Online window-shopping Korean products in Malaysia: 13 things I want from Seoulsia!


Guys. Guys. GUYS.

I found an awesome online shop to do some window shopping online (or shop, if your budget permits).

Everything is SO BEAUTIFUL.

It’s called SeoulSia and it sells a lot of Korean products. So I guess if you want to buy Korean products in Malaysia, here you go!

I spent hours browsing here, window shopping, bookmarking items to buy.

Here are 13 things I want. Because I can dream.

1. This Calico Apron Zig Zag (asdfghjkl so pretty!!!) (RM186.90)

2. This Hide and Seek Cat Decal (RM18)

3. This huge-ass 2016 Stendig calender (RM304.90). It will probably make me productive af. It has to, at that price.

4. This wanderlust-y Kori Travel Pouch (RM92.90)

5. For my fitness needs, this Jaclyn Fit Smart Band (RM306.90)

6. I guess if I buy this I can save money on cat litter??? Citi Cat Toilet Training Kit (RM39.90)

7. What an interesting idea to sell coffee! My Beans Dutch Pack (RM64.90)

8. I honestly don’t know which Korean masks are good, I just know they are good. This My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask Set seems to be the most reasonably-priced.(RM45.90)

9. This Leg Bush Trimmer (yes that’s the name lol) (RM23.50) (this is cheaper than my current razor tbh)

10. Probably the most impractical cutting board I’ve seen… but it’s pretty… Lines Cutting Board (RM222.30)

11. I know some friends who would love this Sherlock 221B Baker Street case as a present! (RM62)

12. This cap (Saipan Flower…???) is not bad looking actually (RM46.90)

13. And finally… This Sux UK Cat DJ Deck Scratches Limited Edition (RM155.90). For Yoshi my cat. HAHHAHA

Oh goodness I had so much fun writing this post. I might buy some of the products – will update if I do. Especially that mask because Guardian sell so expensive wtf. And perhaps that toilet-training thing, because each time I buy kitty litter I’m breaking my back to carry 10 pounds up to the 3rd floor where I live. And that razor – the packaging is funny haha!

If you guys want to browse too, go ahead. Remember don’t buy what you can’t afford.

If you’re buying stuff, and want to support Ringgit Oh Ringgit, I can get a small percentage off your purchase if you go to SeoulSia using this link. Using my link will in no way affect your purchase price. But it does give me (some) profit, so I’m disclosing that to you. If not, you can use this normal link – I don’t profit at all from here.

(I don’t like it when people sneakily put links without disclosing, so by doing this my conscience is clear)

Have fun online shopping! I don’t know much, but Korean products in Malaysia tends to be good quality yes? If you bought before, comment so the rest of us can learn 🙂

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