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Beginner in Stocks? Check out this guy’s personal blog about stocks-buying in Malaysia!

Are you a stocks beginner in Malaysia?

I found a really cool blog yesterday. Dividend Magic is the pseudonym for a passionate Malaysian stock investor, who I found out is just 26 years old. He posts about the performances of the companies he bought stocks from, which is fascinating. There’s details about dividends received, goody bags from some companies, and annual reports.

Bonus: he covers his personal information with small bottles of liquor, and toys (Iron Man figure and a small Vespa), which cracks me up. I guess he was taking pictures, and went like, “hmm, better cover my name/address” and just looked around and took whatever’s closest to him hahahah

Look. Omg so cute I kenot.
picture credit to Dividend Magic

Because stocks always feel so intimidating, it’s nice to find somewhere to get that human touch, that human explanation, without unnecessary bombastic words and jargon. This definitely made my day 🙂

Go check it out his blog!

(Should I share my experience with stocks too? Very limited, but might be useful. Hmmmmm nak feedback)


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  1. Hi Suraya, i enjoy reading your blog and Dividend Magic as well. Do share your experience with stocks so far. And have you tried investing in unit trust?

    1. Hey Rais! That’s awesome and nice to hear, thanks so much, keep reading on our journey ya 🙂

      Okay, in the future I’ll talk about my limited experiences with stocks. As for unit trust, yes I invest through PRS. FYI unit trust and mutual fund is the same thing :p

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