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3 Reasons to Attend Cakna Kewangan Summit 2020

Ringgit Oh Ringgit is pleased to be one of the official media partners for Cakna Kewangan Summit 2020, the Malay-language personal finance event which will run for 3 days, from 13-15 June 2020.

Some sponsors/partners you might be familiar with include PTPTN, Bursa Malaysia, UOB KayHan, INSKEN (Institut Keusahawanan Negara), MFPC (Malaysia Financial Planning Association) and (for some reason) Kelantan state government.

cakna kewangan summit 2020

Let me give you two good reasons to attend Cakna Kewangan Summit 2020.

#1 – It’s free

Just register at Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Personal finance and money mindset
  • Investments (property, stock market, gold etc)
  • Business and entrepreneurship (sales & marketing, dropshipping etc)
  • Money management (estate planning, wasiat making, etc)

But if you can’t make it on those dates, or you want to get unlimited access beyond 13-15 June so you can watch the sessions at your own pace PLUS get everything in the image below, then get the all-access pass for RM169 (or RM99 using my code CK-Ringgit). Link to purchase

(Note: you DON’T have to get the paid version. If money is tight, just make sure you’re in front of the screen on 13-15 June)

#2 – You’re looking to explore Malay language personal finance content and information

I write in English, and most familiar with English-language personal finance content, and chances are, so are you.

There are two major problems with this. One, you’re more likely to learn information that won’t apply to you, as a Malaysian.

Secondly, you’re ‘locked out’ from valuable personal finance information simply because you don’t explore what’s available out there in the Malay language.

You’ll see what I mean if you browse Malay-language websites, or even the Malay-language section in the bookstore.


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This is the Malay-language business and management section at the bookstore . I’m showing this to you because I find the copywriting, personal branding and niches fascinating. They’re very different from their English-language counterparts, the ones I usually read . For example, there are the usual ‘get better with money’ books, but there are also investment and entrepreneurial topics on: 🔹Becoming an agent 🔹Making money in doorgift business 🔹Taking advantage of online influence and making/selling products 🔹Making money by making music/DJ-ing 🔹Digital marketing (email marketing, online branding) . What’s the one Malay-language business book that you would recommend? I want to read more of them . #marketresearch #mphbookstore #personalfinancemalaysia #malaysiainfluencer #on9branding #tipskewangan #bukumelayu #bisnesonlinemalaysia #membaca #bisnessendiri

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#3 – You’re searching for more Malaysia-based thought leaders and mentors to follow

You’ve heard about the importance of having a mentor, yes?

Here’s something cool about mentorship – sometimes they don’t even have to know they’re your mentor. You just have to find them, then follow their work via website/social media. If you have questions, you can leave a comment (and hopefully they’ll answer).

There are 29 speakers in Cakna Kewangan Summit 2020. Some specialise in personal finance, some in business, some in marketing – use this opportunity to find one (or a few) mentors who ‘speaks’ to you, then follow their work.

(me being poyo: its kind of like how long-time readers of the Ringgit Oh Ringgit website have benefited from following me. My content ‘makes sense’ because you like my delivery method.)

Here are the speakers:

(Side note: Personally I grew up reading books by Azizi Ali)

+ a few guess speakers including Micheal Teoh, a SUPER POPULAR motivational speaker.

So, yes. Register. A 3-day summit like this usually people sell for thousands. People give you free learning opportunity, take lah.


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