22 for 2022 list

My 22 for 2022 List: Money, Work, Learning, Health, Relationship and Misc Projects Goals

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Even though I only achieved 9 of the 21 things in my 21 for 2021 List, doing it was so beneficial that I’ve decided to do it again – a 22 for 2022 List.

Like the previous year, 22 is big enough a number for me to list out what I deem important to explore in 2022, yet small enough to serve as a hard limit. The credit for original idea goes to one of my favourite authors, Grethen Rubin.

Here is my 22 for 2022 List:

EDIT: end of December 2022. I managed to complete 11 out of 22. The ones completed is bolded


1. Earn RM100k in income

I need that much because I don’t want to stop my donation habit. 2021 income and expenses post coming soon but basically in 2021 I donated and gifted over RM35k to family, zakat and various charities.

2. Max out ASB

Note: Goal carried over from 2021

3. Explore a new passive income idea

2021 was vending machine, what will 2022 be? Hmmm ideas welcomed


4. Complete Money Stories from Malaysians: Volume 3

5. Write another book

6. Do at least 1x collaboration per month

I’m a solopreneur with no colleagues so to not go crazy with loneliness, I love working together with financial institutions, NGOs, universities, social enterprises and private companies (with aligning values).

7. Hit 100k monthly traffic for ringgitohringgit.com


8. Do IFP Course

At the time of writing, I’ve completed my CFP final exams and ahahahah hopefully I’ll pass but either way I’d love to continue my learning process and do IFP next – Islamic Financial Planning certification

(Related: My CFP Journey, Part 1: Why, Where and How Much to Be A Certified Financial Planner in Malaysia)

9. Do the courses I bought but didn’t complete yet 😀

I have a Pinterest course, an SEO course, a newsletter course… among others..

10. Learn Stocks (by doing)

I attended an IPO course in 2021 and want to learn by doing. At the same time I also want to hold some individual stocks just for learning purposes. I think this is the best way for me to learn stocks terminologies, fast.

11. Read at least 2 books per month

Want to continue this habit 🙂

12. Re-read 2 books I already own

Note: My goal for 2021 was to re-read 10 books I already own but I didn’t even complete one. So I’m going to re-attempt but lower it to just 2.

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13. Use the condo gym/ pool min 2 x week

14. Walk more steps than 2021

This would be easy to achieve if I get a fitness tracker. A lot of my steps aren’t tracked currently

15. Limit food delivery to 2x max per month

The pattern is: we buy healthy groceries, but order unhealthy food. So by limiting food delivery (but not eliminating since we still enjoy them and everything in moderation, right?), hopefully we’ll eat better.

Side note – I am working on better habits and not being fixated by pure weight loss alone. It’s a work in progress, wish me luck.

Relationship, Family & Friends

16. Settle into our new home

There’s going to be a lot of moving and renovation and home planning to do 🙂 Fun

17. Help my parents with their finances and cashflow

18. Meet families regularly (once a week)

Misc projects

19. Use up beauty products

I have masks, serums and countless samples to use up. Delay new beauty purchases until I finish what I have.

20. Do at least 2 x DIY home projects

21. Use every single facility in new condo

Again, we pay for the maintenance fee, so might as well! Can consider as free date activities, too!

22. Do estate planning – complete Wasiat, Hibah and Trust documents

What would you put in your 22 for 2022 List?

Important: My 22 for 2022 List is just a tool to help me re-focus my priorities, because I find it hard to simultaneously (1) work on one thing at a time, and (2) not be distracted by something new due to my love for variety and dislike for routine.

If 22 things are too many for you, then consider the Three Hobbies method instead: One hobby to make money, One hobby to keep you in shape, and One hobby to be creative.

If an activity you want to explore for 2022 is ‘more writing’ (related: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Good Articles (for Power, Profit and Pleasure), doing a 22 for 2022 List is a GREAT way to do some self-reflection.

What would you like to add to your own 22 for 2022 List? List in the comments section below, would love to be inspired by yours <3

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  1. Great sharing, Suraya. My goals for 2022 include increasing savings, increasing traffic to blog up to 1000 per month (so inspired by your blog growth!!), losing 5kg by March, and upskilling myself by learning at least one new thing (haven’t decided what that is…but probably something to do with NFT and metaverse).

    Good luck to us!!! Hopefully, 2022 is kinder to us all.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ristina! Nice website you have there 🙂

      You said one of your goals is to hit 1000 a month in traffic. I don’t know how open you are to experimenting and applying SEO strategies (ie traffic come from users who search from google) but if you are, a very good and affordable course to take is Aisha Preece’s SEO for beginner course (https://transactions.sendowl.com/stores/15090/210741) or How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners course (https://transactions.sendowl.com/stores/15262/210741). I personally took her course and it’s really good! There’s a lot of info on SEO but she makes it practical and easy to implement. 

      Hope this can help you achieve your goal 🙂 All the best, rooting you on. 

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