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Link Roundup #23: 10 Things to Know This Week

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Accelerate your personal finance knowledge with this regular feature on Ringgit Oh Ringgit – the Link Roundup! I promise you’ll find these 10 links informational 🙂

1. 4 things millionaires have in common, backed by research – The Ladders

What millionaires have in common:

  • Many are self-employed
  • They choose their careers strategically
  • They’re not geniuses but they have a strong work ethic
  • They’re cheap (read: frugal)

I highly encourage you to read the article because this is not some opinion piece, telling you some inspirational bullshit. The article is backed by research and every other sentence will make you rethink your whole life, like this one: ‘you’d need to earn 2.5 times as much money to be as happy as someone who is self-employed.

2. 12 Fintech Events Happening in Malaysia You Need to Check Out in 2019 – FintechNews Malaysia

If you’re in the fintech scene or interested in fintech (who isn’t? we love our ewallet cashbacks amirite), take note of these events. Lots of sub-niches including Islamic finance, blockchain, startup weekend and more.

3. The Problems in Remote-Working – by Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover

I greatly admire Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt. I browse there because it’s useful, but stayed for the community. Ryan is a ridiculously good community leader, a real giver. His tweets are always full of insight.

The article itself discusses problems in remote-working, all of which I face myself. But even if you don’t work remotely or not even interested to, browse through Ryan’s many articles. Something is bound to be useful for you.

4. Where millennials turn for financial advice – Financial Times

“Shunned by traditional advisers, younger investors use apps and digital platforms”

Relatable. I know there are platforms that make it easy for me to hire financial advisors in Malaysia (Smart Finance), but I still feel like there’s this barrier, something that stops me from even getting a quote from them.

Don’t get me wrong though. I believe in paying for advice. I see the value of having a specialist supporting and guiding me through hard financial decisions. But still I ask myself – what if I don’t have enough net worth to make the session(s) worth our time?

So… financial advisors reading this. Can you help to answer that? When should we consider engaging in your services?

5. How To Put Together A Self-Care Routine For $0 – The Financial Diet

Because I hate those Facebook and Instagram ads that tell you to ‘treat yo’self’ by splurging on shit you don’t need just to make yourself feel better. Some of them even say things like, ‘buy now, think later’. WTF???

Eff you. I can feel better by using the things I already have, on ZERO budget, thank you very much.

6. Companies Are Using Job Candidates as Free Labor and That’s Just Plain Wrong – Inc

TL;DR – if a company asks you to come up with ‘assignments’ as part of their ‘hiring process’, run far, faaaaar away.

These assignments can range from:

  • Making graphics
  • Writing articles
  • Preparing whole presentations and concept papers
  • And stuff that’s beyond whats reasonable to expect from a job candidate

Read the article to find out ways to defend yourself against exploitation.

7. This 19-year-old is paying her way through college by naming over 677,000 Chinese babies – CNBC

She made over $400,000 by providing a solution that Chinese parents are willing to pay for: what English names to give to their babies. Hired people to do the algorithm for her and everything, then she automated the process to make it a source of passive income. Freaking smart, sis.

8. Scroll, Tap, Buy: The New Instagram Checkout Allows You to Make Purchases Directly From Your Feed – The Ringer

Tbh I’m just surprised it took Instagram this long to include the checkout feature. People love window-shopping from Instagram. I know that because (1) common sense and (2) I have TWO sisters who own and operate their own Instagram-based businesses.

(Btw – dropping their wares here to show support. Click the images to go to their respective pages!

MalaysiaPlusSize Instagram


9. Are You Working on the Next Fyre Festival?: Identifying a Toxic Workplace – Bitches Get Riches

There are bad workplaces, then there are toxic workplaces. I wouldn’t wish toxic workplaces on my worst enemy. The article shares how you can identify toxic workplaces. Even if you don’t read it, I need you to know this super-important fact:

10. Pennywise Show Ep 2: Ringgit Oh Ringgit and Money Stories with Suraya Zainudin – Leaderonomics

Last but not least, my biggest thanks and gratitude to the Leaderonomics team for having me on the Pennywise show! We talked about my personal finance journey, money motivations and money projects – all my favourite topics!
The link above will take you directly to the podcast, hosted on Spotify 🙂

That’s it for this round, catch you next time! Want to submit a link you thought was great? Reach out to me on FB or Twitter.

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