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Financial Behaviour Report (Individual RM49 /Couple RM99)


Complete a Financial DNA Discovery, just like an investor would.

This process will reveal your complete financial behaviour to you. The questions aren’t focused on money but are designed to help uncover your unconscious behaviour. Using a sophisticated calculation, your responses are translated into results on how people like you make decisions about money. You’ll receive multiple reports at the end that will reveal your financial behaviour.

For RM49, you will receive:

  1. Financial Behaviour Report: 1 page overview on participant’s 5-score financial behaviour, risk, and behavioural biases.
  2. FDNA Summary Report: 6 pages overview, risk, and behavioural biases.
  3. Financial Talent DNA Report: 1 page graphing talents on 10 areas of finance.

For RM99, Couples will receive the above, plus additional:

  • Financial Behaviour Comparison Report
  • Financial Talent DNA Comparison Report

An assessment link, access instruction and access code will be sent to you after successful payment has been made.

Absolutely recommended product. You can read my own experience with it in the 5 Things I Learned from My Financial Behaviour Report article.



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