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[XMAS GIVEAWAY] Exclusive Bag from Biji-Biji Design (Ends 25 Dec 2016)

biji biji designs

Enter my first Christmas giveaway and win this exclusive upcycled bag from Biji Biji Design worth RM229! Read on to find out how you can enter 🙂

Happy Holidays!

In collaboration with Biji Biji Design, I’m happy to do my first ever giveaway! Biji Biji is a social enterprise that produces and sells upcycled products – they take ‘waste’ and turn it into beautiful items, therefore reducing impact to our landfills. Read their story here. They offer many services, including talks and workshops, event management, custom design builds, art installations, green technology and electronics engineering.

They were my ‘condo-mates’ last time; we stayed in the same condo unit. And they tinker a lot. I remember eating baked fish that was grilled from their custom-made tong drum grill (probably salvaged somewhere).  It was delicious 🙂

What is the present?

The present is an exclusive bag from Biji-Biji Design worth RM229. This bag is a bestseller and made from upcycled seatbelts. You’ll get the exact same bag as the picture below:


It also comes in other colours. Pictured below are the black and striped versions. Click on the images or this link to check out the rest of their bag collection.

I am an existing customer of Biji Biji Designs. I got this bag a couple of weeks ago and I love it 🙂

How to enter the Giveaway and Win the Bag

Step 1: Add a comment in this article to answer this question: What is the best value-for-money purchase that you’ve made this year, and why?

For example, the best value-for-money purchase I’ve made this year is my Xiaomi powerbank for RM107.10. The number of times this thing have saved me from being lost (I need Google Maps in my life!) made it worth every cent. I’ve had the Pineng one and the juice was not consistent – this one is way better in quality.

Step 2: ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this article on Facebook and/or Twitter 🙂

That’s it! The giveaway will end on 25 December 2016 at 12pm. You must be staying in Malaysia to be eligible for the prize.

How many winners? How will you select the winner?

One bag for one winner 🙂 The winner will be selected based on quality of answer. Ie the more useful/creative/insightful, the better! If there are more than one, I will use a random generator tool.

Note: you must enter your comment here – this makes it easy for me to track entries 🙂 Comments are moderated, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately!

Can’t wait to read your entries, guys!



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  1. The best value-for-money purchase that I’ve made this year would’ve been an investment course regarding US stock/futures options. Although I have yet to fund my US trading account, I’ve tried it on a demo account and have been making positive gains. Even though it’s just paper trading, it’s a good start for me, am just waiting for the right time and opportunity.

  2. The best value-for-money purchase I’ve made this year is a two pairs of slippers for £14. It’s winter in UK and those slippers bring the warmth to a special someone; it’s worth every cent I spent. Those slippers are made of quality cotton and is way better than the ones I had for myself in Msia. Christmas is all about giving, and by giving the best to another person is a blessing to oneself too.

  3. I think the best value for money purchase I made this year is my new Condo. I have been wanting to purchase one rather than renting.

    I am rather lucky because I get to buy it at 25% lower than the market value, near to my workplace and more importantly I like the floor plan. I just cant wait to move in soon!

  4. Hands down, my best purchase this year was the RM40 bolster from Home Harmoni. Ever since, my sleep quality has been enhanced significantly. I feel more secure and in peace every night with the accompaniment of this big, fluffy guy. If we take the RM40 divided by the amount of hours I spent with this bolster, it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest yet useful products that I had ever bought!

  5. For me the best value for money purchase I made for this year is a baby bolster I bought for my little one. Not being able to satisfy a baby’s needs is very frustrating for parents of high need babies. It seems like a direct attack on my abilities as a mother.
    The bolster impersonates the touch and warmth of a mother which make my little girl feel secure and sleep through the night. Sleep is important to a mother too! My little girl carry the bolster everywhere she goes and now it become her best companion. The smile of this little girl is priceless to me!

  6. The best value for money ‘purchase’ i made in 2016 is to start a ‘adopt a child’ program. After contemplating for years, i finally decided to adopt a child in South Africa and made monthly contributions to him. Its been 9 months now and im excited whenever i send a letter to him and wait for his reply. I hope i made the 11yo happy this year.

  7. My best value-for-money purchase in 2016 was my Re-Kånken backpack which I bought in Bangkok! The original price for classic Re-Kånken is 3,350 baht but I managed to collect 11 empty mineral water bottles in order to get a 10% discount. This is because a total of eleven PET bottles are used to make one Re-Kånken backpack. Large quantities of chemicals, water and energy are saved as a more sustainable production method is used. I can fit my 12-inch laptop, 1-L water bottle, pencil case, sweater, umbrella, files and notebook in it. Re-Kånken backpack is fashionable and convenient for a university students like me. It really was my best purchase in 2016!?

  8. Thank you for the awesome Xmas Giveaway. The best-value-for-purchase I made this year was a Polo handbag worth rm250 on November for my superwoman a.k.a my Mother whom sacrificed her life for me❤️. She deserves to be thanked for her tireless, passionate, endless work as a Mother. She even deserves the best in the world and the best is yet to come. I’m just a student and I saved my pocket money to get her something she likes for her birthday. That gift put a pleasant smile on her face which worth a million dollars. So, that is the best purchase I have made in 2016. Christmas is all about giving gifts and celebrating happiness among people. Merry Christmas to all ?.

  9. My best value for purchase this year is surprisingly Adidas Duramo Slide (slipper) which cost about RM80. The next day I went to pasar malam, the same slipper have lots of copy and sells for only RM20. Haha! Interestingly, before this I had cheap slippers such as fippers that cost less than RM15. After wearing RM80 on my feet, I became more careful, remembers where I left them on kenduri and did not step on puddles and muds. Thanks to its fake counterparts, I can left this slipper safely because people wont notice that this is the original Adidas. Its funny how I thought that this is the worst buy (due to its fake copy) and throughout the year, it gradually became my fav essential item. My slipper last longer with this kind of quality and me being attentive enough to care for the details to justify its price. Haha. Well thats all. Merry christmas everyone!

  10. The best value-for-money purchase I’ve made this year was a S$2 canvas bag I bought in Chinatown, Singapore. (I love canvas bags!) Despite its ridiculously cheap price, the bag comes with an inner lining, inner pocket and outer zip, and has proven to be quite sturdy. I’ve been carrying books and 1L water bottle in the bag for months and it has not fallen apart yet! Sometimes (with luck) cheap can be good!

  11. I bought this pair of sandals from Clarks that was worth every expensive ringgit (even though it was on sale, Clarks shoes are expensive af yo). These sandals have lasted me a year and it is really the best value-for-money purchase I’ve made this year because I just bought the same exact pair again (shout out to the mad Xmas sales going on right now). These sandals are perfect for everyday use, make my feet look fashionable without trying too hard, and most importantly so comfortable I could sleep in them.

    Get your Clarks Women’s Tri Ariana Shoes Black Combi today at your nearest store! This is not a sponsored post but it could be! so hey Clark give ya girl a call!

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