Saving Money

Saving money on Keto diet in Malaysia

So I’m on a fad diet.

The motivation? My (youngest) sister is getting married soon and I just want to look nice for the wedding. Vain reason? Yup. Totally. Not even gonna hide it.

I’m on the Keto diet. As in ketogenic. As in super low carb. Basically, I’m training my body to burn fat instead of sugar by eating more fat. Yup, I eat fat a lot to lose weight. At first it was hard for me to wrap my head around it, too.


I drizzle this on everything

Here’s a more valid source of information if you’re curious.

Combined with calorie-counting, cross-fit, gym time, and HIIT squats every day, I’m getting some nice results. Not enough, but not bad. I feel am stronger, too.

Fad diets tend to be expensive. Is it expensive to go on the keto diet in Malaysia?

Keto diet = expensive?

When I first started, I worried about the cost. Going on a no/ low-carb means that I have to forgo most of my cheaper food staples that happen to be high-carb. This includes brown rice, wholegrain bread, oats, and FRUITS.

I mean, I used to stretch out my food budget by eating a small amount of protein with a larger amount of carbs (like a small helping of chicken together with a bigger plate of rice). Now that formula won’t work.

Because I have to eat a great amount of fat in this diet (about 60-70% of my daily calorie intake), I needed to get good sources of fat.

I’ve learnt that ‘good fat’ is quite rare in the Malaysian food scene. Good fat is usually imported in, and therefore more expensive. I’m talking about avocados, good quality extra virgin olive oil, good butter, good cream, good cheese, good mayo, no-sugar added peanut butter, raw nuts, chia seed, etc.

The only ‘good fat’ that is cheap is coconut milk, coconut oil (selected) and eggs. 

How much does ‘good fat’ cost in Malaysia?

Here’s a good price point for these items in a typical Malaysian supermarket:

  • Avocados – RM4.90 each (ProTip: get it at RM8/kilo at Chow Kit market)
  • Olive oil – ~RM40 per bottle (ProTip: depending on where you live, you might get a better price at your local Middle Eastern grocery store)
  • Butter – RM6-8 per block
  • Cream – RM6-ish on sale, per small carton
  • Cheese – RM12-ish on sale, per 250grams
  • Mayo – RM12 upwards
  • Peanut butter – RM16-ish
  • Raw nuts (almonds) – RM60/kilo at Mydin
  • Raw nuts (cashews) – RM46/kilo at my local Chinese grocery
  • Chia seed – ~RM20 for a small case
  • Coconut milk – RM2-ish, per small carton
  • Eggs – RM3.50 for 10 large eggs at my local Chinese grocery

Saving money on keto diet

Keto diet won’t be budget friendly if you like a varied diet. I mean yeah you can hit your fat requirements by eating eggs and coconut milk every day, for a relatively low price (less than RM5, theoretically) – but do you want to.

I do save money on this diet though, because I’ve cut out so. many. thing.

I used to spend ~RM30-50 per month on fruits. Saved that money.

I used to treat myself to waffles, rotiboy, egg tarts, sweet buns, Chatime while going out. Saved that money.

I used to put random snacks in my grocery basket (cookies…). Saved that money.

I used to eat out just because I’m lazy to cook. Found out it’s kinda hard to eat keto in Malaysian restaurants, so now I prefer eating in. Saved that money.

I used to eat 3 meals a day + snacks. Because high-fat diet is super satiating, I usually eat 2 meals + snacks instead. Saved one meal cost/day.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that you can save money on keto diet. Indirectly.

My keto meals + costs breakdown

I made all of these. They’re really not that expensive, considering no cheap carbs were included.

1. Breakfast: Chia seed pudding

  • 4 teaspoons of chia seed (~RM2)
  • 1 small carton of coconut milk (RM2.40)
  • splash of vanilla
  • (optional) sugar-free jam (~RM1)
  • Instructions: mix everything in a container and leave it overnight in fridge

Makes 2 servings. Costs about RM2.70 per serving.

2. Breakfast: Fried egg with avocado

  • 2 fried eggs (RM0.70)
  • oil for frying
  • (optional) cheese (~RM1)
  • 1/2 avocado (~RM2)
  • Instructions: fry eggs, sprinkle cheese. Eat with sliced avocados.

