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HappyFresh Review: 10 Tips to Save Money and Time!

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I’m a frequent HappyFresh user. As of time of writing, I’ve made double-digit orders from them.

happyfresh review

How it works is pretty simple:

  • Go to their website or download their app (iOS and Android)
  • Pick a supermarket (selection depends on what’s near you)
  • Add groceries to your cart
  • Select delivery time
  • Make payment
  • Wait for delivery

Being a power user, here’s my HappyFresh review and some money-saving tips I can pass on 🙂

#1 – Browse the Best Deals section

happyfresh review

I LOVE the Best Deals section. They compile everything the supermarket of your choice has on sale in one place!

When I make my orders from HappyFresh, I always go to this section first and kind of plan my meals around whatever’s on sale. Overall, it makes my cost per meal lower!

ProTip: Prioritise buying from Mydin, if you can. According to Hargapedia, which keeps a running tab of which supermarket offers the lowest prices, Mydin beats Tesco, Giant and AEON (I’m not sure if HappyFresh offers Econsave tbh – let me know if they do in your area!).

happyfresh review
screenshot from Hargapedia app. It’s on Android and iOS, go check!

#2 – Get extra cashback from Shopback

HappyFresh purchases can get 4% cashback from Shopback (as of time of writing). To create an account, go to shopback.my/surayaror (desktop) or https://t.co/NHFDjXQt1c (app). New users get RM5 🙂

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HappyFresh is SUPER GENEROUS with their discount codes! At time of writing, they have all of the below promo codes at once:

  • RM25 off RM100 purchase flashsale
  • RM50 in Petronas gift card if buy RM160 from Tesco
  • 10% off if buy minimum RM120 from Mydin
  • Win spa package worth RM128 if buy minimum of RM150 from Jasons Food Hall, Mercato or Cold Storage
  • Get 20% off if buy a specific brand
  • RM10 off RM120 purchase

I’m not going to share the actual codes for the above here because they’re time-sensitive, but I think I’ve never bought groceries from HappyFresh without a discount code.

Oh wait, I did forgot one time. Missed out on a 15% code after I checked out, sigh. I still think about it today lol.

ProTip: The promo codes are much easier to find at HappyFresh’s mobile app. Find it on Android or iOS. If you prefer desktop, find the promo codes at the Shopback page

Note: some codes are only available on mobile, so check both to see which one more berbaloi!

#4 – You can get bank discounts too!

Note: I’m not sure if you can layer this discount ON TOP of discount code and shopback, but if not mistaken can!

At time of writing, the following banks have these offers (may change in the future):

  • Use Maybank credit card for payment to get RM22 off RM150 purchase from Tesco (new user) or RM10 off RM200 purchase from Tesco (existing user)
  • Use Citi credit card for payment to get RM15 off RM150 purchase (new user) or 15% off RM50 purchase (max discount RM30) (existing user)
  • Use Hong Leong credit card for payment to get RM10 off RM100 purchase (new user) or 15% off RM100 purchase (existing user)
  • Use Ambank credit card for payment to get RM10 off RM100 purchase (new user) or 15% off RM50 purchase (max discount RM30) (existing user)

ProTip: Make your purchases earlier in the day as many of these discounts are only applicable for the first xx customers per day

#5 – Always check your purchases upon delivery

Sometimes, the shopper might forgot some items but marked them as included. Just check when they arrive, they don’t mind.

But even if you didn’t check, it’s okay. Simply shoot an email to their customer service and you may get that amount refunded.

Note: Please don’t abuse this feature. Let’s support good companies and help them grow.

#6 – You can add notes to your purchases

For example, you can add notes to get your fish de-gutted, or chicken cut up to x pieces.

For loose items like carrots, you can ask for x amount or x grams or kg.

It’ll be updated in the price 🙂

#7 – Try get your groceries delivered earlier in the day

This is my experience, and totally not HappyFresh’s fault, but groceries that are delivered later in the day sometimes get sold out (usually the best deals ones).

Because I select the option for the shopper to call me, they will tell me in advance what is sold out (and also, price discrepancies – quite rare though). You can ask them to get something else as replacement. Ie a particular egg brand is sold out, get another egg brand instead.

#8 – It’s okay if your delivery is late

Because if they arrive late, they will give you another promo code, valid for next use!

happyfresh review

#9 – Quickly get your usual groceries by checking Past Items>popularity

After you used HappyFresh for a few orders, you will more or less know what you tend to buy for your household. You can find and add them to your cart quicker by going to Past items>order by popularity. Mine looks like this:

happyfresh review

#10 – Use their referral code!

New users can get RM25 off a new purchase PLUS free delivery (worth RM6.50-RM8, depending), and you’ll get RM20 code PLUS free delivery for yourself too!

Use code ‘suraya63’ to sign up at HappyFresh here. Thank you for feeding this blogger (literally lol).

happyfresh review

What’s YOUR HappyFresh review?

This is NOT a sponsored post – I genuinely love using their service, especially because I don’t have a car to make big grocery shopping trips.

How about you? Have you used it? How about their competitor, Honestbee (which I personally haven’t used?) Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve used Honestbee a few times now, mostly for meals and maybe once for groceries. So far so good.

    I broadly like Happyfresh, but I’ve become wary of using it because of poor service from certain local retailers I’ve ordered from. Even if customer service gives me a promo code to make up for it, these things have happened enough times that I can’t risk wasting my time again:
    1) “your shopper has started selecting your items” [no update for two hours] “your items are not in stock”;
    2) delivery so late that refrigerated/frozen items may be spoiled.
    If they add new stores in my area that stock the things I need, I’ll be happy to give it another go.

    1. Hi Nine,

      Sorry, I missed your comment!

      In the few occasions HappyFresh was late, they actually gave me a call to inform. Maybe the took note of your feedback and made the change to improve customer satisfaction?

  2. Suraya, thanks to you, I have started using Happyfresh since my move to Malaysia 2 weeks ago. My first experience has been quite good. I used your referral code and I hope you get credit for your sharing this useful website with us. Keep up the good work. Cheers! Lawrence

    1. Glad you had a good experience with them, and appreciate you using the code Lawrence! Welcome to Malaysia! (or welcome back if you’re returning!)

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