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Check CTOS Credit Report for FREE (+ How to Read, Build and Improve Credit Score) [SPONSORED]

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Listen up everyone. As part of the CTOS Cares Campaign, CTOS is letting you check CTOS Report with CCRIS for FREE. This initiative, aimed to empower Malaysians with the right tools and knowledge to make good financial decisions, is valid until 31 August 2021 to all eligible Malaysians.

Go to or click the image below to check your eligibility and claim the report. Alternatively, you can also download the CTOS mobile app and complete your sign-up from there.

What you can use the information for

Basically, the MyCTOS Report with CCRIS will pull data from various sources including BNM and SSM and show your:

  • Missed payment records
  • New credit applications
  • Loans and credits
  • PTPTN student loan
  • Directorship and business interest
  • Legacy and bankruptcy cases under consumer’s name
  • Non-bank debts (for example, utilities)
  • And more

The information allows you to review your credit report and understand your financial situation better, and is very useful for those of you who want to know your chances of securing credit or loans

In plain-speak, that means, if you want to apply for a house or car loan, then do the free report first to check if your financial health is good or not. It might save you a lot of time and effort in preparing documents for submission, as well as spare you the pain of possible rejection. 

Note: It’s ok if your report is not as good as you hoped. Scroll further down this article to know more about building a good credit report and work on improving yours so you have a higher chance of getting financing when you apply again.

Other reasons to check CTOS report includes:

  • Check for signs of identity theft and fraud (I hope not, but you never know until you check);
  • Check if any litigation or bankruptcy cases have been registered under your name;
  • Fix any inaccuracies that may show up, 
  • See if you are an optimal renter or job candidate (some landlords and employers do check credit reports)
  • And more

That’s why CTOS Cares is doing this CSR campaign – to help financially struggling Malaysians understand and rebuild their financial health in a systematic way. So take up this offer and claim your FREE MyCTOS Report with CCRIS at before 31 August 2021. 

Optional: Get CTOS Credit Score Report

The above offer at is for FREE MyCTOS Report with CCRIS. I need to clarify that a credit report is not the same thing as a credit score.

This is totally optional, but for RM24.85 – the price reduction is valid until 31 December 2021 – you can get a CTOS Score Report & Score and find out your three-digit credit score number. The number is indicative of your overall financial health.

This is my CTOS credit score, as checked in April 2020. It has since expired (it’s valid for 3 months), but this is what you can expect if you get it. You will also get a PDF report containing more information.

(Humblebrag – my credit score is EXCELLENT. I am in the Top 1% of my age group and in the Top 5% of Malaysians. Nice.)

Further down the report are detailed information like:

  • What affected my score (and personalised recommendations to improve it)
  • My CTOS Score history
  • My latest credit history – outstanding loan amount, limit, etc
  • My accounts – loans and card payment history
  • And other information already contained in your FREE CTOS Report with CCRIS

How to Read CTOS Score

The below image is the CTOS credit score guide, as per CTOS official website. There are 6 CTOS score categories, ranging from 300 (minimum) to 850 (maximum). A ‘good’ credit score is 697 and above.

Contrary to popular belief, Poor isn’t the worst category to be in. The worst is actually… No Score. There is no data that can be used to formulate one’s credit score, therefore they have no idea if you are a good borrower or not.

Simply put, someone with No Score:

  • Do not have credit card
  • Have not bought car (hire purchase) nor house (mortgage) under their name
  • Do not have loans, including personal loans or PTPTN

If you don’t plan to apply for any financing in the future, then No Score doesn’t matter, go ahead with your life.

BUT if you aspire to be a homeowner, or would like the option to apply for SME financing for your future business, then you should probably build your credit history from now.

How to Build or Improve Credit Score

Your credit score is calculated from many factors, and some are more important than others.

From the chart below, you can see the most important factor for credit score calculation to the least, in ascending order:

  • Payment history (45%)
  • Amounts owed (20%)
  • Credit mix (14%)
  • New credit (14%)
  • Credit history length (7%)

I’ll put it in plain English. Building and improving credit history is as simple as (1) making a purchase on credit, then (2) paying the instalments on time, every month.

As for what purchase to make on credit – You don’t *have* to get a credit card to build credit history, but it is perhaps the easiest method among other options, especially if you’re a natural Saver (as opposed to a natural Spender).

Get the CTOS Credit Report

Again, don’t confuse CTOS credit report with credit score. You can get your credit score for RM24.85, but if not, no worries. Get the FREE MyCTOS Report with CCRIS – go claim it at before 31 August 2021.

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