Makes 1 serving. Costs RM3.70 per serving

3. Lunch/Dinner: Chicken soup with vegetables

  • 2 medium pieces of chicken (~RM2)
  • 1/2 cube of chicken stock
  • 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (~RM1)
  • 1/2 head of broccoli or whatever’s available (~RM1.50)
  • Instructions: Boil water, add chicken and chicken stock, simmer. Add vegetables. Serve in bowl. Add olive oil.

Makes 1 serving. Costs RM4.50.

3. Lunch/Dinner: Tofu curry with cauliflower fried rice

  • Tofu (RM1)
  • Curry paste from jar (~RM1)
  • 4 cups of shredded cauliflower (~RM2.00)
  • Little bits of onion, garlic to fry
  • Instructions: Make fried ‘rice’ using shredded cauliflower. Fry tofu with curry paste (make sure low-carb).

Makes 2 servings. Costs RM2 per serving.

4. Lunch/Dinner: Tuna salad

  • Can of tuna (RM4)
  • Mayo (~RM1)
  • Small amounts of onion, celery, tomato if available
  • Bed of salad including lettuces, cucumber, green pepper etc (~RM4)
  • Drizzle of oil (~RM0.50)
  • Instructions: Mix tuna, mayo, and onion. Eat on top of bed of salad. Drizzle oil.

Makes 3 servings. Costs ~RM3.20 per serving.

5. Lunch/Dinner: Beef stew lettuce wraps

  • 1/4 kilo beef (RM10)
  • 1 can tinned tomatoes (RM3)
  • Butter+oil (~RM2)
  • 1 onion
  • Lettuce (RM3)
  • Salt+pepper
  • Instructions: Sear the beef and caramalise the onion with enough butter and oil. Then I just add everything in the rice cooker and leave it on ‘keep warm’ for a few hours. When tender, scoop some beef in lettuce wraps.

Makes 5 servings. Costs RM3.60 per serving.

I make a lot more stuff, but these are staple meals because they’re easy to do. For more keto recipes, you can check out these 101 recipes here.

Are you doing keto in Malaysia, too?

If yes, get in touch! I’m interested to cross-check prices, and learn new recipes and perhaps keto hacks that you know! Keto diet in Malaysia seems to be very new, so I would be so happy to hear from a fellow ketoer 🙂

EDIT: KetoJules is a Malaysian food blogger who blogs about her keto journey. Great info page!

EDIT: I’ve learned a lot in two years of keto! See newer article – Keto in Malaysia: Budget Tips That Work Here


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  1. Hello,

    Was googling more info about keto because my husband is on it too. Planning what to make for him for lunch and dinner can be a hassle it’s always scrambled eggs with avocado or cheese and lamb shoulder and salad/broccoli whatever other sayur available. Occasionally we make sup ekor coz there’s a lot of fat in there. I guess males prefer manly fat as I like to call it, and your menu looks do-able for me as a female. Haha

    It is expensive kan?

    Anyway how much have you lost since starting? He’s down 15kilos for the past 2 months and I have yet to follow suit. Hope all works well for you?

    1. I’ve lost about 9kgs, but admittedly I cheated a lot so it could have been better lol. What I like best about this diet is its satiety. I am full longer.

      I wish I can eat avocados all the time, but its so expensive 🙁

  2. Hi fellow ketoians, i am also on keto diet, so far lost about 8kgs after 2 months.

    Recently getting really bored with fat food recipe! Sometimes feel like the main staple is not there just isn’t right, anyway gonna continue eat keto, won’t give up half way.

    1. Hallo fellow keto-er! Heyy good for you, that’s a lot of shedding!

      That’s interesting, I’ve never thought of keto food as boring. I guess it’s still a novelty to me. Today I had pan fried sliced eggplant with tandoori chicken for lunch. Extra coconut oil for frying. So delicious. Yesterday I had butter-scrambled eggs with tuna mayo with pea sprouts. Also delicious.

      Don’t give up (on keto, and on food options, too!)

