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Gratitude List: 15 Things That Make Me Feel Rich

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My previous post was all about envy and jealousy over everyone else’s amazing-looking life. It made me feel horrible. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and lamenting on what I lack, I will now choose to focus on the good things in my life. Here is my gratitude list of things that make me feel rich (instead of poor).

#1 – The amazing view at my rented apartment

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🌞day and 🌙night. So pretty ❤️

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I have a 180-degree view right from my balcony, and absolutely love it.

Every night, I would just soak in the amazing view before I go to bed. Full-moon nights are particularly beautiful.

Daytime views are gorgeous too. Bright, sunny days are so vivid. Rainy days are calming. Cloudy days are mesmerising.

I also get a kick-ass view on New Year’s Eve – I can see all the fireworks in the area, one after another.

#2 – No housemates

I love my living arrangement. No offence to my previous housemates, I love you all, but it’s amazing to have all this space to myself!

#3 – My flexible, work-from-home schedule

You know me as the blogger behind Ringgit Oh Ringgit, but I like to introduce myself as a freelance writer, corporate writer or communications consultant, depending on who I’m talking to. That means I take up writing and communications jobs – I’ve done everything from annual report writing, rapporteuring work, article-writing, resume-writing, web copywriting, and other related work (hire me!)

I still have not locked down the perfect work-from-home system, but… close enough. I get to choose what projects I want to do, who I want to meet and start my work whenever I feel my brain is ready.

(of course there are downsides, and I won’t touch that in this post – want to keep up this feel-good momentum!)

I also get to be a homebody, which is my favourite thing to do. After work is done (or when I procrastinate…), I’d go to the gym and work out, cook lots of food, read books, listen to music, wear facial masks and just generally chill out.

#4 – Living near a commercial area

I can just walk own to go to my dentist, the grocery shop (a small one, but still), 3 convenience stores, lots of restaurants and cafes (including a Starbucks), a movie theatre, a courier delivery service and a bunch of other shops.

#5 – Having a functional kitchen

Cooking is awesome – it’s fun, it saves money, it impresses the dates, it makes me healthier, I can go on. I absolutely love my small but functional kitchen.

I don’t have that many kitchen tools and utensils, but I can still make a heck of a lot of things with what I already own. For example, here are some equipments I have and the food I make with it:

  • Rice cooker – rice dishes, soups and steamed veges
  • Oven – baked goods, both savoury and sweet
  • 3-in-1 Food processor, blender and whisk – makes sambal, caulirice, protein shakes, whipped cream
  • Coffee machine – my source of caffeine
  • Induction cooker – omelettes, stir-fries and other goreng-goreng stuff

What makes me feel ‘rich’ in particular are the small tools that elevate my dishes and simplify my cooking prep. These are things like:

  • Salad spinner – dry salad leaves are SO much better than wet ones
  • Multiple baking pans – in glass and silicone
  • Mixing bowls – to make the cakes and all

I’m thinking of upgrading my kitchen knives – I think that’ll make a big difference too.

#6 – Fresh, hot coffee every morning

My morning routine: wake up, drink a mug of warm water (plus a splash of apple cider vinegar), then run the coffee machine. I love the smell, mmm…

#7 – Or chai tea at night

I was gifted this premium chai tea mix, and they make really nice wind-down drinks at the end of the day.

#8 –  A nice supply of face masks

During my recent Japan trip (what I bought), I stocked up on Japanese face masks. I put them on a couple of times a week, and even though they’re not pricey masks, they make me feel pampered all the same.

#9 – A good supply of books

Not running out of things to read anytime soon!

#10 – A fully-paid GOOD laptop

My laptop, the Surface Pro 4, is the fanciest laptop I’ve ever bought for myself. I love using it.

The sticker price was steep, so I opted for monthly installments. I paid RM568.12 per month for 12 months, and now it’s fully paid off! Including the extra warranty, it’ll last me at least 5 years, a respectable timeframe for laptops before replacement time.

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#11 – A washing machine in my unit

I used to rent a place without a washing machine, and made the frequent trips to the laundromat. Each trip takes at least 3 hours of my life.

For all of you who are used to washing machines and never lived without it – count your blessings.

#12 – A bed frame

I’ve done the whole ‘sleeping on the mattress on the floor’ thing for years (to save money) before decided to buy a bed frame. At writing time, I’ve only had the bed frame for less than half a year. It still feels luxurious.

