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Netflix Price Malaysia 2022 & Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Premium

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This is a short and sweet article on Netflix price in Malaysia, the 4 types of Netflix plans in Malaysia, and how to subscribe to Netflix Premium for cheaper.

Pre-article disclaimer: I am not accountable for whatever happens to your Netflix accounts should you use any of these tips, including but not limited to suspended accounts and extra charges. That said, the chances of that happening is very small.

Netflix Plan Malaysia: Mobile, Basic, Standard & Premium

There are 4 types of Netflix plans in Malaysia: Mobile, Basic, Standard & Premium. The latest pricing is:

  • Netflix Mobile plan: RM17 per month; watch on 1 device at the same time
  • Netflix Basic plan: RM35 per month; watch on 1 device at the same time
  • Netflix Standard plan: RM45 per month; watch on up to 2 devices at the same time
  • Netflix Premium plan: RM55 per month; watch on up to 4 devices at the same time

How much do Netflix cost per month in Malaysia?

As mentioned above, Netflix Premium costs between RM17 to RM55 per month in Malaysia, which is one of the lowest Netflix Premium pricing worldwide, but there are ways to subscribe to it for cheaper.

Getting the best deal on Netflix plan in Malaysia in 2021 requires a little cooperation, but absolutely worth it. This way, you can enjoy Netflix Premium for just RM11 per month. Netflix Premium is the best plan as it comes with the best video quality and can be watched on any device.

The cheapest way to get Netflix in Malaysia

The trick is simple: Share the 5 accounts given under Netflix Premium between 5 people. Your interface will look like so:

To do this ‘hack’, one person must act as the main account holder and ‘recruit’ the other four people (usually friends, but strangers work as well). The main account holder will subscribe to Netflix Premium, assign accounts to the other four and make the monthly payment to Netflix.

Tip for the main account holder: don’t waste time chasing everyone for monthly payments. Instead, collect the money upfront. Currently, I pay the main account holder RM66 every 6 months.

Is Netflix Mobile Plan worth it?

If you prefer or don’t mind watching all your Netflix shows on mobile, then Netflix Mobile plan is the next best option. At RM17 per month, this is the second cheapest option to subscribe to Netflix in Malaysia.

One consideration is mobile data. Unless you get your data for free, it is worth looking around for the best deals for mobile data for video streaming.

Deals change all the time – so check your telco providers. For Yoodo users, you can purchase 20GB of data for RM7 under Boost Add-ons. If you want to switch, use my Yoodo referral code to get bonus data.

Is Netflix Basic Good

IMHO, Netflix Basic is NOT worth it. You’re paying RM35 per month but getting the same video quality in Netflix Mobile (480p) – the only difference is you can watch it on more devices (bigger screens).

If you want to watch Netflix on more screens, you’re better off doing the Netflix Premium hack above. RM11 per month is as cheap as it gets.

How to subscribe to Netflix in Malaysia

Here’s how to subscribe to Netflix Premium, or change your plan:

If you are subscribing to Netflix Premium for the first time – open a Netflix account at and follow the registration processes

If you are an existing user and want to change plans – go to Account > Plan Details > Change Plan. Go to

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Is it a good idea to buy Netflix account in Malaysia?

Short answer: No

Long answer: The practice of ‘buying’ Netflix accounts in Malaysia is offered by people who sell other people’s Netflix accounts, usually by obtaining the user details and passwords illegally. It is unethical at best and theft at worse.

Furthermore, you are not guaranteed to be able to use the illegally obtained accounts forever. When that happens, you will be blocked from accessing the account, the original seller is unlikely to refund your money, and you have to pay again to another seller.

Plus I heard the service isn’t that good anyway – in some cases, people couldn’t log in to watch the shows, because too many other people are in the same account at the same time and exceeded the max no of users (sellers don’t care). Why get it if you can’t watch it?

Conclusion: Skip the dodgy sellers who say you can buy Netflix account in Malaysia from them. Too much trouble for its worth. Might as well subscribe to Netflix the proper way from just RM11 a month (see the Cheapest Way to Subscribe to Netflix Premium section above).

Will Netflix raise prices in 2021?

I think Netflix price in Malaysia in 2021 is fixed for now. The last time Netflix Malaysia increased its price was in January 2020, which can be considered quite recent. If we look at trends and increasing competition between streaming services, they shouldn’t increase the price again, at least not in the near future. Maybe in 2022 or 2023, who knows.

Well, that’s pretty much it on Netflix prices and plans in Malaysia. I’ve been a subscriber for years and have enjoyed it – such an amazing way to be entertained on a budget!

Please comment any other ways you know to enjoy Netflix subscription for cheaper (legal ways only, please!). Lastly, please share with me your favourite shows Netflix – I’m looking for recommendations 🙂

P/s – Might as well subscribe to Spotify Premium too 😀 Here are some ways to get Spotify Premium for cheaper in Malaysia

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  1. Hi Suraya,

    Great Netflix hack. Is it possible to “lock” our account so that other users won’t be able to see ours?

    Netflix recommendation: Money Heist and Lupin 🙂

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