  3. Hi Suraya, great to hear that you are on the keto diet! I’ve been on it with a strict training regime at Axiom. Technically i’ve done it before without realising last year, but i’m back on it again and it’s one the best lifestyle changes i’ve seen for me. I came across your site because I was searching for low carb sweeteners. I’m finding that a problem unless i buy Stevia online which is possible. Anyway for recipes do checkout ketodietapp. It’s awesome and I will experimenting on recipes of my own too on my website. Warrior on with the keto! 🙂

    1. Hi Linora,

      Err. Yes. Keto diet. I’m on it. Right. Yes.

      *runs away*

      Haha, yeah, I’m trying my best to keep at it. But if anything, I’ve lessened my carb intake significantly since last time. Half/no rice is my norm now, and my weight is consistent (not dropping, but not increasing either).

      You can find stevia at many places, so I’m surprised you’re having trouble to find it. But I’m horrible because I prefer no-cal sweeteners more.

      Your website is inspiring! Love women who lift!

  4. Hi,
    I was reading on your financial stories and suddenly came upon your keto post. Didn’t expect that from a ringgit website. Lol.
    Anyway, I’ve been on keto for two weeks now. I cheat here and there because of Raya while making sure my majority intake is fat. I’m experiencing stomach discomfort nowadays and weird stool (oops). My digestion was fine on the first week but towards the end of the day I felt quite dizzy to drive home. Totally fine now with lotsa energy. Except for the toilet part.

    Did this happen to you? What was your initial experience? What was the hardest thing? (lol i’m asking a lot because i feel like an alien not eating rice but eating parmesan crusted fried chicken. And having to explain to friends and family when I order grilled chicken with extra cheese and butter please! Sorry for that)

    Hope you can share your experience.

    Good luck on your keto!

    1. I make posts about many things and link it back to money because I like personal finance that much, lol!

      Oh gosh, keto. I’m so unpredictable with this bandwagon. I get on, I get off. So the hardest part is sticking to it!

      As for toilet stuff, hmm I think I have a mild version of lactose intolerance because I can’t have cream without churning stomach. But otherwise it’s alright. It’s less frequent, for sure.

      Let’s be aliens together! People have been on stranger diets in the name of weight loss, so just remind your family that lol

  5. Hi i’ve been on keto for about a month now. The expenses have totally gone up. With the usage of cheese, almond flour, unsweetened cocoa powder (cant get rid of my sweet tooth)
    How long did it take for you to 9kgs? If you dont mind me asking

    1. I’ve been eating a lot more cheese too, it adds up doesn’t it 🙁

      I relate to being a sweet tooth! For my sweet tooth, I make faux cheese cake. Cream cheese + sugar free jam (easily available at Tesco, comes in grape, marmalade and strawberry). I’m also a big fan of artificial sweeteners.

      I wish I can tell you how long it takes, but I don’t have a scale. Last I weighed myself I’m at my lowest weight for my adult life. I think most of it is water weight though :/

  6. Hi!

    Where do you usually get your coconut milk from? What brand is it?
    I’ve been looking for coconut milk here at my local grocery stores but everytime I ask for it, they either point me to santan or the imported coconut milks from abroad which costs more than RM13 per 1 litre carton.

      1. My apologies. Based on what I’ve read on other websites I was assuming it was of more watery texture, not akin to that of santan.

        1. Breakfast: Chia seed pudding

        4 teaspoons of chia seed (~RM2)
        1 small carton of coconut milk (RM2.40)
        splash of vanilla
        (optional) sugar-free jam (~RM1)
        Instructions: mix everything in a container and leave it overnight in fridge
        Makes 2 servings. Costs about RM2.70 per serving.

        That being said, the “small carton of coconut milk” that you are referring to would be such as the ayam brand UHT santan?

        1. I’m not brand loyal with my santan, but yeah that brand sounds familiar! I just buy whatever’s on sale usually. They taste good.

          To make santan more watery, simply add water. I love that coconut milk is so cheap here – considered ‘exotic superfood’ by them white people.

