raya 2016

My Raya 2016 Budget Checklist (What’s Yours?)

raya 2016

Another year, another preparation for Raya. Raya 2016 should be around the first week of July. Every year, around this time, I have started budgeting or at least mentally calculating how much Raya will cost me.

Baju Raya

Fun fact: The Prophet s.a.w.’s Sunnah is to wear your best clothing during Aidilfitri. Not new clothing like we always hear. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it fishy that people repeat ‘Oh it’s good to buy new clothes for Hari Raya’ because that sounds like the exact opposite of what the Prophet s.a.w. would say. I was right, it’s not obligatory per se.

This year, I’m wearing the outfit custom-made for my sister’s wedding. Might as well.

(Small story my mom told me: she grew up in a modest, almost single-mum household. Her Baju Raya was often new school clothes ;_;)

Cost for Baju Raya for Raya 2016: RM0

Kuih Raya

I buy them to take to kampung so I don’t appear empty-handed. I also buy them to feed my friends.

Kuih Raya is tricky. You can’t taste them before you buy them, unless of course if you go Kuih Raya-shopping after fasting or when you can’t fast. The good, buttery, yummy ones usually cost a lot. Minimum RM20 per box, but so, so worth it.

Cost for Kuih Raya for Raya 2016: RM100 max

Duit Raya

Yay adulting! *cries* Duit Raya is typically my biggest expense for Hari Raya. I give to my parents, grandmother, step-grandparents, younger siblings, nephews and nieces, and random kids visiting the house who won’t leave until you give them some money.

Cost for Duit Raya for Raya 2016: From previous years’ experience, roughly RM1000-RM1500

Zakat Fitrah

Obligatory. It’s RM7 for most states. Here’s a page to check how much is Zakat Fitrah for your state.

Cost for Zakat Fitrah for Raya 2016: RM7


I usually contribute towards petrol cost for the ride to go balik kampung. For you guys this might be bus tickets, or flights. Book in advance!

Cost for Travel for Raya 2016: RM100 (return)

Food Stops on the Way Back to Kampung

My family have this habit of doing our last-minute Raya food shopping while we travel back to kampung. Usually it’s to pick up lemang (once, we stopped at 5 different lemang stalls and bought 1 or 2 lemang each. This was to minimise the risk of buying undercooked lemang). We also pick up meat, especially smoked beef which is considered a treat.

Other things: more kuih raya, more kerepek, wild honey, local fruits, etc.

Cost for those food stops for Raya 2016: RM150 max (this is probably on the high side)


This is for the odds and ends – the stuff you buy from family and friends to show support during Raya, the emergencies (once while traveling back, our car tire freaking fell apart and flapped all the way. I kid you not. We temporarily fixed it by putting some duct tape on it), and others I would put into a ‘just-in-case’ category.

Cost for Miscellaneous for Raya 2016: RM200 max

Total Cost for Raya 2016

If you add them all together, my cost for Raya 2016 is… RM2057. I over-budgeted for most of these expenses so the actual cost is likely to be lower than this amount.

Things I already have for Raya 2016 and self-reminder to not buy: Telekung for Raya prayers, Jewelry, Makeup

So this is my budget for Raya 2016. What’s your budget? Any additional items I didn’t add? Please share in comments 🙂



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