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How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance course



On popular demand, my How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance/Takaful course is now available on Shopee!

Easy purchase instructions:

  1. Read Legal Disclaimer at https://ringgitohringgit.com/legal-disclaimer/
  2. Purchase in Shopee
  3. Leave your email in Shopee chat (Gmail only)
  4. I will email you the webinar RECORDING, worksheet and userguide within 24 hours (exclude weekend/public holiday)

❗️❗️ IMPORTANT ❗️❗️ *No item will be shipped out, only digital goods to be sent out to download.

What you get:

  1. A 2-hour webinar on what you need to know about buying insurance/takaful, as a consumer (+ Malay subtitle)
  2. My Protection Action Plan worksheet
  3. User guide, which includes a (short) agents database you may want to contact
  4. Email blast from me when FREE or discounted financial planning services come up so you can personalise your protection to fit you/family’s needs

You should buy this course, if:

⭐ You WANT to buy insurance but want to avoid ‘being sold to’. You just want to learn about it from a neutral third party (Note: I am not an insurance agent and have no affiliation with any insurance companies)

⭐ You’re afraid of being sold the wrong products – just want to do the research first and make the products selection yourself and/or meet the agent already somewhat informed

⭐ Insurance buying overwhelms you and the idea of someone hand-holding you through this process feels right and calms you down

You should NOT buy this course, if:

⭐ You expect me to know every single protection product from every single company out there. This is impossible – new products get created and retired all the time

⭐ You expect me to give tailor-made product recommendations just for you. This workshop only costs RM59. For PERSONALISED recommendations, you need to either meet an agent (cost: free upfront but paid in RM three-to-four-figures commissions if you bought from them; whether their recommendations are in your best interest is another story) or hire a financial planner (cost: RM four-figures upfront; generally in your best interest, includes comprehensive financial planning)

⭐ You want to learn about every single type of protection product out there. This course only covers Life, Critical Illness, Medical and Personal Accident


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