  7. I am not Malaysian but I’ve been living here for a while and have grown a fondness for Malay cuisine. Actually that is how I ended up here, was looking for Malay keto recipe. I just started keto last week- but I am terribly worried about the expenses. Everything is so freaking expensive! Just bought RM 120+ of ‘fat stuff’ (not counting the meat, veg etc.) and I am not sure if it will last me even 2 weeks :(. How did your expenses vary from before when you started keto?

    1. It ended up being more or less equal, I think. The ingredients were more expensive, but 1) I ate out less and 2) I ate less, period (keto does that to you). But when I want to go cheap, I ate eggs+butter a lot rather than meat. And fried eggplant cooked with generous amount of oil. They’re both fairly cheap, roughly RM2 a meal at the most.

  8. hi i just found this page from google. i have been doing keto for more than a year.

    just to share with you that i normally buy my cheese, butter, almond flour, nuts…from bakery ingredients shops that are selling much more cheaper than retail shops and supermarket. eg. i get raw almond and almond flour around RM39-41/kg, walnut around the same price. mozzarella RM50+/2kg block, cheddar RM70+/2kg block, cooking cream RM5/pack, while coconut flour RM12+ at Aeon….while i travel in eastern Europe, i’ll buy MCT oil and coconut oil which is ridiculously cheaper than Malaysia, eg, pure MCT oil is selling RM30+/400ml while the one i found in KL is selling RM60+ 300ml and VCO is RM20+/1l while RM60+ in Malaysia. also, in Eastern Europe, animal fats are easily available and cheap, if you happened to travel here you can pack some home.

    1. Hi Clifford,

      Wow, that’s a really good tip. Cheese prices are amazing, didn’t know that, I think I must head there asap!

      Coconut oil is a kicker. I only like this one brand they sell at Jaya Grocer/equivalent – Medella. RM4x for 1.9liter. It’s not virgin, but I actually can’t stand coconut smell and this one has no smell. Price is ok too.

      1. I also only recently discovered that it is much cheaper in bakery shops. However, just a tip for coconut oil- I make cold-pressed VCO from santan at home- doesn’t smell a bit, and ends up being very cheap. The process is amazingly simple, just google it, you will find it.

        1. How ingenious! Just bought another big bottle of coconut oil today, but I’ll keep this in mind for next time, thanks Nabeeha!

          1. Oh another think I thought I might mention. I use store bought coconut cream as a substitute to any recipe that calls for whipping/heavy cream. The ones from pasar are too liquid, doesn’t whip up. I do have to give generous amounts of garlic (or flavouring in case it’s a sweet dish) to get rid of the coconut taste/smell. But apart from that it works as good as heavy cream at half the price.

          2. Oh, nice tip. I use the boxed ones to make gulai. What other dishes have you made with store bought coconut cream?

          3. Oh just about everything- ice cream, cheese cake (although had to give some heavy cream in this), cheese dip, chocolate-cheese mousse etc. I cook it with chicken and spinach too, but I was talking about non-traditional uses like the ones above. I’ve recently started using it with mayonnaise to give it a lighter consistency because my mayo seems to thicken too much. However, you cannot make VCO from the store bought cream, you would need fresh santan to do that.

    2. Hi Clifford

      Which particular bakery shop did you get your supplies of these cheeses at these pricings? Is it BakewithYen shop??

      Hi Suraya,
      I stumbled upon your site whilst looking for cheaper cheese prices…I am slowly gearing myself towards keto diets, not full geared yet because I am worried about the cheese prices which will hit my purse! But little by little, I am doing away with pasta, rice, fruits. I have thrown out white sugar from my diets. Btw, are you still on keto?

      1. I’m not on keto now, maintaining through portion control. It’s nice to know that if my eating habits get out of control (again), I can always go back to it 🙂

  9. That will be spend more when starting Keto.
    When half way deep in to keto, that spend will be stable unless some of the ingredients is lacking.
    I am spend roughly RM1xx to RM2xx to buy raw foods for my meal preps. OMG.

