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[SPONSORED CONTEST] Tell Me Your Best Money-Saving Tip and Win An Apple Watch!

EDIT: Contest update

  • The winning entry. Congrats, you won the Apple Watch Series 3!
  • For those who (1) didn’t win or (2) missed this dateline, don’t fret – re-submit your entries for a chance to win RM5000 pulak!
  • How: (1) Play the quiz, (2) post your money personality and money-saving tip on your Facebook profile page, and (3) tag the Treat Your Money Right Facebook page. Make sure to use the hashtags #treatyourmoneyright #VISA #AKPK and set it to public. Submit your entries BEFORE OR BY 19 November 2018!


In conjunction with World Savings Day, VISA and AKPK are doing a financial literacy initiative called Treat Your Money Right.

treat your money right

This campaign is so perfect for RoR audience that they reached out to me and basically said, ‘Suraya can your readers share their best money-saving tips? We can give an Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm black) to the best answer’.

I said YES OF COURSE (this contest should be easy for you!) then looked up the prize. Wah it retails for RM1229 at the Apple Store wei.

treat your money right

How and enter and win the contest

Follow these steps-

Step 1: Find out your money management personality quiz at

treat your money right 3

Answer as honestly as you can – it’s better for you to know your actual personality than get the ‘right’ personality. At the end of the quiz, you’ll get one out of these four money personalities.

treat your money right

Here’s a video explaining the four spending personalities:

Step 2: In a social media post, share (1) this article, (2) your money management personality, and (3) the best savings tip you’ve ever used. Use the hashtags #treatyourmoneyright #VISA #AKPK

For example: “I am a [money management personality] and the best money-saving tip for people like me is [your tip]” #treatyourmoneyright #VISA #AKPK

(the above is an example – feel free to tweak the wording!)

If there are lots of entries, then the best-quality answer will win. Not the number of shares, nor the amount of likes. Just quality.

Here are some suggestions that will increase your chances of winning:

  • Brutally-honest answers
  • Funny anecdotes
  • How you implemented the money-saving tip in your life (was it hard to adjust?)
  • A technical or psychological hack you used
  • A creative delivery of the answer
  • And more!

Can right? Apple Watch Series 3 is worth spending 5 mins to think of a nice answer right 😉

Step 3: Put the link to your social media post in the comments section of this article. That will make it easy for me to track entries coming from RoR audience 🙂

Please remember to set your post to public if not I cannot see your entry!

Contest Guidelines

  • Must be Malaysian and over 18 years old
  • Only entries received between 31 October 2018 until 14 November 2018 (12pm) will be accepted
  • Please check to see you followed all the steps correctly. So sayang if your answer is bombz but have to rule you out due to a technicality!
  • You can make more than one entry
  • All results are final
  • The winner will be contacted after the contest ends. If the person does not get back to me within 3 (three) days, another winner will be selected.
  • The winner and their winning entry will be announced on Ringgit Oh Ringgit Facebook page

I can’t wait to see your best money-saving tips. Make me proud 😀

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