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[SPONSORED] HelloGold’s Co-Founder Interviewed Me

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I’m used to interviewing founders and CEOs, but it’s quite rare that I get interviewed by them!

That’s what we did in this Ringgit Oh Ringgit x HelloGold collaboration. In this video, HelloGold’s Co-Founder Ridwan Abdullah asked me a bunch of questions, ranging from the website, my investments and my thoughts on gold. It was fun answering them and I may have laughed too much.

We talked about:

  • 0:22 – How I got interested in personal finance and why I started Ringgit Oh Ringgit
  • 3:05 – Common questions I get from the RoR audience
  • 4:45 – Is it important to diversify savings and investments? Do Malaysians have a lot of choice?
  • 6:30 – What is RoR’s reader demographic?
  • 7:10 – What investments are good in preparation for recessions?
  • 8:05 – My opinion on gold as an investment and how much gold I have
  • 9:52 – My preference – Digital or physical gold? (spoiler: digital)
  • 11:00 – My experience as a long-time HelloGold user who is enrolled in SmartSaver plan
  • 14:55 – What Ridwan does in his capacity as co-founder on a day-to-day basis

About that HelloGold SmartSaver plan

SmartSaver plan is the automated gold savings plan that HelloGold offers. I’ve enrolled in it quite early on, since January 2019 or something, because when it comes to savings and investments, I’m a big fan of automation and ‘setup and forget’ systems.

hellogold smartsaver

At the moment, until 31 August 2019, HelloGold is doing a zero admin fee promo. You get a 6-month rebate on your admin fees when you save a minimum of RM150 x 6 months. Click this link for more information about the HelloGold SmartSaver plan.

hellogold smartsaver

Existing SmartSaver users can also enjoy the promo. Just cancel your existing plan and resubscribe.

With the zero admin fee promo, HelloGold effectively offers the lowest gold price in Malaysia, no contest.

hellogold smartsaver

If you’re interested to try out HelloGold as a new user, get this other promo as well – get RM5 discount if you buy RM50 worth of gold (aka 10% discount). Simply download HelloGold app here (note: referral link) or insert the promo code ‘SURA024F’.

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  1. I did too about 2 months ago 😂. But i was thinking like they should buy gold by percentage of our monthly saving to make sure it will all be fully invested at the end of each month cause I realize that the money saved is not fully invested at the end of the month/calender cycle but i could be wrong cause this is what i see but i never really done further calculation haha

    1. That’s how dollar-cost averaging works la Larry 😛 Buy a small amount but regularly, so in the end the price averages out!

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