  10. Hi, I am on keto + omad fasting recently, thanks for sharing all these info ( i love the sugar free jam you recommended!). I am still exploring and testing with those keto-friendly ingredients and for recipe, I often watch video of “headbanger’s kitchen” and “keto connect” for ideas! I tried the “keto bread” by “keto connect”, they turned out great and goes very well with the jam! I made my own peanut butter too (without any sugar), carbs are pretty low compare to store bought. For seeds and nuts I recommend you guys to pay a visit to “the hive bulk” located at jalan telawi, bangsar, they sell variety of nuts and seeds with reasonable price, and also organice condiments. Signature Market is a good online store to shop too (they are giving 3 months free membership + high discount). For avocado, I find that Jaya Grocer sells at pretty good deal (3 in 1 pack for rm12.90, the one at Intermark). I am just wondering where can I get cheaper salmon, the one I bought at morning market sri rampai costed me rm19 for just one slice! Btw, I am going to try making cauliflower chicken rice and flaxseed crackers too 🙂

    I have lost 2-3 kg since started about 3 weeks back, will keep it up and good luck on all of your keto journey!

    1. Hey Shey Lin,
      Wow, you sound like an amazing home cook! I’ve never tried keto bread but I did ‘cloud bread’, which is essentially whipped up egg white that’s baked like buns. Enjoyed it!

      Thanks for all the recommendations – need to really check out The Hive already, quite a few people said great things about it.

      For salmon, I found that quality is directly linked to the price 🙁 I mean, sometimes Tesco and Giant would sell them at good prices but they seem to be, I dunno, off in a way. Rather than not eating salmon, I’ve decided to buy cheaper cuts and cook that instead. I’d buy the head and make salmon fish head curry. If you like fish curry, try this – so good!

  11. Nice post.
    I was at 20% body fat in July 2016 and discovered Keto around November 2016. Went Keto for 2-3 months for 3 weeks per month, one week of carb re-feed, start the month again with a 3-day fasting protocol to enter ketosis, and continue the 3 weeks keto diet with 22 hours intermittent fasting.
    Today i’m at 8% body fat and feeling good.

    Some meal plans i’ve used:
    Fasting days:
    Modified bulletproof coffee – 30g butter, 60g coconut oil, french pressed coffee, pinch of salt, blend till consistent
    Milk Kefir – home cultured, additional 72hrs of 2nd fermentation to remove virtually all lactose. About 150mls.

    Non-fasting days:
    Post-workout shake – 250ml coconut milk, half banana, homemade whey, milk kefir

    Post workout meal samples:
    – Grassfed Lamb leg steak, grilled to medium doneness, topped off with grassfed butter, served with 150g of homemade sauerkraut.
    – Chicken keels baked with coconut oil, seasoned with salt & pepper & cayenne pepper, served with a 100g side of sweet mashed potatoes with milk and cheese
    – Tuna loin panfried marinated with salt, pepper, lemon and parsley, pan fried till medium well, served with a side of buttered broccoli and asparagus

    As you can see, I only eat postworkout to make sure I’m extremely insulin sensitive and my post-prandial glucose stays low even with a touch of carbohydrates in my diet.

    To-date, my macronutrients are 60% fats, 25% protein, 15% carbs. Which is not the ordinary prescribed Keto macros by hardcore Keto people like Dr. Dom d’Agastino
    But training insulin sensitivity with heavy weights will help tons with carb intakes.

    Some of my blood statistics during mild ketosis:
    Fasted blood glucose 3.0mmol/L
    Beta hydroxybuterate 0.7mmol/L

    Deep ketosis:
    Fasted blood glucose 2.6 mmol/L
    Beta hydroxybuterate 1.2mmol/L

    I tend to get into deep ketosis on my third week of the month due to ramping up of exogenous ketones derived from MCT oils and other longer chain oils, and it’s not too good for my T3 and T4 markers so I usually get in a carb refeed on the last week of the month just so that I don’t stress my thyroid too much. Still, eventhough I do carb refeeds, they’re after heavy workouts and I only go for a maximum of 100g of carbs.
    GH markers are sky high during deep ketosis, usually at around 800pmol/L (which is good short term, but bad long term).

    Random Blood glucose during carb refeed days are between 4.3mmol/L to 4.9mmol/L.
    Blood ketones are around 0.3mmol/L which is not considered ketosis anymore.

