ringgit oh ringgit

10 types of people who read Ringgit Oh Ringgit

ringgit oh ringgit

Most of my traffic is organic (ie came from Uncle Google). I expected finance terms, sure, but I was also surprised by some search terms people use that end up here!  I did not expect this for a finance website!

Here are some the 10 types of people who read Ringgit Oh Ringgit. Thanks korang sayang korang <3

The Ringgit Oh Ringgit Groupie

Terms like:

  • ringgit oh ringgit
  • ringgitohringgit
  • http://ringgitohringgit.com/

Thanks you guys for specifically looking for me <3

Although one person is oddly specific:

  • http://suraya mont kiara

I have never lived in Mont Kiara, FYI. Is this another Suraya? Does she have a website as well? I have so many questions.

Fun fact: The name Suraya comes from the Arabic ثريّة, ثريّا . Depending on cultural variations, it can also be spelt: Soraya, Surayya, Thurayyah, Sureyya, etc. It means “the Pleiades”, a group of seven stars in the constellation Taurus.

Coincidentally, this particular Suraya is a Taurus. You got lucky, Dad! Dad is Taurus, too (in fact, we share a birthday). He always bite his tongue when he calls me stubborn because I use that information against him.

From experience, Malaysian Surayas are frequently called ‘Susu’, ‘Soya’, but never ‘Susu Soya’. We are also nicknamed ‘Sue’, which is something we share in common with Susans and Suzannas.

The Malaysian Bitcoin-er

I love bitcoin 😀 If you are new, I have some guides that can help you!

Terms like:

  • bitcoin malaysia forum
  • ringgitohringgit.com bitcoin
  • bitcoin malaysia invest
  • bitcoin debit card for malaysian user (Nah)
  • how to exchange bitcoin back to ringgit (Same)
  • bitcoin investment analysis malaysia

Here’s everything I wrote about bitcoin 🙂

The Personal Finance Learners (Good for You!)

The bulk of my readers! Thanks for reading and hope you folks enjoyed this website! If you’re new, start with my FAQs and Guides 🙂

Sometimes I get stuck on what to write so please comment on what you want to read!

Terms like:

  • how to live frugally in malaysia
  • personal finance author malaysia
  • debt free living malaysia
  • ways to save money in malaysia
  • how much ringgit salary enough kuala lumpur
  • frugal living malaysia
  • spend,earn and investment
  • generation y financial issues in malaysia
  • rm500 trading forex (No-Bullshit Forex Guide)
  • how i paid off my ptptn
  • prepaid hack (here!)

The Ones Looking for Halal Food in Ipoh

Yes you can get great halal food in Ipoh!

Terms like:

  • halal chinese food in ipoh
  • restoran vegas ipoh
  • restoran new hollywood ipoh halal

I have 2 recommendations so far and I will add more! Both Restoran New Hollywood/Vegas and Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken gets a thumbs up from me.

The Responsible Cat Owners

Terms like:

  • kos neuter kucing
  • harga neuter kucing 2015 selangor

Hello fellow meow meow lovers! You’re probably looking for this and this :3

Thrift Shop Lovers

Terms like:

  • mr musashi
  • mr musashi perak
  • mr musahasi (lol!)

Here ya go 🙂 IMHO this is one of Perak’s best kept secret. Have fun thrift shopping!

Keto Diet in Malaysia

Terms like:

  • ketagonic diet malaysia
  • hit fat malaysia (huh?)
  • ketogenic diet restaurant malaysia

Sorry to disappoint the user for that last search term, I don’t have content on keto in restaurants! My keto article is here.

The Ones Who Confirm Getting Married

Terms like:

  • mak andam di shah alam bridal
  • malay wedding budget malaysia

Enjoyed reading about the cost of my sister’s wedding? I hope you will have a great wedding yourself!

Likes to Travel

Terms like:

Last but Not Least, The Ones I Probably Disappointed

Terms like:

  • quality of kombucha in daiso
  • buy apron online malaysia
  • tumblr sex
  • 2016 gold buyers malaysia @gmail.com 2016

I do not have answers to the above!

Why why why how how how did you get my website while searching for tumblr sex???

And one term I don’t understand..

  • why riggit one riggit got so many serice and look difference



Oh well, I hope you found what you look for!

Thanks again, you guys, and do stick around for more content on personal finance in Malaysia! Follow and talk to me at Twitter, too! @surayaror



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  1. I actually stumbled upon this site by clicking upon clicks on user profiles from, I think (can’t remember now), some investment related pages on Facebook. So leave lots of digital footprints around to be discovered.

  2. I found you while searching for ketogenic diet! LOL. Great information on PF, I used to read the North American ones (I assume they were).

  3. I found you on Twitter…
    Seriously interesting and thoughtful…am always amazed at people who are able to eke a living in Malaysia now by working on their own…the diligence, motivation, perseverance, will-power, etc required really sets apart winners from those who don’t do so well on their own.

    Am following Su on Twitter, and Ringgit Oh Ringgit is changing the way I see myself, albeit financially…I’ve followed many others before; some points/advice are similar, but not so applicable in ever changing Malaysia now.

    In short – practical and applicable personal financial information for the general rakyat of Malaysia.
    If you do publish a book entitled “RinggitOhRinggit” – please shout it out…I’ll run to buy it.

    Selamat Tahun Baru 2017; wishing only the best for you…
    Keep on writing…

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