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10 Stupid Purchases I Made in the First Six Months of 2017

I’m a personal finance blogger. I am NOT a personal finance advisor. Have to make this clear, because the former is (too-err-is-to) human while the latter is a collective of best practices taught in an educational setting.

In this post, I thought of a way to show you guys that I make stupid decisions when it comes to finances too: I’ll show you my own. Hopefully you’ll show me yours in the comment, make me feel a bit less stupid.

Here are some stupid purchases I’ve made between January to June 2017.

JayMantri / Pixabay

Incense burner

A stupid, ‘just-because’ purchase at a Langkawi duty-free shop. Saw it, thought it was cheap (RM3.90), paid for it.

In my head, the incense burner will waft sexy smoke in my apartment. In my head, I am the epitome of the chic, cultured woman.

Used it exactly once. Remembered that I don’t like incense smells to begin with. Cursed myself as I swept the incense ash on the table and floor.

Don’t we all do this though? We hold an item, get such vivid imaginations in our heads of the version of what we’ll become once we integrate that item in our lives?

Leave-In Hair conditioner

Bought Shiseido’s Macherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex leave-in hair conditioner. Unless I’m doing it wrong (I’d really like to think this isn’t so, guys), it doesn’t do shit for my hair.

Or maybe my expectations were too high. With a name like that, I expected Sailormoon hair.

I want to find my holy grail conditioner already. This is frustrating.

spoba / Pixabay

Parking compound ticket.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Friend’s car. I actually bought one of those scratch-type parking ticket things and left it on the dashboard. The thing is, I scratched for the right time but for the wrong freaking date.

Friend was pissed. Thank goodness able to pay it online, without having to go to out (and spending even more for transport.

Wrist wallet

This is one of those wristbands with a zipper with a small slot. Enough to fit in maybe a couple of notes and coins, and maybe a key. Bought at Sports Direct at discounted price of RM9. Used it during my Saigon, Vietnam travel, but it never saw the light of day again since then.

Uniqlo top

Bought in Singapore, was on sale. Even after I told myself ‘No more black tops Suraya, you have way too many’, I went ahead and bought one.

What an annoying lapse of judgement primarily influenced by the sale tag. I saved $10, but wasted $15.

Gujas / Pixabay

Cat toys and accessories

So I love my cats to bits, and for the past few months have been buying them stuff. That’s fine, but they get bored of them almost immediately. All in all, I’ve wasted maybe RM50 worth of cat toys and accessories, and their favourite toy is still my hair band.

Milk frother

Like the incense burner, I pictured myself as this sophisticated person with excellent tastes. I am a coffee drinker, but I forgot that I’m a lazy coffee drinker. I’ll drink it black just to save myself the hassle of warming and actually frothing the milk.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Bean bag

Have always wanted one, so I got a cheap one from Lazada. It was around RM75 if not mistaken.

My cats decided they like it too, and they like to sleep on it. It’s cute and everything, but now the bean bag is covered with cat hair. I can’t sit on it unless I’m prepared to shower afterwards. It’s now an overglorified cat bed under the stairs.

Advice if you’re a pet owner and always wanted a bean bag: Don’t. The fabric ones will make pet fur stick to it, while the fake leather ones are damn uncomfortable (it’ll stick to you). It can give you back pain, too.

A pack of 3 ankle socks

Obviously I forgot about the time when wearing ankle socks gave me painful blisters. Learned this the hard way when the new ankle socks – surprise – gave me painful blisters.

Brain, y u no remember?

WebArts / Pixabay

A surprising amount of sugary desserts…

This is a bitter pill to swallow, because I still think of myself as this ‘I’m over you, sugar’ kinda person. Turns out, I’m not. I’m still under the spell of delicious sugary treats.

In the last six months, I see evidence of Komugi and Secret Recipe blowouts. I see ‘just-this-once’ chocolate croissants that occur at least once a month. I also see a few waffle sessions, a few ice cream indulgences, and some chocolate therapy. All in all, I’ve spent RM236 for treats in 6 months! This amount doesn’t even include desserts I had during social activities or dates!

I hate being addicted to sugar. Seriously feel like a druggie now.

Aiming to consume way less sugar from now on. Will be tracking this via the ‘Food’ category in my expense-tracking app.


The scary thing is, in many of these instances I kept telling myself, ‘it’s okay, you’re doing well financially, this purchase won’t hurt’. It’s such a dangerous mindset. There were also times when I told myself that because I didn’t get (the more expensive) X, I’d get Y instead.

Moving forward, I have to be careful with stuff accumulation. Even though I know that happiness isn’t in items or stuff, I still buy things mindlessly and end up regret wasting the money.

What are some of your stupid purchases that you’ve regretted this year? How will you do better?

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  1. My most stupid purchase would be some S size shirts that i bought early this year thinking that i can wear it after i become slimmer in the next few months. Then, few months passed by, and here i am, getting fatter. LOL. So much regrets……

  2. I cant think of any stupid purchase I’ve made lately – mostly because I rarely purchase stuff. (too stingy)
    My major spending is food, hence I don’t remember the regrets as it is gone from my sight! 😛

    Except the few packs of coffee beans I bought from Melbourne one year ago…… I’m a lazy coffee drinker too! I shall learn your lesson and not buy a milk frother (or a French press just to make frothy milk, already own an Aeropress).

    Now its time to sell all these on Carousell 😛

    1. I have an induction cooker moka pot and the coffee is already awesome with this tool, s yeah that milk frother was really unnecessary. Considered Aeropress too last time, heard it’s good as well!

      Oh ya I should sell them kan? I know it’s obvious but needed pointing out haha.

      Thanks for swinging by peachcaffeine!

  3. These purchases are miniscule compared to my new obsession with U.S – made spinners, where postage alone may cost more than your bean bag. Feel better?

    1. ….
      I wish I have something nice to say here but I really don’t. I have no idea why people like them.
      But eh, still, it’s your money. Hope they arrive safely and look as good as in the pics.

  4. Hi Suraya

    My stupid purchases are:

    1. Buying workwear from China (because its cheap), and choosing the biggest size available…who am I kidding right? The mainland people probably eat air to survive while we eat nasi lemak any roti canai any time of the day without moving much. And so, the size is double extra large, yet, it still shows my muffin tops….sigh…money gone down the drain..

    2. Buying toys and giving in to more toys to my kids whenever they want it. as soon as the toys get home, ruined and damaged in 60 seconds. I probably should start teaching them to build their own toys I guess, out of wood or metal…Kids 1: Me 0

    3. Purchasing lingerie (again cheap), hoping to feel sexy, but the mirror destroyed the pleasurable image in my head. I immediately chuck the lingerie in the bin. Mirror 1 : Me 0

    4. Applying to more and more credit cards back then (prior to 2012) when I know I am a very bad spender of those plastic cards. Banks 8: Me 0.

    1. Hi ayidun,

      Thanks for sharing. Good to know about cheap workwear and lingerie – I’ll make sure to avoid them

      No 4 is… you’re doing okay now I hope?

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