    So you could say i’m only keto for 3 weeks a month.

    Hope this sharing helps!

    1. Hey Alex,

      This is the most scientific thing I’ve read about keto progress. I had to really concentrate when I read your comment lol.

      You sound like you know what you’re doing, and you’re doing it well! 8% body fat is a crazy achievement, congratulations! Very, very admirable.

      Re: homemade milk kefir – where did you get the starter grain? Last I checked it was really hard to find.

      1. I’m glad you had to concentrate! Means you found my comment useful =D

        Took about 11months of constant experimentation to get it right. Keto formulas by renowned keto researchers doesn’t work for everyone because of too many factors like Gut Microbiome, genetic ancestry, digestion rates, glycemic response etc. but everyone just needs to try different things and most importantly use testing and logging! Very important to have a Glucose and Ketone tester!

        Re: the homemade kefir, the grains were given to me by another. My wife and I cultured so much that we’ve started giving away extras too. If you’d like some you can contact me for a pickup.
        If you’d like some

        1. Hi Alex,

          Yes, definitely! I lost a ton of weight on keto even without going too deep into it, imagine how much more efficient if I tracked all my macros!

          On milk kefir – thanks for offer! I’m tempted, will contact you when the mood comes. Last time my friend gave me starter for kombucha, but the poor fella died. Not great at keeping things alive 🙁

      2. currently on ketodiet with fasting (ketofastosis) on 12th days… and your comment are exactly what i’m following right now

    2. hi Alex,

      simply Wow! Thanks for sharing.

      i’m a vegetarian who seriously needs to lose body fat. its around 30% right now.
      Would really appreciate if you could help me with a few questions i have –
      1. what do you mean 22 hour intermittent fasting? does it mean you only eat for 2 hours a day for 3 weeks?
      2. what’s a 3-day fasting protocol


  12. I am on keto too and I just want to say that palm oil is actually a healthy oil since it contains
    50% of saturated fats and 50% of Monounsaturated Fats which are really good as healthy fats! Coconut oil is also equally good but more expensive.
    I know some people are skeptical about this, but that is actually a propaganda from westerners because they want to protect their oil industry.
    I do agree with you that olive oil is one of the healthiest oils. But for a fraction of its price, you can get a very good oil too (palm oil).
    Do avoid vegetable and seed oils including: Canola, Soybean, Corn, Sesame, Grapeseed, Peanut, Sunflower —> These oils are really bad for keto since they contain Processed Polyunsaturated Fats

  13. I just laugh at “palm oil shit”.

    A highly nutritious red palm oil (not the normal one) is considered superfood on the same level as coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Westerners reluctant to recognize due to economic threats toward their own vegetable oils.

    They used to demonize coconut oil because of saturated fat, but now it is recommended by everyone. Because to similarities between these two oils, at some point in the future they will recommend red palm oil too.

    1. I’ve heard about how palm oil is unnecessarily demonised a couple of times now. Very fascinating, shows how the western narrative shapes public narrative. Would love to read up on it – do you have any suggesting reading materials?

  14. Hi Suraya. What a great insight here for fellow ketoers living in Malaysia! I for one have been procrastinating for the longest time and reading your sharing makes keto sound a little more bearble to me *gulp

    Thank you and all the best!

  15. Hi Suraya..Mell here

    Yesterday was supposed to be my first day on keto diet ..and guest is still my first day. lol! just wanna there any support group that we can that first day can become second day and ahead. thanks.

    1. Hey Mell!
      That’s a good idea. Some kind of whatsapp/telegram/fb page might help kan? I personally don’t know any lah. Maybe you can start one? I’ll join for sure!

  16. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing your Keto recipes.

    I have been on Keto since 16 Oct 2017 and today 6 Nov 2017 I have lost 5 kg.

    Yes, I agree while all those mat salleh food items are expensive in Malaysia and don’t necessarily match our taste buds, we can still be creative and stick to the Keto plans.

    Try cabbage+masak lemak kuning as a side dish to ikan bakar.

    Or Kari ayam/beef balls with Shirataki noodles.

    We must not forget that while the dairy product in mat salleh’s country is cheap… but food like coconut milk is expensive in their country.

