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[Sponsored] Fintech ‘Unconference’ at Langkawi Beach Resort, Because Why Not

Let me start with a TL;DR – is organising Fintech Barcamp at Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi on 9-10th August 2018. Tickets cost USD 145 each (about RM580) and include the cost of participating in the event only.

According to’s write-up, this event was organised to encourage a vibrant fintech community; they do not intend to profit from it. You have to arrange your own accommodation and transportation. You can purchase the tickets from Eventbrite.

If you want to make the event but concerned about total cost, you can:

  • Choose a cheaper accommodation (RM100-ish-per-night accommodation is possible)
  • Buy your flights now (last I checked, RM200+ return tickets from AirAsia are still available!)

Langkawi’s cool. If you want to extend your trip, check out my 4D3N budget Langkawi weekend trip article. I spent RM1239.47, all-in, including flights, accommodation, car rental, food, entertainment and souvenirs.

End TL;DR.

fintech barcamp langkawi

Now for the longer version. Let me share a secret about fintech. The people in this field, as confident as they look when they talk about how disruptive their startups can be, are winging it as they go along, too.

In fact, that’s the fun part about it. Fintech folks take one specialised area in finance (investments, remittance, etc) and combine it with a few advanced-level technology disciplines (blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, etc) and voila! An awesome product/service that, in the beginning, will only impress their colleagues instead of the general public.

I’m not lying. The sitcom Silicon Valley dedicated a whole episode to make fun of exactly this. In the show, main character and startup founder Richard received glowing reviews from beta-testers. But when they released the software, they found that no one was using it because the user interface and user experience was bad. Turns out ALL their beta-testers were coders and programmers (or at least, super tech-savvy people). The software made sense to them, but not to others!

As such, major discussions in fintech circles tend to go back to this: how do we make our product easy to use, when it’s actually really freaking complicated in the back-end?

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I like fintech so much. I like seeing how these startups brand themselves and communicate their messages. I like finding out and following actual subject matter experts (tip: the less jargon they use in their vocabulary, the better). Above all, I love good products that became good because they thought of their users throughout the whole process.

My point is, if you can meet these fintech folks up close to mingle and network with them in-person, wouldn’t you want to go?

If you could hear their presentations and thought processes during discussions in a fintech event that forbids suits, wouldn’t you want to go?

If you can listen to speakers that the attendees themselves vouched as ‘not boring’ (it’s legit one of the rules of this camp), wouldn’t you want to go?

fintech barcamp langkawi
the other ‘rules’

Here are the details:

  • Event name:  Fintech Barcamp Langkawi
  • Location: Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa
  • Dates: 9-10th August 2018 (Thursday-Friday)
  • Cost: USD 145 each (about RM580). Includes the cost of participating in the event only, excludes accommodation and transportation
  • Agenda: See here
  • Buy at: You can purchase the tickets from Eventbrite

If you like fintech, and if you can afford it, I’d urge you to come. Chances like this don’t happen very often in Malaysia. Give it a serious thought if:

  • You work in a fintech startup
  • You want to get to know other attendees (Confirmed attendees so far include: HelloGold, Jirnexu, Maybank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong, RHT Compliance, AAM commodities)
  • You want to enter the fintech scene (not limited to just finance and IT people. They’re always looking for good marketers, writers, designers, etc)
  • You just really like fintech (if you have apps that help you save, earn, invest or track money, yes you do like fintech)

Here’s the link to purchase tickets to Fintech Barcamp Langkawi again. Hope to see you there!

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