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Groceries in Malaysia: Introduction to Grocery Hauls

Grocery Hauls! I’m going to talk about my grocery shopping habits today!

I absolutely love grocery shopping. Generally I am very strict with myself about spending, but grocery is where I allow myself to be more open to trying out new experiences or products.

Based on this post where I broke down my spending habits for 12 months on a RM3500 salary, I calculated that I spent an average of RM286.29 per month on groceries.


Given my diet, which I think is pretty healthy, I think that I’m doing pretty well budgeting for groceries. Let’s do a quick calculation.

Simplifying it, there are 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). I’m going to make it into 4 (+snacks) because I snack a lot. I snack at least once a day, and more often than not multiple times a day, so this is a lowball figure. 30 days x 4 meals = 120 meals a month. Out of those meals, let’s say I eat out for 20 meals a month. So that means that I don’t eat out for 100 meals a month.

This means that my average meal costs me RM2.86 (RM286.29 / 100 meals). A mere RM2.86!

What do I eat for RM2.86 a meal? I’ll show you 🙂

I took pictures of my latest grocery haul. This was yesterday at Aeon.

I have my greens, my dried/tinned stuff, my frozen stuff, and my snacks.


IMG_20151215_191202  IMG_20151215_191511    IMG_20151215_1914431

FYI- 50% Off means exactly that and RTC means that it was Reduced to Clear. I scored so big yesterday 😀 It was a good haul <3

I have no shame in admitting that I love the clearance section, and I love the discounted produce section. I have gone to malls with friends just to check out these sections. Super happy to get 50% salads, chia freaking seeds, and reduced-to-clear snacks.

Yesterday’s haul totalled about RM110. It’s a bit on the high side, yesterday was stocking up day. Regardless, I think that averaging it out is the way to go, long-term (which is how we arrived at the RM2.86 per meal figure).

(RM2.86 includes EVERYTHING. Carbs. Salt. Oil. Sugar. Seasonings. Condiments. Everything).

It could be lower, I guess. But in terms of groceries, I don’t like to be too calculative. I like good food. I like healthy food. I like (a little bit) of naughty food. I am willing to spend more to avoid a diet based on processed-food.

… Is this a strange thing to talk about? Grocery hauls? I don’t know, do you guys even like reading about these, in relation to budgeting and personal spending? Is this the first time? I even titled this post ‘Introduction to Grocery Hauls’ because I’m making the assumption that Grocery Hauls isn’t a thing for Malaysians.

In my ‘About Me‘ section, I mentioned that I’ve been reading a lot of Western (read: American) personal finance blogs. Grocery Hauls are a thing – people would document what they buy. The Financial Diet does this really well. I’ve always find it helpful because you have a general idea of what food item can be paired with what food item to be part of your daily/weekly/monthly cooking plan. And they tend to be healthy food items, which I love. Look:

screenshot-thefinancialdiet com 2015-12-16 11-30-52

The downside is, of course, that the meals are not Asian. I need my gulai yo.

In Malaysia, the only website that does grocery haul that I can think of is probably Jewelpie (see here). If you know any other websites, ooooh please let me know.

Another thing that I love is doing cost breakdown per meal. Budget Bytes does this really, really well. Her tagline is – my stomach is full and my wallet is too. How cute is that??

How do you do your groceries? What do you buy usually, to stay in your budget? Would you like more posts on grocery hauls? How about meals I make with my RM2.86 budget? It would be super cool if you guys can share in the comments 🙂

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  1. This is the first time I’ve heard about “grocery hauls” and I have to admit I’m beyond fascinated and will definitely look into it further! I love grocery shopping and love reading posts/ articles about it! I’m waiting for the day when we’ll have shopping coupons like the US 🙂

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