    Coconut milk is a great alternative for those who follow a ketogenic and avoid dairy. It’s high in fat, low in carbs and won’t kick you out of ketosis. Also, just like coconut oil, it contains fat-burning MCTs. Provided you stick with your macros, coconut oil will help you burn body fat for fuel.

    1. Hi Suri!

      OMG yes one of the best part of keto diet is ALL YOU CAN EAT MASAK LEMAK KUNING. Love coconut milk. Love santan. Thank goodness its cheap here!

    1. Hey Fiona,
      I’m no longer on keto, now simply maintain the weight loss from the results. But on groceries, start with carb and sugar elimination and go from there 🙂 There’s also plenty of keto groceries list online you can check out, as well as r/keto on reddit for the community. All the best 🙂

    1. Hey Pink,
      I believe there’s an existing keto diet thread in lowyat forum. Personally I like the r/keto community on reddit (also: r/xxketo and r/1200isplentyketo)

      All the best!

  17. I’m thinking of starting keto and it’s great to hear how successful people are.
    Do you guys buy store bought mayo or make your own? Any preferred brand?

  18. Hi Suraya! I’m new to keto and thinking to start this next week (as i just bought few breads and cookies). Actually I’ve tried not to eat a lot of rice on every meals but i can’t stand for the hunger after a few hours! >< Do you have any suggestion for me about this hunger? Because i will eat some cookies to get rid of my hunger…

    1. Hey Adelyn,
      The hunger pang is normal – no matter what, DO NOT EAT THE COOKIES. It won’t help, you’ll feel hungry again soon. The cycle repeats and you’ll never be in keto state!

      When you’re trying to get on keto, only have snacks that have high fat content. Examples: cheese, nuts

  19. I just started Keto this year. Just wondering is onions n tomatoes keto friendly? I am doing some research on how to maximise my money with the keto diet. Quite difficult to be on keto in Malaysia.

    1. Hey Stephanie. Onions and tomatoes are considered on the higher side of carbs value. Can still eat, but in small amounts.
      It’s a hard diet to maintain in any carb-heavy cuisine I think. But still doable on a budget 🙂

  20. Hello,
    Great webiste you have here. I would like to do keto diet but don’t knwo where to start, is there any good/recommended site and materials you can share which is catered for Asians/Malaysia? Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    1. Hi Tony,
      I don’t know any Malaysia-specific keto websites, sorry! Will leave this comment here in case anyone can suggest!

  21. Hi Suraya!
    Guess I joined the Keto wave a tad too late! I trying to Keto and so spot on the with grocery list! Its hard to afford avacados and chunks of butter, almond flour etc etc.
    Great sharing on the tips, looking forwards to reading up your blog!


    1. Hey Margaret,
      No such thing as too late for this! I’m no longer on keto, and now actively looking for other websites I can promote for further info. Let me know if you find any!

  22. Hi.Is there any group for me to join.i want to be part of keto malaysia because i join keto group in facebook but it is mat salleh.their foods in malaysia are really expensive like cheese,almond flour.I hope when i keep in touch with you guys i can do keto happily without worrying the price

  23. I’m on keto for about a year now. Lose abt 6kg. size L to S!!. It’s not abt me at first it’s for my husband who suffer from diabetic at a very young age. The whole lifestyle and our perspective in health are changing now. He’s fine now without medication. In terms of calorie intake distributions, 5% from carbs, 20% from protein and 75% from Fat. Need to make sure your protein with high quality and healthy fat to make sure you get a nutrient dense foods. Keto, it’s about running your body fuel from glucose to ketones. Another important points is you need to keep vegetables intake as high as possible min. 7 – 10 cups a day. and lot’s more to share.. visit my facebook page KALE Shakes. I shared everything i learned about Ketogenic diet.

  24. hi suraya what a great info u have thr.its very useful…is it necessary to have that 2 weeks (or more) induction phase?.is nut or peanut butter allowed during the induction?.is it ok if i use palm oil in this diet?..