I didn’t think it would, but the bed frame really does elevate my sleep (geddit? geddit??)

#13 –  That I can get groceries delivered

Isn’t it amazing to have a personal shopper to get your groceries for you? I used to lug heavy cat litter around – and now I don’t have to! Absolutely blessed to be able to use grocery delivery services!

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#14 – My travel experiences

I’ve done my fair share of travelling around. Collected some wild experiences and loads of good memories. All I can say is, I’m satisfied (but if I can afford to do more traveling, why the heck not).

#15 – Nice-smelling shower gels

If I do start a collection, it would be a collection of shower gels. Not makeup, not skincare, not perfumes or clothes or accessories. Shower gels. They just make me ridiculously happy every single time I use them. I love shower gels from The Body Shop in particular. Their Satsuma Exfoliating Body Polish smells so good!

Last thoughts

Doing this article erased all most of the negativity I felt previously. I was so caught up in comparing my life with others that I forgot that I have a pretty good life as it is. In this gratitude list, no less than 15 things make me feel rich – that’s a lot of things to be thankful about!

I highly recommend you to make your own ‘things that make me feel rich’ list. It’ll make you feel good, too. Share in the comments which parts of your life that make you feel particularly rich. I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I usually feel rich when i can eat whatever i crave for and when i queue for my nasi campur lunch and i can buy whatever my tummy desires. And i glance over and see what others’ buy for themselves – men who eat half of what I do, most likely to save money, or even some who i see buying just roti for lunch. Oh how lucky and rich we are.

    1. Hi Natasha,

      You make a great point. Food definitely makes me feel rich too. How amazing it is that we can pick food based on what we feel like eating rather than what we can afford to eat? Amazing

  2. Such a great article! All too often, we complain about what we don’t have, when in reality, there is so much that we are blessed with and much to be grateful for 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Suraya! We have a lot of similar experiences! I didn’t have a bed frame for much of my life, I also didn’t have a washing machine when I first started living alone. Now I have both omgosh so nice lah, I look forward to doing laundry now and putting down new bedsheets (mini bliss moments!). I love living alone & having a good laptop! 100% can relate to this post 🙂 Thanks for the positive reminder, I do feel very grateful for the things I have.

    1. Hey Nicole,

      It’s good that we don’t take those basic things for granted, kan? Sometimes I forget how much better my life is compared to before!

      Btw I can’t wait to meet you!

  4. Great view from balcony will enhance smoking experience… resulting waste of money due to tobacco.. hahaha..joking..

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Smoking at the balcony is the best! And its also nice that the smell doesn’t linger too long.

      I’ve recently quit smoking, but miss this experience very much. Lol

    2. I face the issue of smoking neighbours below my unit in my condo. Their cig smell whiffs up to my unit 20+ times a day as they are hardcore smokers, end up I cannot use the balcony 🙁

  5. I’m so glad I stopped by today – it’s been a roller coaster year for me – I had to handle a huge portfolio and felt I wasn’t doing great – missed out on my target by a single digit – feeling low coz I won’t be getting extra money while money is flowing out super fast coz of my new house – too many negatives and I was just about to cry 2019 in – but when I read this – you really turned me around – I think I probably have at least half as many if not more things to be thankful for instead.
    So yes –
    I will be ushering the new year by counting my blessings – Happy New Year to you too !

    1. Hi Mummybug,

      Your comment melts my heart. I’m glad I wrote the article. I’m glad it helped.

      Happy New Year to you too! Bless

  6. For me, it’s good toilet paper! It’s something you don’t show off on the surface, that’s how the truly rich rolls. #punnotintended #fakeittillyoumakeit

  7. At this moment in time, I feel rich enough to be living in a township made for the MSC. Every piece of land in the township is purportedly expensive per sq foot, or so they say. So yeah, getting to buy a home there, makes me feel rich. Mostly, because people are saying houses in that town is expensive, no matter landed or high-rise.

  8. Stumbled on this post while browsing Twitter. What made me feel rich might be minuscule , but I feel so happy being able to shop at Jaya/village grocer and being able to afford plant based milk! 😂 I am far from rich, as I just started working less than a year ago. But just being able to buy something I love with my own money even though I can always opt for cheaper milk, idk it just makes me happy!

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