My best and worst spending in 2015

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Because it’s fun to look back and see what gave me the most enjoyment/ value for my money. Likewise what I shouldn’t have bought.

Best purchases in 2015

1. [RM4,032.35] Paid off my PTPTN loan – received 20% discount for full payment; 2 years ahead of schedule.

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2. [Ongoing] Decided to adopt Yoshi the kitty <3 – I talked about costs to start having a cat here and here.


3. [RM2,111.77] New laptop – Lenovo Flex 2

3. [RM88] Rice cooker/steamer. Worth every sen after the first steamed fish yum.

4.  [RM144] A pair of good quality sports shoes – triggered chain event which encouraged me to get more fit

5. [RM30] 2 x teeth guard for my bruxism


6. [RM0] Trip to Frankfurt to see my friend – ended up no cost on my end because I saved per diem from work trip


7. [RM1.50] A really good wide-toothed comb from Mr DIY that I really love

8. [RM100] Quality bras

9. [RM48.80] Double sided pan – LOVE this thing, its the best!

10. [RM110] A ridiculously overpriced skirt from China but with amazing design. Now I wear it all the time, so it’s cool

11. [RM5.30] A glass jar from Daiso which allowed me to keep my own kombucha 🙂


12. [RM10] A pasar malam Rayban which looks oh so good on me.

13. [RM409.94] The hosting for this website (2 years)

Worst purchases in 2015

1. [RM110] Fee to replace lost IC card

2. [RM50] Parking fine

3. [RM40~] A cheap kettle I bought from Lazada that turned out to be shit. Lesson – always buy quality home appliance equipment.


4. [RM39.90] A fancy Zara belt that I never got the guts to wear in public -_-

5. [RM70] A set of Tupperware mugs

6. [RM100~] Accessories from Lovisa and other  shops (including a camel bone bracelet wtf). Now all I wear is hoops earrings.

7. [RM60] 2 separate binge eating sessions – KFC and Pizza Hut – which triggered my bulimia again.

8. [RM600~] Tobacco. Have since quit. One of the best things I ever did.


9. [RM350 upwards] Enlisted the services of an overpriced technician who charged me at least twice the market price >:(

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