    1. Hi Morni,
      Thanks for the kind words 🙂
      My induction phase (you mean getting into ketosis right?) takes a few days – maybe 3-4 days?
      Any fat is allowed. Good sources of fat is better for health reasons. Ok to use palm oil, but make sure its the quality type

  25. Hi Suraya…..stumble on yr site while surfing for healthy oils as i make my own oils namely coconut, peanut, sunflower and flaxseed….own consumption and selling to close relatives and friends. Since my husband’s episode of ” heart attack” few years ago, i’ve started realizing that our staple diet among malaysians are full of sugars, fast food and carbs. The more i research the more I’ve come to realize that the main ingredients are so full of preservatives, colorings and additives….This keto diet that i’ve come across so frequently nowdays has made me thinking of trying it but with the mentality especially for asians….rice and flour is a must have on our dinner tables including my husband….i can only wonder.

    1. Hi Amy, agree with you about unhealthy but typical Malaysian diet. Rice and flour can be substituted with cauliflower rice and almond flour. It doesn’t taste the same, but it’s good enough.

  26. Love this so much – never been more ‘OMG SAME’ when i was reading an article! I’ve got a fantastic recipe for Ketogenic Baked ‘Fried Chicken’ if you’d like to try it out! In the meantime- im going to try budgeting the way you do! thanks for this!

  27. Great to know so many people doing keto too! cause truth to be told, it’s kind of lonely when you are the only one doing keto! on a side note, drinking a lot of water helps too in the sense of better skin condition (at least for me).

    1. Hey Henry,
      You’d be surprised – there’s a growing community of Malaysian ketoers now! check out #ketomalaysia in instagram and see what I mean

  28. Dear Suraya,

    Found your article on internet, and I loved it!
    I am moving to KL soon, and I’ve been following the Keto diet for 1 month, resulting 3 Kilos less already!
    I’m happy to know there is an active Keto Community there!

    1. Hey aili15,

      Welcome to KL! I think you’ll like it here 🙂
      Yes the keto community is growing! You’ll fit right in!

    1. Hi Almaz,

      Any mayo that has low carb content can be considered keto-friendly 🙂 Check in their nutrition label

  29. Hi! I live in Europe but I’m a Sabahan who goes home every year for a couple of months for Chinese New Year. So I started keto about 2.5 months ago for weight loss and the result is pretty good. I’m due to return to Malaysia in a month’s time and I had a mild panic attack assuming that I won’t be able to get keto-friendly product. Created a ridiculous list of things to bring back too! After reading your post I feel a lot better now, phew!

    I don’t expect to continue losing weight in Malaysia but instead, aim to maintain and not gain. I read that you’re now off keto and in maintenance mode. May I ask what’s your daily carb intake like to maintain your weight?

    1. Hi Seen,

      I’m glad my keto articles helped! And welcome back 🙂

      Now I don’t really count carbs, but calories instead. Trying to improve my relationship with food, but if this doesn’t work and my weight goes out of control again, I will definitely go back to keto

      1. Oh, so you eat noodles and rice now too? I have to admit, it’s real hard staying away from nasi lemak and pulut panggang….

  30. Hi Suraya,

    Read your blog and I really appreciate the insight and effort you put into the varied topics. They’re really helpful and hope you keep posting.


  31. Hey Suraya,

    I used to do keto when I was in Australia, and it was manageable, fat is cheaper there.. now going back in malaysia I’m so stressed out because every thing I ate before is so expensive here.. and I’m looking for other recepies that is cheaper. Thanks for sharing! I’m not giving up on keto cause I know it works well for me.

  32. or just make some man… buy kelapa parut at any kedai runcit or whatsoever.. put the kelapa parut in a blender with some warm water (warm water maximizes the extraction of santan) .. blend it nicely, then strain it using a sieve

  33. I’m 30s male expat living in Malaysia and I’ve started keto two weeks ago. I heard the side-effects and results can vary depending on the individual so I want to make sure I get the right keto for myself. Do you know any keto expert doctor or clinic in KL/PJ area? And which brand of olive oil sold in giant mart chains (Tesco, Jaya) are safe for keto? And would any kind of kampung eggs sold in markets work? They are quite cheap so I’m a bit skeptical if they’re free-range and anti-biotics free.

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