my clothing budget”? Lmao

But seriously though. I like that my frugality allows me to wear the same outfits over and over again in the name of ‘capsule wardrobe’ (when actually I’m just lazy to think about what to wear).

I like that I get to feel morally superior than people who hoard clothes and follow excessive consumption as a lifestyle (as bitchy and judgemental as that sounds).

I like knowing that each time I exited a store without buying anything, I’ve resisted all the company marketing and sales attempts to make me spend money there (I feel like I’ve ‘won’!)

4. Tabung Haji is in trouble. What happens to the savings of 20 million Malaysian Muslims? – AskLegal

TL;DR – The money is safe, because the funds in Tabung Haji is guaranteed by the government.

That’s good for Tabung Haji depositors, but not good for taxpayers. That’s where the money will come from, if push comes to shove.

I was curious to know what the RoR audience plans to do with their funds in Tabung Haji. So I asked Twitter and Facebook.

You can click the links to read the comments yourself, but there were two main types of replies:

  • Concerned about the mismanagement of funds. Wants to move their money out. Some of them (Muslims) do plan to keep just enough amount in TH so they don’t lose their haji queue (RM1300 apparently)
  • Not that concerned.  Life goes on as usual.

Much respect to people in the first category.

5. The School-to-Work Transition of Young Malaysians (Report) – Khazanah Research Institute

The report  by Khazanah Research Institute examines:

  • how the education and training system prepares youth for employability;
  • how young men and women go about their job search and the barriers and opportunities for getting the jobs they want;
  • how young workers are doing in terms of their employment status and working conditions; and
  • the perspectives and preferences of employers toward hiring young people.

You can click the link to read the full report… or you can read this Twitter thread from Dzameer Dzulkifli, Managing Director of Teach for Malaysia, who condensed key points from the report.

I am… honestly worried about our generation’s retirement. If we don’t earn enough, how are we going to save enough? Individually, sure, some of us may do better than others. But how about as a group, as a segment? What kind of solutions, if any, will we come up with in anticipation of this bleak future?

Food for thought.

6. Finance & Illustration: My First Year of Freelancing –

Anyone here freelancing as an illustrator? If yes, you will find Charis’ 2017 budget and income breakdown a mighty good read! Her breakdown even includes what kind of work-related expenses she had to shell out as an illustrator, insightful af.

7. Why Generation Z has a totally different approach to money – World Economic Forum

“Gen Z saw some of their older friends take on massive amounts of debt, while also struggling to find well-paying jobs.

As a result, this new generation (born 1997 and onwards) is taking a much more pragmatic approach to the world of personal finance. Gen Zers generally want to secure well-paying and stable jobs, and to grow their savings rather than spending money that they don’t have.”

Malaysians reading this who are 21 years old and below. The article says that your generation is better with money than others. Is it true, for yourself and among your peers? What did you observe?

8. Here’s How to Get Promoted – According to 7 Managers – Refinery29

Honest talk: I’ve never been promoted.

To be more precise, I’ve never stayed in an organisation long enough to get promoted (kinda job-hopped a lot).

So while I can’t speak from personal experience on how to get promoted, I can share this article.

Sometimes I forget not everyone wants – or have the time – to do the 2kerja, side income, side hustle thing. Some of you would rather be good at your day jobs and earn higher incomes through promotions.

9. This $1 million climate prize went to organizations you wouldn’t expect – Fast Company

The four organisations that won $250,000 each from Roddenberry Foundation:

Honestly, I didn’t expect gender issues to be in that list, so I love how the winner selection challenged my thinking, challenged how I thought solutions to climate change would look like. As Lior Ipp, CEO of the foundation, said, “Really, the motivation is to let the world know that there are other ways of thinking about climate change.”


10. In Defense of Being Unproductive – Refinery29

“For a long time, I felt like any time spent doing anything purely for fun was wasted time. I turned all of my hobbies (writing, music, cooking) into ‘side hustles’ of some sort – something I could monetise, or use in my career, or put on Instagram to ‘build my brand’,” says Amy Jones, 28, “It got to a point where I couldn’t relax at all. I turned all my hobbies into projects, and if I wasn’t working on one of them then I felt like I was wasting time.”

Damn, that hit too close to home. I have trouble with idleness, too. Many times I stop myself from doing fun things if they don’t help me earn money in some way.
It’s not that I succeed in being productive all the time, too. I have days when my brain just don’t work. I feel a ton of guilt on those days, for not working hard enough. To compensate, sometimes I work on weekends, my rest days.
I need to learn how to relax and shut off. Any of you in the same boat? What helped?

That’s it for this round, catch you next time! Want to submit a link you thought was great? Reach out to me on FB or Twitter.

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