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[SPONSORED] 5 Sessions You’ll Want to Attend at SCxSC20

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My fellow fintech nerds, where you at? Securities Commission Malaysia’s annual fintech event is back, and this year they’re taking it virtual! 

SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 or for short, held in partnership with Rakuten Trade and MDEC will be happening completely online from 5 to 7 October 2020, for the steep price of FREE. 

Like the previous years, the schedule is filled with thematic sessions under the fintech umbrella. This year, the four verticals are: Innovative Technology, SC Digital Initiative, Fintech Entrepreneurship and Fintech Literacy. 

Some of the sessions are *really* cool, I thought I’d list them here, schedule them into your calendar. Here are five sessions that you’ll want to attend at SCxSC20.

#1 – Investment Behavior In Turbulent Times


How we behave as an investor during market uncertainty? Heck yes I want to learn that. 

  • Date: 6 October 2020 (Day 2)
  • Time: 9.30-10.30 am
  • Category: Fintech Literacy
  • Speaker: Jeff Kreisler, Editor-in-Chief, PeopleScience

#2 – Crypto Conundrum in Islamic Finance

This one goes for y’all who’re like, ‘but is crypto halal’? Cryptocurrencies in the context of Islamic Finance-type content is rare! Also, what is the conundrum? I want to find out!

  • Date: 6 October 2020 (Day 2)
  • Time: 2-3 pm
  • Category: SC Digital Initiatives


#3 – Beyond Reality: VR, AR and Gamification in Finance

The way I see it, these are attempts by the financial services’ industry to make finance fun. How *do* they include VR, AR, AI and all these technologies in finance? That’s what they’ll present in this session. 

Also: Stay back for the panel right after this session. I’ll be moderating it 🙂

  • Date: 7 October 2020 (Day 3)
  • Time: 9.30-10.10 am (10.10-10.40 am panel session)
  • Category: Innovative Technology


#4 – The Role of Fintech in Responsible Investing

Most people are fundamentally good, and we select investments and financial services that reflect our values. Attend this to know the global standard of responsible investing. The more aware you are as an investor, the more you can ‘vote with your money’, so to speak. 

Date: 7 October 2020 (Day 3)

#5 – eBerkat: Enabling Micro Finance Digital Products to the Underserved


Because you can learn more about eBerkat, MDEC’s digital services platform for B40 and Micro SMEs. Micro SMEs include people who do side businesses… so that’s you (or Future You), yes? 

  • Date: 5 October 2020 (Day 1)
  • Time: 2-3 pm
  • Category: Fintech Literacy


Other sessions at SCxSC20

These are my personal must-attend sessions list for SCxSC20 event this year, but there are more sessions that you may want to attend as well, especially if you’re working in the fintech industry. 

For example, you might want to go to these sessions as well:

  • Navigating the “New Normal”: How has fintech fared through Covid-19 crisis? 
  • Brave New World: Conceptualising the Future of Modern Financial Architecture 
  • Data Portability: Impact & Opportunities 
  • Are We A Fit-for-Future Workforce?
  • Evolving Financial Services: Accelerating Industry Digitisation
  • (and a must-attend session for those working in fintech startups) Meet with the Regulators  

Click here to register and to view timings of other sessions. Again, all sessions are absolutely FREE to attend. 

My recommendation

If you’re interested in fintech aka financial technology at all – as someone contemplating joining this high-growth industry in the future or even as a casual user – you should absolutely attend SCxSC20. Last year the ticket was RM100 if not mistaken, and who knows if they’ll start charging again next year, if when the pandemic is under control. 

I keep telling you to save money and learn as much as possible. With this opportunity you can do both. Jom. 

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