WANTED: Your Personal Finance Fiction/Non-Fiction Stories! (PAID CONTEST)

Money Stories from Malaysian: Volume 1 is a success, so it’s time for Volume 2!

Writers – doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or never been published before – come join this second edition of writing competition and submit your personal finance-themed money stories. Winning entries will be paid, details below 😀


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Personal Finance Writing Competition: The Details

  • Length: 2000 up to 5000 words
  • Theme: Personal finance
  • Type: Fiction and non-fiction short stories
  • Language: UK English or Bahasa
  • Format: Submit as GDoc link
  • Submission date: by 31 July 2019. Send it earlier if you want feedback and stuff
  • Submit to: submissions.ror at gmail dot com
  • Prize: RM100 flat OR a % of book sales within 1 (one) year. I’ll promo the heck out of you too.
  • No of winners: Unlimited (aiming for 50k words total)

Examples of stories you can write about:

  • How you make a living: insider tips to start or make it in your trade or industry
  • Expenses that come with your specific life situation: mental health, physical disability, etc
  • How you choose and live your alternate lifestyle, and its costs: permaculture, zero waste, minimalism, capsule wardrobe, digital nomad, full-time travelling, eco-living, etc.
  • Stories about financial decisions that succeeded or failed
  • A finance-related experience that happened to you, which rarely, if ever, happens to anyone else
  • An alternate universe using an alternate financial system (like that movie In Time, where the currency is time itself. Run out of time, and the characters die). Romance, fantasy and sci-fi stories are definitely encouraged!
  • And more! Have an idea you’re not sure will work? Email me first at submissions.ror at gmail dot com, no problem. You can also ask any questions in the comments section.
  • You can also view a sample story that was accepted in Money Stories from Malaysians: Volume 1 here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All submissions must be original and unpublished work.
  • Hate speech and discriminatory angles = automatic rejection.
  • You can submit more than one work 🙂
  • Winners will be paid a flat rate of RM100 OR a % of book sales within one year. Pick whichever, but pick only ONE. If you need money now, pick the flat rate. If you don’t mind waiting for a year and can help me market the book for higher sales, pick the %. The % is calculated based on: [(no of your accepted submissions/no of total submissions) – book publishing-related expenses] x 100%
  • Authors will sign a contract giving myself all rights to the work. This includes, but not limited to, the editing process and how I decide to sell and distribute the compilation. You will be recognised as the author of your work.
  • If your work is not accepted this time around, you maintain all rights to it and free to do what you want with it.
  • All results are final.
  • I reserve all rights to amend this T&C at a later date.


Writers reading this, looking forward to your submissions! Please help me share this writing competition with your friends too! Happy writing everyone!

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  1. Hello Suraya, I learn about this blog post through Dividend Magic and I did like some of your work and recommendations.
    For me, my real life experiences towards money is very minimal, so I’m more comfortable with writing fiction. My proposed draft is an economical minded person somehow got transported into a medieval RPG world (like Final Fantasy 1 or Pokemon. In short, isekai even though I’m not really a fan of that genre), do you think that it would be a good addition to your compilation?

    1. Thanks, Lim Zhi Weng!

      HAHAHAHA that sounds funny. Yes! Can’t wait to read this person’s adventure hahahaha

  2. Hello! Neat concept for a book. I will support it if nothing else, but I do have two ideas I’d like to pitch here to know if they would fly.

    1. I recently wrote a story where you can basically take your wealth with you when you die. It’s not about finance, more a ‘road trip’ story exploring this strange afterlife where earthly possession matters.

    2. My second idea is a kind of semi – autobiographical guide to living on a budget and the dangers and pitfalls. It will be no nonsense, very in your face kind of deal.

    Both stories may include swearing and other stuff. Let me know if that’s not cool. Thanks and good luck with the book!

    1. Hi Hafiz,

      Swearing is fine. Haven’t decided to include or not yet, but if decided not to will edit it, no worries.

      I like both ideas! No 1 sounds awesome – I want to read that, yes please send that in! No 2 sounds great too. It’s not a rare angle but as always, how it’s written will make a difference

      So, will expect your email? 😀 Send to submissions.ror at gmail dot com

  3. Hi, Suraya! This is a really amazing idea! I have a story but not sure if it would work with your theme. My story revolves around the idea of ‘easy money’ especially when it comes to buying property so it will be about a unique game-show centred in a building where the contestants must compete to win RM 1 million. The contest will be on how the contestants can raise money to literally climb to the top of the building which is the penthouse. The setting is more of a dark, dystopian world where many are financially disadvantaged.

  4. Have a question. Granting you all rights mean I can’t tell the story again in a different manner or format?
    Or just this particular article?

    1. Hi Ivy,

      Good question. Well, one author from the previous book made an audiobook from his chapter. If used for marketing ok je, but need to tell me la later double effort, or if someone mention it to me and I can’t answer, I malu haha

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