My 23 for 2023 List: Money, Work, Learning, Health, Relationship and Misc Projects Goals

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Doing this again for the 3rd year running! In 2022, I achieved 11 of the 22 things in my 22 for 2022 List. This exercise was so beneficial that I’ve decided to do it again – here’s my 23 for 2023 List.

Like the previous year, 23 is big enough a number for me to list out what I deem important to explore in 2023, yet small enough to serve as a hard limit. The credit for original idea goes to one of my favourite authors, Grethen Rubin.

Here is my 23 for 2023 List, divided into categories Money, Work, Learning, Health, Relationship and Misc Project Goals


1. Earn more than I spend

I’ve been spending more than I earn for a couple of years now and while savings are healthy and I don’t regret it after living ultra-frugally for most of my 20s, I know this can’t go on. I’d be irresponsible if I let this go on.

(Not that anyone asked, but the reason I overspent in 2021 was because I paid a lot of upfront capital for vending machine biz, and in 2022 I contributed a big chunk to RM57k home renovation cost)

2. Earn RM150k in income

I hit my money goals in 2021 and 2022, so why not attempt this.

3. Dates/Travel not exceeding RM10k

I’m blown away that my Dates/Travel expenses in 2022 amounted to RM18k!! Will reduce this to RM10k in 2023, lower is better.


4. Explore a new income stream

Ideally something I’m excited about AND contributes to personal growth AND WFH-friendly AND pays well.

5. Explore a new passive income stream

6. Do at least 1x collaboration per month

I’m a solopreneur with no colleagues so to not go crazy with loneliness, I love working together with financial institutions, NGOs, universities, social enterprises and private companies (with aligning values).

7. Hit 100k monthly traffic for

Goal carried over for years already now. It’s ok, consistency is all that matters 🙂


8. Go to therapy when I need it

Generally my mental health is good but I went through a hard patch back late 2022. After the second panic attack, I booked a therapy session and it was great. Giving myself permission to go back if/when I need it, despite the extra cost.

9. Write good newsletters and send at least 1x month

I need to dig out my newsletter course again, so I can add extra value to RoR newsletter subscribers.

10. Do IPO again

I participated in IPO (initial public offering) once in 2022 and had a good experience. Want to try it again in 2023 🙂

11. Read at least 2 books per month

Want to continue this habit 🙂

12. Re-read 2 books I already own

Note: My goal for 2022 was to re-read 2 books I already own but only completed one. So I’m going to re-attempt this again.

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13. Exercise 2 x week

Yoga counts. I enjoy yoga.

14. Walk more steps than 2022

I had ‘walk more steps than 2021’ in my 22 for 2022 list and achieved it, continuing the same spirit this year 🙂

15. Limit food delivery to 2x max per month

The pattern is: we buy healthy groceries, but order unhealthy food. So by limiting food delivery (but not eliminating since we still enjoy them and everything in moderation, right?), hopefully we’ll eat better.

Side note – I am working on better habits and not being fixated by pure weight loss alone. It’s a work in progress, wish me luck.

Relationship, Family & Friends

16. [Personal]

I’ll share when I’m ready 🙂

17. Meet families regularly (once a week)

Had this goal from 2022 and loved it so much I’m going to continue 🙂

18. Nurture existing relationship and friendships

Water your garden and all 🙂

19. Develop new circle of friends

I’m in a new phase in my life and would love to be part of a friendship group that reflects that.

Misc projects

20. Fix my scalp

My scalp isn’t the healthiest, and it bothers me so much. Time to do something about it.

21. Be a better AFS board member

I’m one of the board members in AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia, and need to step up my contribution. Aiming for 2x activities planned.

22. Help my parents with their finances and cashflow

23. Do estate planning – complete Wasiat, Hibah and Trust documents

Goal carried over from 2022. I have done my Hibah ASB though.

What would you put in your 23 for 2023 List?

Important: My 23 for 2023 List is just a tool to help me re-focus my priorities, because I find it hard to simultaneously (1) work on one thing at a time, and (2) not be distracted by something new due to my love for variety and dislike for routine.

If 23 things are too many for you, then consider the Three Hobbies method instead: One hobby to make money, One hobby to keep you in shape, and One hobby to be creative.

You could also use the New Year’s Resolution using AI thing to help you figure out what you may want to concentrate on in 2023. Mine was eeriely insightful, I was shook (do we still say this in 2023? lol)

If an activity you want to explore for 2023 is ‘more writing’ (related: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Good Articles (for Power, Profit and Pleasure), doing a 23 for 2023 List is a GREAT way to do some self-reflection.

What would you like to add to your own 23 for 2023 List? List in the comments section below, would love to be inspired by yours <3

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  1. 3 hobbies method 2023!

    1. Join kickboxing class (twice a week) – get in shape
    2. Tutoring high school students – as a passion and side-income stream
    3. Read 2 books a month – help me with vocabulary and sharpen the minds hehe

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