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Hack: Get cheaper prepaid in Malaysia

EDIT 7 Oct 2015: As of time of writing, Shopback offers 10% cashback on Qoo10 purchases, not 12%. Still, 15% savings is still not bad 🙂

EDIT 12 Dec 2015: There’s an ongoing promotion – be among the first 150 to use Mastercard, get double the cashback!


This hack involves a couple of things, but if you use prepaid, this is going to BLOW your mind. I’m going to help you save 17% off your prepaid cost!

For the record, I use Umobile. My prepaid cost in 2015 before this hack averages about RM26.43. No, I didn’t pull this number out out of thin air, see proof from my budget tracking app below.


237.80 divide by 9 months is RM26.433333..

Now I’m about to make my mobile expenses even lower.Ready to find out this hack?

Step 1: Have a Shopback account

Shopback is a cashback website, where you get a % back from your spending. Upon signing up, they will give you RM10 as bonus (not sure if this is still the case tbh). You can check how it works here. Collect RM10 worth of cashback and you can redeem it. A lot of popular websites like Lazada, Zalora, Groupon are available.

Yes, this same hack can be used for Zalora, Lazada etc spending. But I chose to focus on mobile prepaid topup because those websites frequently have sales and discounts. How many times do we get discounted prepaid, correct or not?

Step 2: Find Qoo10 through Shopback

In Shopback, Qoo10 offers an amazing 12% cashback.

And guess what? You can buy instant prepaid through Qoo10.

In my first attempt, I topped up RM10(.60). 12% of RM10.60 is RM1.27.

Open account bonus RM10+cashback RM1.27 = screenshot-www shopback my 2015-09-30 23-50-38

Step 3: Use CIMB Cash Rebate credit card

This particular card gives you 5% cashback for all online spending.

By this time you should be what whaaaattt hahahah

Yep. You get 5% off RM10.60 which is 53 sen.

Step 4: Calculate final amount after cashbacks

Your total payment for RM10.60 prepaid is RM8.80 (Calculation: RM10.60 – RM1.27 – RM0.53)

I just saved RM1.80 from RM10.60. Percentage-wise, I saved 17%

Not bad riiiight?

If I buy RM53 worth of topup, 17% off translate to about RM44, aRM9 savings.

Sangat not bad. Can buy maggi goreng tambah ayam besar with teh o ais kat mamak.

No lol I’m kidding put the money aside for extra savings right now. No one gets richer by instantly spending their savings 🙂


If you like this hack, let me know in comments. Just note that there’s a bunch of T&C that you have to observe – read respective company websites to find out more info. If you have a better hack, I want to be your best friend, lets talk 😀

If you consider to open a Shopback account, please consider using my referral link here. It costs you nothing but I can get more bonuses. Plus you get RM5 free.

This post is NOT sponsored by Shopback. I just really, really like creative ways to save money. Share this article with your prepaid-using friends!


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  1. Hey, love your blog. just fyi Qoo10 has cashback for mobile reload is only 2% now..but better than buying in 7E! just tot u might wanna update it in ur post. Thanks!

    1. Lazada’s cashback rate is still pretty good, if I remember correctly (have since switched to postpaid 😛

      Thanks for the love Qhairyl!

  2. I love this hack! I’ve been doing it for a long while ago. For now I buy my prepaid (RM30) using Boost since for some reason Qoo’s 12% cashback doesn’t work for me

    I usually get instant RM1 from Boost rewards. Plus, they’re currently having a 100% cashback for mobile prepaids.

    Free month of data? I’m in!

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